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What can we stil do to protect the midterms against hacking? First, we can micromanage county election officials to provide sufficient paper backups for touchscreen voting equipment and e-poll books, which are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks. 1/
2/ Second, we can demand that election officials in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, and Rhode Island NOT use the cellular modems they currently plan to use to transmit election results.
3/ As soon as the elections are complete, we can submit public records requests for digital ballot images in those counties whose equipment generates them (many do).
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@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk I agree. Do you think that it would be a good thing for me to put my 6-tweet logic onto this thread?
@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk Okay, Roger, I'll take the like as a yes. Six tweets coming. Please no replies until all 6 are done because that breaks them up.
@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk 1) Election fairness advocate @sarahkendzior warned us that the GOP is likely to refuse to give up lost mid-term congressional seats. Given this, Trump’s claim that China is setting up to hack our elections is likely to be a preparation to steal mid-term elections. In …

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“The voting machines are made by well-connected private companies that wield immense control over their proprietary software, often fighting vigorously in court to prevent anyone from examining it when things go awry.” By @KimZetter for NYT… 1/
“In Ohio in 2004, for example, where John Kerry lost the presidential race following numerous election irregularities, Kerry’s team was denied access to the voting-machine software.” 2/
“‘We were told by the court that you were not able to get that algorithm to check it, bc it was proprietary information,’ Kerry recalled in a recent interview on WNYC’s ‘Brian Lehrer Show.’” 3/
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Candidates: If u want to detect potential hacking of the central tabulators, have poll observers photograph the voting machine results tapes at each precinct after polls close. @BetoORourke @IronStache @sharicedavids @harleyrouda @staceyabrams @ACLU 1/
You can then compare the results from the tapes w/ the results from the central tabulators (u will need a report from the tabulators broken down by vote type [election day vs. absentee] to compare against). Focus on the largest counties. Those are usually the ones w/ problems. 2/
Pls let me know if you are interested in this approach. I will help recruit volunteers for you if you need it. I'm sure others would help too. But we need your leadership to get this going. Please #ProtectOurVotes. Thanks and good luck. 3/
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Election integrity alert! 350 precincts voted in the Texas Dist. 19 election, which surprisingly FLIPPED RED. Of those, 221 were in blue Bexar county, the 4th largest county in TX. Bexar uses ES&S ivotronic PAPERLESS touchscreen voting machines. @PeteGallegoTX @BetoORourke 1/
2/ Bexar county results for its 221 precincts.
3/ Texas Secretary of State report showing that 350 precincts were involved in the District 19 special election (that suprisingly flipped red), with 221 in blue Bexar county.…
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Um, unless you want an Article V Convention of States to re-write the U.S. Constitution (a Koch-funded effort), you might want to contact the 6 WI counties that have installed cellular modems and insist that they be removed. 1/
Here is the Thread w/ contact info. and a proposed script for the 6 Wisconsin counties (including WI's 3 most populous) that have installed cellular modems. I initially directed it to Wisconsin voters, but have changed my mind bc this affects ALL of us. 2/
Pls let me know if you can call and/or email these 6 counties and the Wisconsin Election Commission to demand removal of the cellular modems. Thanks! #ProtectOurVotes #noconcon 3/
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Wisconsin voters! Pls contact @WI_Elections & county election offices that have installed cellular modems on their vote tabulators & insist they remove the modems before Nov. The modems transfer election results over the internet! Not ok.

Contact info:…
2/ The counties listed in post 1 are just those that I was able to confirm (via google searches, etc.) as having installed cellular modems. I'm sure there are more. Thus, please contact @WI_Elections directly & insist that they direct ALL affected counties to remove the modems.
3/ Contact info. for the Wisconsin Elections Commission:
(608) 266-8005
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Voting machine vendor ES&S has endangered our votes by adding cellular modems to its ballot tabulators in the past 3 years, especially in Wisconsin where the 3 largest counties have them.@WI_Elections must remove them b4 Nov! @Tony4WI @IronStache @tammybaldwin @DougLaFollette 1/
These WI counties include cellular modems in their ballot tabulators:

· Milwaukee,…
· Dane…
· Waukesha…
· St. Croix…
· Washington…

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Election expert: Kansas’s ES&S voting system would allow some votes to be altered in a way that a manual audit or recount could not detect. By @jennycohn1 for @tytinvestigates #ProtectOurVotes…
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Dear Election Officials in Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, & RI: You have compromised US elections by using wireless modems in your vote tabulators, the presence of which means they connect to the internet. 1/#RemoveTheModems
@RJ4SEN14 @KenDetzner @RISecState @WI_Elections
2/ Source re: Rhode Island’s use of wireless modems in its vote tabulators: ……
3/ @ESSVote press release: “The ES&S WIRELESS MODEM functionality included in the DS200® performed above and beyond” the “expectations” of Kenosha County, Wisconsin.
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Chilling. As observed by @Holly_not_dolly in 2017, Kobach helped land ex-Johnson County Comm’er Brian Newby a job w/ the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in Nov. 2015, which wld have allowed Newby 2 give Kobach a blueprint of states’ various voting systems. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Article explaining how Trump ally Kris Kobach helped Newby land his gig with the federal Election Assistance Commission.…
3/ Article explaining how Newby left his position as the Election Commissioner of Johnson County, Kansas amid scandal involving not only his personal life but also financial transgressions.…
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Dear Milwaukee & Waukesha Election Boards: You are the 1st & 3d most populous counties in Wisconsin, & we the Voters demand that u remove the CELLULAR MODEMS from ur election equipment. The equipment was bought w/ OUR taxpayer $$$. @MKE_VOTE @WaukeshaCoBoard #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Source re: your use of cellular modems in ES&S DS200 scanners made by ES&S.…
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Wow. Jurisdictions considering election equipment made by voting machine mega-vendor ES&S should read these email exchanges between Johnson County Commissioner Ronnie Metsker & ES&S. Thread. #ProtectOurVotes #ksleg
via @warrendad cc: @tytinvestigates… 1/
2/ "I assume we will somehow be ready for canvass. I am not sure. What I have seen today while our team has struggled to function on software that will not operate, gives me grave concern."
3/ "This is unprecedented. They [the top 3 county attorneys] are gathering to discuss the last minute ‘bad media coverage damage control.’ ES&S is the central focus of the situation * * The public microscope is out. They are already relentless."
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Dear @vermontSOS (D): I am alarmed that you helped scuttle the Secure Elections Act w/ your expressed "concern" that the "mandates for post-election audits [were] too stringent..." If anything, they were not stringent enough.… 1/
Contrary to what election officials have lead us to believe, all voting machines & scanners can be hacked via the internet even if they are not themselves connected to it. 2/…
This is because (among other reasons) all voting machines & scanners must receive programming before each election from centralized computers that can and often do connect to the internet. 3/
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US senator @ronwyden needs our grassroots help to pass a meaningful election security bill: the #PAVEAct. So are we going to help him by demanding that the Senate Rules Committee pass the Act & by identifying & calling out individual obstructionist senators or not? 1/
Here are the phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter handles of all Members of the Committee.… 2/
Do not be disheartened by the recent failure of the Secure Elections Act. Election integrity groups had already withdrawn support of the latest watered down version of the SEA anyway. 3/…
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This is all too familiar sounding: “Arron Banks – the main donor behind Leave.EU [Brexit] was offered the chance of making potentially enormous profits in a deal featuring a Russian gold company.” #ProtectOurVotes… 1/
2/ “Banks has consistently denied receiving money from Russia, but the source of his wealth has been under scrutiny since he gave £9m to Leave.EU, the largest political donation in British history.”
3/ “Though Banks consistently downplayed his contacts with senior Russians before and after the referendum, in recent weeks he has been forced to concede there were a number of meetings – including with Alexander Udod, a diplomat later expelled from the UK for suspected spying”
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To #ProtectOurVotes, pls contact your local @ACLU or your state party to volunteer as a poll observer. Specifically, volunteer to photograph the poll tapes (vote tally reports) generated by the machines at the precincts so that we can compare them w/ official results. 1/
We want to make sure that any “glitches” that might occur while uploading results after they leave the precincts, do not alter those vote totals! 2/
We also want to make sure that no races are missing from any of the poll tapes, as was discovered recently in Georgia. This is the kind of thing that can provide the basis for an election challenge, if one is needed. 3/
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Dear @IndivisibleTeam: Please endorse the #PAVEAct. For too long, elected officials have told us to “just trust” our elections. They must instead make our elections trustworthy. 1/
Unlike the equally well-intended Secure Elections Act, the #PAVEAct requires that states (1) give all voters the option to HAND mark their ballots; and (2) conduct Risk Limiting Audits for all federal races. Without these two requirements, passing an election security bill … 2/
… will do little more than allow politicians to pretend they have done something to secure our elections. We cannot afford to pretend to have secured our elections. We must actually secure them. Please help. Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes 3/
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Dear @BernieSanders:
Many of your supporters do not trust the election process. As someone who voted for Hillary, I get it. Because the terrible truth is that NONE of us can trust our elections. The only way to fix that is to fix it. Pls support @RonWyden's #PAVEAct. 1/
Unlike the equally well-intended Secure Elections Act, the #PAVEAct requires that states (1) give all voters the option to HAND mark their ballots; and (2) conduct Risk Limiting Audits for all federal races. Without these two requirements, passing an election security bill … 2/
… will do little more than allow politicians to pretend they have done something to secure our elections. We cannot afford to pretend to have secured our elections. We must actually secure them. Please help. Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes 3/
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An election night computer "glitch," which occurred just as Jon Ossoff seemed poised to win outright (w/o a runoff), tainted the #GA06 election of 2017. This week, a court may decide whether to ban Georgia's unverifiable touchscreen voting machines in Nov.…
If this sounds similar to the recent gubernatorial primary in Kansas, which I investigated for @tytinvestigates, it's because it is. Very. Similar. Late night "glitch" and all. #ProtectOurVotes…
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Here are screenshots of the #Oh12 results as they were updated every few minutes on the Secretary of State website. Pls let me know if u see anything that looks "off" (eg, vote totals going down or going up while # of precincts remained the same). TY!… 1/
I apologize that I was "typing in" the time in the first screenshots. It occurred to me only later that if I used my iphone, the time would be automated which is much better in terms of persuasive value (eg if someone ever wanted to use screenshots in an election challenge). 2/
3/ The #OH12 screenshots taken by other folks from individual county websites will be ready for viewing some time tomorrow. Thanks to @SwissTriple_M for uploading them to our website,!
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Update re: #OH12 screenshots! To look for anomalies that might provide the basis for election challenges, we should start taking screenshots every 5 minutes or so of results as they are updated on the Secty of State websites. Here are mine from #OH12:… 1/
2/ The results compiled by other folks re: the #OH12 special election can be found on…
3/ This was kind of a test run, and we haven't even had a chance to comb through the results to see if there was in fact anything anomalous (like vote totals going DOWN). Please take a look and let us know if you see anything abnormal.
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Updated tip card to protect our votes & voter registrations against glitches & hacking! The only change from the last card is that this one references (sponsored by @LWV) for verifying registrations. Pls share. TY. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Thank you to @Jodi______ for the wonderful graphic design!
3/ PS - if you have other suggestions for the card, pls let me know. Also let me know if you can translate the card into Spanish, Mandarin, etc. Thx!
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Thread. "Kris Kobach, Kansas’s top election official, recently declared victory in the highly publicized Republican gubernatorial primary in Kansas, surpassing his opponent (sitting Gov. Jeff Colyer) by about 300 votes." via @tytinvestigates… 1/
2/ "At 9 p.m. on August 7, election day, with 10 of Johnson County’s precincts reporting (and just one other, smaller county left to report), Colyer led Kobach by 44 votes in the state and by 13 percent in the county."
3/ "But at 9:07 p.m., a reporter for the Kansas City Star posted that Johnson County would not display further results for at least two hours due to a 'computer glitch.'"
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