1. Seen quite a bit of anti #FBPE nonsense...mainly from the further left..we've been called a cult by Corbynistas...I'd remind them, cultists worship deities PEOPLE or objects; opposing a #Brexit which is leaving us all Poorer, Weaker with Less Control & Fewer Rights is neither.
2. Using #FBPE doesn't make us anti Corbyn or Labour it makes us anti #Brexit & sadly that means we are in opposition to those who are forcing a flawed #BrexitShambles upon the Ppl & denying the Ppl a #FinalSay a #PeoplesVote to Confirm the Will of the Ppl to leave or to #Remain.
3. Fighting to give the Ppl a #FinalSay nor indeed giving the Ppl a #PeoplesVote doesn't thwart #Brexit nor disrespect anyone..it merely allows everyone to Confirm if they still want it or now to #StopBrexit & #Remain...it's called DEMOCRACY as it allows ppl to change their minds
4. I remember being very alone when I started to fightback against #Brexit...I remember far Right attack dogs calling me traitor, telling me to get over it, suck it up move on. I offered polite debate & evidence, mostly ignored. Then the small band of like minded ppl grew.
5. Then I noticed fewer #Brexiters challenging me...those that did were almost all bots, shills & sockpuppets. At the time few #Lexiters were involved...then #FBPE..a cause we adopted which helped us come together & engage & defend more effectively; we were not alone but 1000s.
6. Then # PCPEU started to come at us for daring to challenge or question Jeremy & Labour's #Brexit fudge. I might add if you're backing it & #Brexit you're no longer PEU!
I continued to be polite & offer evidence surprisingly still ignored.
As do most #FBPE supporters.
7. I don't excuse any rudeness or agressive tweeting but I've seen it in all camps...more of the personal stuff from #Brexiters. To oppose Labour is not to support the Tories...both back #Brexit & deny a #FinalSay..this is COMPLICITY whether you like the word or not.
8. There's only #Brexit or #Remain & I support giving ALL the Ppl a #FinalSay to CONFIRM the WILL now we all know more...I'll accept the result. #Brexiters, #Lexiters & pseudo #Remainers who deny it need to explain why a #PeoplesVote is undemocratic given a flawed Advisory EURef.
9. The real reason U don't like #FBPE? Cos it works..cos it's brought real democrats together; those believing 1 non-Binding test of public opinion backed by only 26.5% of the Ppl, 37% voters voting 4 various versions of Leave doesn't justify forcing #Brexit on us w/o a #FinalSay
10. And the deeper reason because it shows up all those who are too scared to offer the Ppl a #PeoplesVote a #FinalSay in case the true Will of the Ppl isn't the will you want to impose on the People! END

• • •

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More from @Rachel5742

Aug 30, 2018
1. Every day I awaken hoping MPs would just once challenge the validity of a #Brexit that Robs us of Rights & makes us Poorer based on a non-Binding result the votes of only 25.6% of the Ppl, 37% voters & 51.8% of those voting..many of whom now regret it.
But no it's the same old
2. Autocrats of Right & Left more interested in imposing their wills on the Ppl than the current Will of the Ppl, deny us a #PeoplesVote & a #FinalSay with a #Remain option, on the basis it would undermine democracy, disillusion voters & fuel the Far Right. So #Brexit must happen
3. I repeat...the result was non-Binding & backed by only 26.5% of the Ppl 37% voters. But also these 'Democrats' don't just deny a #PeoplesVote ..they choose to ignore the flawed & probably illegal basis upon which the Ref was based. Cambridge Analytica, Foreign interference etc
Read 8 tweets
Aug 29, 2018
1. Labour Schism: the threat's real if there's not a major shift in #Brexit policy at Conference.
A #BrexitShambles harms UK
A #PeoplesVote is Democratic
A #FinalSay Confirms the Will
#Remain + Current Deal is Best Deal
Prob is the Leadership Stance
1a Big diffs between 1980s & today's #Brexit emergency which play to a new Centrist Grouping not being SDP2..
1. Politicised Remainers
2. Party loyalty less strong
2. Far Right infiltration of Tories
3. Macron
4. LibDems a Catalist with a base
5. Big Funders
A new party is Viable
1b IMHO #Brexit must be stopped before a Gen Elect...time's too short for that & a Ref & this #BrexitShambles can't be sorted in a multi issue GE unless Labour stands full square behind
#Reject #Revoke #Remain #Reform
Read 6 tweets
Aug 27, 2018
1. I'll try once again.
@SkyNews @SkyNewsPolitics @Channel4News @BBCNews @BBCr4today etc etc...



Citizens affected disenfranchised

It's not all about the Economy.

#PeoplesVote 4 a #FinalSay & a #Remain option
2. UK citizens at Home & Abroad will lose Rights....

3. Other EU country citizens in the UK will Lose Rights

Read 5 tweets
Aug 23, 2018
1. Never forget the Elephant in the Room..never debated not Consented. #Brexit = Loss of Rights.
If we don't stop the #BrexitShambles we know what follows Tories will Remove them outside the protections we currently have under international treaty...

2. #Brexit is all about deregulation & Removal of Rights & Protections.
The EU doesn't prevent a Govt adding them as a member so why would the Govt wish to leave & repatriate control if not to Remove them?
This has No Consent
#PeoplesVote #Remain option. theguardian.com/politics/2018/…
3. I appear to have a hidden commentator...be grateful, if it's a troll, if #Remainers who can see the comment could give it hell & screenshot it for me so I can block it...😎
Read 4 tweets
Aug 6, 2018
Cobyn will #Remain part of the problem sadly & his support for #Brexit & denial of a #PeoplesVote a #FinalSay with a #StopBrexit Brexit fails to create clear election
space between Labour & the Tories.
So I'll vote for neither... amp.ft.com/content/83bf11…
Read 4 tweets
Aug 1, 2018
1. Oh no you don't @MichelBarnier @guyverhofstadt @donaldtusk ..don't you dare sell out the majority of Brits who want to #StopBrexit & #Remain whether in the UK or in the EU. A #Brexit fudge won't be worth the paper its written on.
Stop pandering to May..she has no mandate.
Read 4 tweets

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