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So, as I've found this useful, decided to run the known candidates, in no particular order, for #aras18 through a search. Used dates May 20th - May 31st, the time when you'd most expect tweets about #repealthe8th.
Sean Gallagher, @seangallagher1

Nothing about #repealthe8th. Almost exclusively about his book. Moderately active tweeting.…
Gemma O'Doherty, @gemmaod1

Nothing about #repealthe8th. A lot about Disclosures Tribunal, corruption generally, uselessness of Irish media etc. Very active tweeting.…
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Thread on #8thref #repealthe8th #irelandreferendum results.
1) Bottom line: On 25th May 2018, this little guy (12 week scan) & future generations of unborn boys & girls had their right to life in the womb removed from our constitution to introduce abortion
2) We would not have had the ref. yesterday had #SavitaHalappanavar not died of sepsis & medical negligence while suffering a miscarriage in October 2012 & had her death falsely blamed on the 8th Amendment, initially by @GalwayProChoice in cahoots with @KittyHollandIT @IrishTimes
3) For more on the real facts behind the #SavitaHalappanavar case, see here:

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Takeaway #1 from #8thref - Box-fresh new voters have learned their vote can change the fabric of the State. Please draw a line to how your vote has power on the laws that affect you. Keep exercising your franchise. Get yourself in gear for a general election. VOTE.
Takeaway #2 #8thRef - During the factchecking and Q&A drive focus of @thejournal_ie I had to repeatedly face down challenges from the No campaign because facts do not respect any agenda. If facts are not on your side, then check your arguments.
Takeaway #3 #8thRef - my team were abused on social media, had their professional email requests tweeted out by No campaign leads, were shamed when they turned up to No press conferences and they did their job in spite of it and covered those events. This is good journalism.
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No campaigners now say we can deal with the hard cases without repeal, we can decriminalise without repeal, and we can change the Constitution to allow for abortion in cases of rape. Let's be clear: we can't, we can't, we shouldn't, and they would oppose it if we tried. #8thref
Under the 8th abortion is lawful only where there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the pregnant woman. The AG has confirmed this means abortion in cases of FFA is impossible without repeal. Clearly also in re rape. 2 former AGs agree. So do >1000 lawyers for yes.
Changing the constitutional text to allow for abortion in cases of rape is theoretically possible BUT because the state would still have to defend & vindicate the right to life of the unborn the standard in cases of rape would be so high abortion would be inaccessible in practice
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Here’s a test for the antichoice campaigners that come knocking on your door. Ask em if they believe abortion is murder. They’ll mainly say yes. #together4yes #8thref #repealthe8th ➡️
Now ask if they believe a 14 years sentence is enough for a girl taking an abortion pill, or if the full mandatory life sentence for murder should be the maximum term. Now watch them scramble. ➡️
So far I’ve found it goes one of these ways: a) the old reliable side step that they also use for the rape question. ➡️
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As we head into the last weekend before #8thref, we have identified the ten questions we are asked most often. Here are they are, with answers. [Thread]
1. What are we voting on?
Yes: remove 8th Amendment and replace w 'Provision may be made by law for regulation of termination of pregnancy'
No: retain 8th Amendment and make no constitutional change.
Fuller answer:…
2. What does Gov propose?
Up to 12 wks: abortion available following consult w Dr + 3 day wait; no specific indiation
12 weeks->viability: abortion available if risk to life or of serious harm to health; foetus not viable; abortion appropriate. 2 Drs certify.
FFA & emergencies.
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So this is interesting & let me tell you why.

@savethe8thinfo is apparently run (in part) out of Hungary.

Do you know who else is based in Hungary & heavily involved in the Anti Choice movement in both countries?

Jim Dowson. The money man behind Britain First.

Some background on Dowson 1st. He was kicked out of the Orange Order in the 90s for being too extreme and was both heavily involved in both the BNP, and the loyalist flag riots in Belfast in 2010/11. He has several criminal convictions,
Aside from the aforementioned protest at the Mary Stopes Clinic in Belfast, were he was working with Youth Defence (who are behind the savethe8thinfo facebook page, Dowson has ties to Belfast Anti Choice activist Bernadette Smyth running the Scottish Chapter of "Precious Life"
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A quick thread on the use of mental health by antichoicers, and why it’s both harmful and wrong. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Sadly this is something that we’re ignored in this country for too long, and it’s still under resourced. #8thref #together4yes
Antis are claiming that abortion will basically be widespread and a free for all if it’s allowed on mental health grounds. This is insulting not only to women who need abortions, but also further stigmatizes mental health. ➡️
I see a “fact” being thrown around by antis is that “97% of all UK abortions are on mental health grounds”. Yes, 97% of UK abortions are on health grounds. Yes, the majority of these are mental rather than physical health. But it’s misleading to state that this will happen here.
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A thread on the long running rebellion that eventually forced the government to call a referendum to #repealthe8th - photo is us on the February 1992 X-case march - the point at which the tide turned & lead to the #Together4Yes to get rid of #8thref this May
Our involvement goes further back, WSM formed in 1984 but those members had fought introduction of the 8th as part of the Anti-Amendment Campaign. Felt AAC was too defensive through and there was a need to always include a 'womens right to choose' on every platform
In 1984 Eileen Flynn sacked from teaching job at New Ross convent school - Jesuit priest wrote “Ms Flynn’s pregnancy is significant only as being incontrovertible evidence that her relations with the man in whose house she resided were in fact immoral...
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So you might have heard that Facebook has suspended #CambridgeAnalytica and Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) for fraudulent use of #data extending back to 2015.… Here's how to check your privacy and ad settings on @facebook. A thread.
Anyone that uses Facebook has probably given permission to an app at some stage. Maybe you use FB to sign into other sites, or you wanted to see some future predictions for fun. That's grand, but they retain access to your data even after you stop using them. Here's how to review
First go to your drop down menu & click Settings. Then click Apps. Review these carefully. For e.g. I use Kickstarter and 9gag frequently so those are grand, but see the ones like Klout and Giveaway widget? I'll want to remove permissions for those, even if only I can see posts.
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