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/1/ Is it not incumbant on those of us who know what a threat the #Kochs pose to America, and potentially all democracies, to find some way to let people know?
/2/ Trump is a real danger. There is absolutely no doubting that. But the true head of this snake lies squarely in the lap of the alt-right contract writers - those planning out the shit show and paying our politicians and media to make it happen.
/3/ If this were a disease, Trump would be the acute form while the alt-right would be chronic. We get rid of Trump and the chronic simply flare up another accute case as they hone in on our constitution. #NoConCon
/4/ For weeks I have been racking my brains trying to come up with a way to warn people. Not you who know - but most of America - the ones playing volleyball and drinking away their afternoons on patios.
/5/ And esp the parents of children, planning out piano, dance and hockey activities - saving for colleges.
/6/ These people are clueless because the media is not broadcasting images of the dark cloud looming on the horizon, no longer inching forward but rolling across the sky - soon ready to blot out the sun.
/7/ We DO need to get rid of Trump. But we CANNOT ignore this conservative threat that enabled and aided his being there in the first place.
/8/ We've been organizing our voting strategies. I recommend following @SuMoh7 who ardently strategizes to bring us the best and most winnable Dems - important as we otherwise thin our own votes across Dems and potentially hand the #Cult wins for trying TOO hard.
/9/ #BlueWave2018 however is plagued by hackable voting machines & other equally deplorabe cheating mechanisms on the right (intimidation, disinformation, voter roll purging etc) and more cheat machines are on the way. Please follow watchdog @jennycohn1 #HandMarked #PaperBallots
/10/ And back to our acute case of Trump. He must be dealt with - unseated from a throne he never earned and will not willingly yield (don't even dream it).
/11/ His constant assault on reason and common sense are not only dangerous but they distract us from the creeping threat of the right as they fill our judiciary and climb the legal hill of article V to open our Constitution to a flaying.
/12/ Search the tag #NoConCon and see my pinned tweet for more on this - the threat is VERY real that they may even rewrite the entire document (and yes, that IS possible - ask the articles of confederation how well they fared in the last ConCon)
Vote - at EVERY level of govt, state to fed.
Demand #HandMarked #PaperBallots
Follow the @CaptainResists for the latest from the #NoConCon group
/14/ And as important as all of that is - #StepUp because #WeAreNotOkay -- do whatever you can to amp these messages. Worry less about all of the other VERY REAL issues and focus on what is causing them.
/15/ They're heartbreaking, I know, but that IS EXACTLY why they're being enacted. To distract you - to keep your eyes off of the head of the snake. A head that needs dissection.
/16/ It's blood is money. How to stop it - I wish I knew and I'm wearing ears a mile wide to listen for solutions. If have ideas, let them flow. If you don't - educate others to the problems. Follow those people I've mentioned. Do WHATEVER you can and do it in earnest. /fin/
/ps1/ When I talk of #BlueWave2018 being "plagued" I expect that to be taken as an initiative to pump the vote twice as hard. That is no message of despair. Indeed it's intended to kick people out of despair and into action.
/ps2/ Do EVERYTHING in your power to #Vote
If you're not on the line of battle - get to one - help others vote. Volunteer rides, check online to be sure people haven't been sent to the wrong places to vote (yep, it's happened).
/ps3/ Do EVERYTHING in your power to rid us of this cruel plague and win us any and every advantage possible. /psfin/

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Sep 22, 2018
@Lawrence @TheLastWord People seem surprised by this; find it an affront.
This GOP does 👏 not 👏 work 👏 for 👏 🇺🇸 👏 and has not since at least 2010 (citizen's united - the .1% was able to increase the pay for play $ from a trickle to a flood) and many have not for decades. And they are sociopaths.
@Lawrence @TheLastWord Prior to that they spent decades sneaking in tax loopholes for themselves (they increased the rate at which they got richer and we got poorer - little by little over years) and the the #Kochs have been quietly installing legislators of fortune from state to fed level.
@Lawrence @TheLastWord Their playbook is based on feudalism. The elite class is served by the peasants. And #CharlesKoch has been maybe one of the most brilliant men in history to have formulated the architecture for most of this decades long plan.
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Jul 21, 2018
1/ #ProtectOurVotes #Handmarked #PaperBallots


All require, at one point or another, connection to another device, which inevitably leads to connection to a PC or server which may or may not be hooked to the internet but most likely is.


And there is reason to believe hacking has occurred in the past (Gore, Ossoff, ..) -- though no hard evidence (difficult to get when the server is wiped after a suit is filed) to prove.


is human readable, verifiable, audit tape and legislature allowing it to be used when even reasonable doubt or question exists.
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Jul 18, 2018
1/ #SociopathsInDC
There is an ominous feeling pulling at my back-brain, the primal fear center - like encroaching darkness in a realm where artificial light doesn't exist and reliance on tactile senses are my only defense against things that live in the dark and eat fingers.
2016, December - the Washington Post reports that the CIA reports that Russia tried to help Trump win the Presidential election.…
And they're pretty specific about it. Which kills me because we went through how many months of listening to that traitor go on and on about "no collusion" as we watched the WH fill in a notably disgusting nepotic fashion. (thread keeps breaking - apologies for reposts)
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Jun 28, 2018
@barbetta1 @beth_kania @RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco @Ruetheday852 @jennycohn1 @AliAdair22 I watched it again just now - really put a lump in my throat. We were possibly dealt a death blow with that ruling and it's just now taking it's toll. It's hard to hear - just how right he was and just how ignorant about politics I was, obviously like so many of us. 1/
@barbetta1 @beth_kania @RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco @Ruetheday852 @jennycohn1 @AliAdair22 And now, like being poisoned and getting sick but then recovering only to begin a downward spiral because they're walking around with a dead liver, we find out something of just how badly we may have been wounded. 2/
@barbetta1 @beth_kania @RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco @Ruetheday852 @jennycohn1 @AliAdair22 And honestly we're not entirely certain because we don't really know how big a dose we got. So maybe we can make it through this. But it surely looks grim. And it's a sickening feeling to be given the hope of our last president only to find we may be dead already. 3/
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Jun 27, 2018
@RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco For 40+ years the #KochBrothers have been buying politicians at state and fed level. Mostly republicans but there are dems who've taken a bite of the koolaid pie.
Looking at #ALEC, whom they fund heavily, gives you an idea where they're currently at: 1/…
@RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco Here is their agenda, first seen publicly I believe when David Koch ran for VP in 1980 on the Libertarian ticket - 2/

Image from @Ruetheday852
@RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco @Ruetheday852 I've been showing these bullets to people for over a year now and some had a good laugh at the one that does away with the post office. 3/
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May 20, 2018
#NoConCon #HandMarked #PaperBallots
Please include #Midterms2018 - our country is literally bathed in #KochBrothers political lackeys on all trifecta levels.
Through #ALEC, they are pushing for a Convention of States. They mean to radically alter or even rewrite the #COTUS 1/
The link below is a few months old. The "Balanced Budget Amendment" drive currently has 28 states. Just 7 states shy of the 35 required to compell congress to enact an #ArticleV #COS 2/
Additionally the landscape is a minefield of hackable voting machines.

#HandMarked #PaperBallots 3/
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