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And yet once again, @VerifiedVoting’s President says nada about the dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot marking devices (BMDs). On the contrary, she advocates “voter marked paper ballots,” which she defines as either HAND marked or marked by a MACHINE. Not good enough. 1/
My heavily sourced article on the many dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot markers (“BMDs”). 2/…
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Election integrity alert! 350 precincts voted in the Texas Dist. 19 election, which surprisingly FLIPPED RED. Of those, 221 were in blue Bexar county, the 4th largest county in TX. Bexar uses ES&S ivotronic PAPERLESS touchscreen voting machines. @PeteGallegoTX @BetoORourke 1/
2/ Bexar county results for its 221 precincts.
3/ Texas Secretary of State report showing that 350 precincts were involved in the District 19 special election (that suprisingly flipped red), with 221 in blue Bexar county.…
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My letter to Delaware's Election Commissioner re: DE's alarming decision to buy the ExpressVote XL, which will enable hackers to circumvent manual audits & manual recounts by altering votes only when voters choose the direct deposit ("freedom to cheat") feature. @Delaware_gov 1/
As explained by UCB Professor @philipbstark (who invented Risk Limiting Audits aka "RLAs"), even an RLA would be unable to detect this type of cheating.… 2/
@philipbstark alerted computer science professor and election expert Andrew Appel of this serious issue, prompting Appel to write this article titled: "Serious design flaw in ES&S ExpressVote touchscreen: 'permission to cheat.'"… 3/
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Georgia! This is huge! The court has ADVANCED the hearing on the historic motion to compel GA to use #handmarked #paperballots (vs. unverifiable touchscreens) & “is particularly interested in the PUBLIC INTEREST element”! New date: 9/12/18 at 10:15 AM. Pack the court! 1/
2/ Address correction: The hearing is before Judge Totenberg, room 2308 at 75 Ted Turner Drive SW, Atlanta, GA (it is NOT on Spring Street -as I had previously posted).
3/ Please remember this is a formal federal court hearing, not a protest, which means your presence is very much needed, but no chanting or shouting on this historic occasion.
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US senator @ronwyden needs our grassroots help to pass a meaningful election security bill: the #PAVEAct. So are we going to help him by demanding that the Senate Rules Committee pass the Act & by identifying & calling out individual obstructionist senators or not? 1/
Here are the phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter handles of all Members of the Committee.… 2/
Do not be disheartened by the recent failure of the Secure Elections Act. Election integrity groups had already withdrawn support of the latest watered down version of the SEA anyway. 3/…
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1.) I was one of thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly for Jon Ossoff's campaign during the 2017 6th district special election. What was SO frustrating about that loss (aside from the fact that he would have made a amazing congressman) was that the outcome didn't-
2.) - make any sense whatsoever - not with what I'd seen on the ground as a canvasser, not with the number of Democrats I saw streaming into my polling place when I was a poll watcher. I'm not an election integrity expert, but I, like many other Ossoff supporters, were thrilled -
3.) when @MarilynRMarks1 filed a lawsuit challenging the results. And then a few days later #BrianKemp wiped the server clean of data. So many people sacrificed so much during that campaign for someone to be our voice in the House, and now we couldn't even contest the results.
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Action item! On 8/22/18, the Senate Rules Committee will deliberate on @amyklobuchar’s Secure Elections Act. Demand that the Committee amend it to require states to (1) give voters the option to mark their ballots by HAND; & (2) conduct Risk Limiting Audits! Contact info below 1/
2/ Without the above 2 key provisions, the Secure Elections Act will do nothing more than allow senators 2 PRETEND they did done something to protect our votes. Enough pretending! We need #handmarked #paperballots & Risk Limiting Audits NOW! @RoyBlunt @SenFeinstein @SenSchumer 1/
3/ Here is a link to the addresses & phone numbers of all members of the Senate Rules Committee. We must call, email, & tweet to ALL of them nonstop between now and 8/22!! This is our chance to make our voices heard!
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1/ #ProtectOurVotes #Handmarked #PaperBallots


All require, at one point or another, connection to another device, which inevitably leads to connection to a PC or server which may or may not be hooked to the internet but most likely is.


And there is reason to believe hacking has occurred in the past (Gore, Ossoff, ..) -- though no hard evidence (difficult to get when the server is wiped after a suit is filed) to prove.


is human readable, verifiable, audit tape and legislature allowing it to be used when even reasonable doubt or question exists.
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Dear @amyklobuchar & @SenatorLankford: I am alarmed that your Secure Elections Act appears to allow states to force voters to use touchscreen barcode ballot markers like ES&S's ExpressVote, which has not even been subjected to human usability testing! 1/…
2/ The failure 2 conduct human usability testing is what landed us in the disastrous predicament we now face w/ so-called Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails, which studies later showed cannot be "verified" or audited successfully. I discuss those studies in the article in post 1
3/ I worry that some of the same people who promoted VVPATs have a dicenstive to acknowledge their grievous error & are now compounding the error by equating "summary cards" from touchscreen barcode ballot markers with "paper ballots"--again without human usability testing!!
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I’m NOT a tech expert, but many election security failings stem from the confusing use of LANGUAGE, such as the suggestion that “verification”—a term used by EI folks 2 refer 2 the need 2 ensure a TOUCHSCREEN hasn’t FLIPPED ur vote—applies equally 2 #handmarked #paperballots. 1/
2/ There is no need to “verify” whether a touchscreen has flipped your vote when you fill out your ballot by hand! But vendors then try to confuse everyone by instead equating “verify” with “double check” so that everyone forgets the original critical reason “verification” ...
3/ made its way into the election security lexicon was the concern that TOUCHSCREENS might flip your vote as recorded on the so-called “voter verifiable paper trail,” ie the only paper record of voter intent.
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This opinion piece says that paper summary cards from touchscreen barcode ballot markers like the ES&S ExpressVote and Dominion ImageCast—are better than #handmarked #paperballots. It is 100% vendor propaganda. 1/…
I shoot down every single one of the author’s points—w/ citations—in this article. I hope u will read both and compare and let me know what you think. We should also investigate whether the author has ties to a vendor or has simply been misled himself. 2/…
Thank you to @Joyce_Hackett for bringing this alarming piece to my attention. I will try to find time to prepare a reply and submit it to Real Clear Politics.3/ #ProtectOurVotes
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The states shown in orange below include at least some counties that still use the Accuvote TSX touchscreen voting machines, which are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks (that prevent u from voting at all) and vote flipping. Thread. 1/
Use the verifier tool linked here to find the specific counties in each of these states that use the Accuvote TSX. Then call the county election boards and demand that they use #handmarked #paperballots in the midterms instead! 2/…
3/ Tell these counties they must NOT replace the Accuvote TSX with touchscreen barcode ballot markers like the ExpressVote. All touchscreens are bad! The ExpressVote makes things worse with an unverifiable barcode! Pls send them my article.…
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"It is in m my view inexcusable that our democracy depends on such hackable voter technology made by a handful of companies [e.g., ES&S & Dominion] that have been able to EVADE OVERSIGHT and in fact have actually been STONEWALLING the Congress for years. " - Senator Wyden 1/
"My legislation [The #PaveAct] focuses on two common sense measures that are backed by the overwhelming number of cybersecurity experts in our country: paper ballots and risk limiting audits." 2/
"And I wrote this bill in spite of this campaign of DUCKING and BOBBING and WEAVING, really STONEWALLING from the major voting machine companies [which are ES&S and Dominion]..." 3/
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For Ohio! Each of the counties on the list linked here uses touchscreen voting machines & is thus at risk of falling for the new "universal use" touchscreen barcode balloting systems. Pls contact each of them & demand #handmarked #paperballots instead! 1/…
2/ To explain the concerns with touchscreen voting machines and touchscreen barcode ballot markers, please also consider emailing or mailing them my article on this issue.…
3/ Please also consider sending them this short video by @lulufriesdat showing the problems with Ohio's existing touchscreens, as well as the problems with the new touchscreen barcode ballot markers that vendors like ES&S hope to sell.
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Contact the Election Board in Delaware County, Ohio & tell it to forego ExpressVote touchscreen barcode ballot markers and instead count #handmarked #paperballots on scanners (or by hand). Right now, per this article, it plans to buy the ExpressVote! 1/…
2/ The ExpressVote is a touchscreen system. Touchscreens should not be used in elections except for voters who are unable to hand mark their ballots!
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WTH?! The entire swing state of Pennsylvania may buy ExpressVote touchscreen ballot markers w/ unverifiable barcodes & summary cards that have NOT been subjected to human usability testing! These are NOT #paperballots! @alternet @PAStateDept @PittCyber… 1/
2/ The ES&S ExpressVote also has design flaws!! Why on Earth is @PAStateDept about to buy them for statewide use?!!
3/ If @PAStateDept is calling the ExpressVote a “paper ballot system,” they are lying! The ExpressVote prints “summary cards” with abbreviated text and an unverifiable barcode! Unlike a real #paperballot, the barcode is the only part of the card counted as ur vote! 3/
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It is not only not too late to have #handmarked #paperballots for the midterms in Georgia, it is also not to late to have them in almost every state! Even paperless states almost always already have optical scanners for absentees. They can use them for everyone in the midterms!
Here is something else you can and should do:
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@RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco For 40+ years the #KochBrothers have been buying politicians at state and fed level. Mostly republicans but there are dems who've taken a bite of the koolaid pie.
Looking at #ALEC, whom they fund heavily, gives you an idea where they're currently at: 1/…
@RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco Here is their agenda, first seen publicly I believe when David Koch ran for VP in 1980 on the Libertarian ticket - 2/

Image from @Ruetheday852
@RockPaper_Sista @willfightevil @Frimmmy @wrongestwrong @SarahSheKicks2 @RinChupeco @Ruetheday852 I've been showing these bullets to people for over a year now and some had a good laugh at the one that does away with the post office. 3/
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Tackling potential hacking of voter registrations:
a. Polling places need paper backup lists & provisional ballots for at least 20% of turnout b. Enact same day voter registration c. Vote early by mail (big trade off is chain of custody problem); d. Check ur registration often 1/
e. take a photo of ur registration confirmation f. If u vote on Election Day, bring photo ID and utility bill (to confirm address) even if not normally required (if voter registrations are hacked & u must vote provisionally, this may save u a return trip). 2/
I tend to think the upsides of voting by mail (use of #handmarked paper ballots, ability to photograph ur ballot, voter reg problems easier to resolve before Election Day, convenience, no long lines suppressing turnout) outweigh the chain of custody concerns, at least in 3/
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Georgia! In the #GA06 special election, Ossoff won the #handmarked paper ballots (absentees) 64/36, but the electronic results from GA’s UNVERIFIABLE touchscreen voting machines skewed so heavily in favor of Handel that she was declared the winner. Consider voting absentee ...1/
...unless and until GA gives all voters the option of voting with #handmarked paper ballots at the polls. If the rules allow, deliver your absentee vote in person on Election Day to minimize to the extent possible the chain-of-custody concerns w/ voting absentee. 2/
I do not mean to suggest that voting absentee is an election fraud panacea bc I’ve been told that election workers can toss ballots if they conclude the signature on the ballot doesn’t match the registration. 3/
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“An immediate concern of top officials is Russia's efforts to interfere with the mechanics of voting and tabulation.” via @peterdau #handmarked #paperballots #PaveAct… 1/
Call, write, & email ur state & county election officials and demand HAND MARKED PAPER BALLOTS--not COMPUTER MARKED paper ballots--counted manually or on optical scanners. Tell them the scanners should NOT HAVE MODEMS and to avoid the ES&S DS200, which come w/ cellular modems! 2/
Senator Wyden’s #PaveAct is the ONLY federal election security bill that requires states (a) to give voters the option to mark their ballots by HAND & (b) to conduct real Risk Limiting Audits for every federal race. Demand that ur Members of Congress pass it now! cc @ronwyden 3/
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This is a matter of national security. Tell your MOCs to pass the #PaveAct, @RonWyden’s election security bill, which requires that all voters have the option 2 use #handmarked #paperballots in federal elections & that states conduct Risk Limiting Audits 4 every federal race. 1/
Demand a 2018 implementation date for the #handmarked #paperballot clause. (Current date is 2020.) Even paperless states use scanners for absentee ballots. They can use those or hand count if need be in the midterms. 2/
States have claimed for the past 15 years that electronic tallies should be trusted bc they can be manually audited, while refusing to implement those manual audits. 3/
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