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@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #ACMPR highlights #WeedLikeToKnow :
- limit of <30-day supply or 150g
- LP delivery by mail only, no retail point of sale
- medical doc lasts 1 year
- storage limit (to be removed soon with #CannabisAct )
- Soon, might be able to transfer from one licensed producer to another
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #CannabisAct Bill #C45 removes #cannabis from #cdsa, separate act will be created for regulation of cannabis
- Can grow up to 4 plants (debated) in dwelling
- legal limit up to 30g in public
- anticipate royal ascent by end of June, coming into force Sept/Oct 2018
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser There is still reluctance in prescribing #MedicalCannabis, and there is lack of point of sale (still will have to be by mail), excise tax and HST/GST upcoming, lack of drug plan coverage.
#WeedLikeToKnow #SPEforum
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #WeedLikeToKnow #SPEforum @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth is an activist for safe access to #MedicalCannabis for 15yrs, was on the front lines in #Montreal dispensaries, and was part of @santecannabis before moving to @CanopyGrowth (80 000 registered patients, from most provinces)
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth #WeedLikeToKnow @CanopyGrowth offers an accreditation to medical practitioners as #training for #MedicalCannabis, and is very active in providing #cannabis education in general
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth #WeedLikeToKnow @CanopyGrowth @adam_greenblatt says there are a lot of things to look forward to in adapting to the #recreational #cannabis market - they are even growing @SnoopDogg 's #cannabis now #leafsofsnoop
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg Q - how does #legalization #CannabisAct affect the #MedicalCannabis system? @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth says it will expand access, you can try without the prescription and be empowered in your #cannabis choices. This won't be a free-for-all - this will be well regulated
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg #WeedLikeToKnow Q - how is the quality evaluated? Dr. Maria Arboleda @santecannabis & @adam_greenblatt say products are tested for mold, bacteria, pesticides, #THC, #CBD, and more. It will not be sold if it does not meet specifications. Consumer safety comes 1st.
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg Followup #WeedLikeToKnow Q - will people not just ask Dr. @Google for their guidance on #cannabis? @adam_greenblatt says prescriptions protect & help patients, but those that need it for their wellbeing should be able to do so like any other medicine - with guidance
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google Dr Maria Arboleda @mcgillu @santecannabis adds that dose + many other factors matter in how someone uses #cannabis - just like how #pain is managed by #aspirin or other drugs. The same considerations apply incl interactions w/ other drugs #SPEforum #WeedLikeToKnow
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google #WeedLikeToKnow @trinafraser adds that there is work to be done for coverage to help Canadians afford their #MedicalCannabis and to retain their #QualityOfLife - the hurdles that exist for medical authorization are useful, but there is work to be done to ease #accessibility
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google Daphnée Elisma adds to #WeedLikeToKnow that recreational #cannabis and #medicalcannabis aren't the same - there are many legal and regulatory considerations that differ widely between them, and so the product is different in relation to this
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google #WeedLikeToKnow Q - what role should pharmacists play in #MedicalCannabis or #legalized #cannabis after #CannabisAct? @trinafraser says it'll be a few years before cannabis in pharmacy. Dr Arboleda @santecannabis adds it will 📈 access but #training of pharmacists must take place
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google This means #training for pharmacists in private locations AND those in hospitals - there may be contraindications with other drugs, and doses of #cannabis or other drugs may need to be adjusted. There is much left to do - Dr Arboleda @mcgillu @santecannabis
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google #WeedLikeToKnow @adam_greenblatt says dispensaries have taken a reputational hit with the rush of new ones popping up here and there, and not all are made equal. Dispensaries are the front line, they will need training as well
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google Daphnée Elisma asks #WeedLikeToKnow Q about #stigma of #cannabis use, incl in how many Canadian children use #MedicalCannabis for a variety of affliction. Dr Arboleda @santecannabis doubles down on importance of #education and engaging the public - TV shows aren't a good source!
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google So many members of the public read that #cannabis #MedicalCannabis can cure their #cancer - but the #evidence does not support this. Social #stigma can't be ignored, step 1 is to communicate the #science of #cannabis
#WeedLikeToKnow #SPEforum
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google Our brains develop until we are 25, and #research has shown that #THC can negatively impact developing brains ➡ therefore we give #CBD rich #MedicalCannabis to children to ensure their safety and minimize #risk - Dr Arboleda @santecannabis #WeedLikeToKnow
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google There is a disconnect btw #MedicalCannabis use & actual #impairment that can affect driving and other activities - need to bridge the gap between the policies regulating impaired #driving and those on #cannabis. Overall more communication necessary - @trinafraser #WeedLikeToKnow
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google #MedicalCannabis used to be 6 degrees of separation for anyone, now everyone knows someone who uses #cannabis for their #health. Be #OutOfTheCloset on your #cannabis use, how it helps you, how it doesn't help you, and your experience with it #WeedLikeToKnow
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth @SnoopDogg @Google Need an open and honest conversation about #Cannabis - there is a false dichotomy btw #MedicalCannabis and "recreational" use, there is a spectrum of use - @adam_greenblatt @CanopyGrowth #WeedLikeToKnow

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May 25, 2018
... and a public which asks their representatives to value #evidence will be the strongest driver of long-term #scienceadvice mechanisms.

Jeff Reading @SPH_Iloilo adds long-term funding to #scienceadvice mechanisms would also be an important step if we want long-term thinking
The workshop starts now ➡️ what are top 3 critical issues or structural themes in #Scienceadvice that an @INGSciAdvice presence in North America could address? #INGSA_NA18
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Our @DSP_SPE team represents the student voice in #scienceadvice at the #INGSA_NA18 workshop today among experts from around the world 🔬🔭🌐🖋📃

Our #EmergingExperts: @sung_vanessa @ShawnMcGuirk @tgruos @nehabhutani17 @arthi_ramac

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.@SciChefQC & @ChiefSciCan note in opening keynote how important it is for the #NextGeneration to be here and well represented, and applaud our #SPEscidip event from last week - thank you for inviting us, we're v happy to be in these discussions #INGSA_NA18 #scipol #scienceadvice
& thx @PeterGluckman for your video introduction, we hope we can meet again soon! Especially with the establishment of an @INGSciAdvice chapter for #NorthAmerica

We appreciate your commitment to engaging #nextgen at the intersection of #science & #policy in #NZ & at #INGSA_NA18
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May 18, 2018
We're in the historic Redpath museum auditorium this morning @mcgillu for another excellent talk by Jan Marco Muller @IIASAVienna which we organized w/ @McGillMSSI & TISPP! A continuation of #SPESciDip events of the last few days, #THREAD below ⬇️
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When #science meets #politics on #GMO ➡️ when faced with the same evidence, some countries overwhelmingly agree, others overwhelmingly against #scipol #scidip
The mechanisms of #scienceadvice in the #EU is... complex
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