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So @theresa_may says she is going to deliver the “brexit people voted for”.
I have a few questions about how she is going to do that and in asking them I will be assisted by just a small sample of people that voted leave who are pretty clear she won’t.
So @theresa_may what brexit will you deliver and which people will it please?

Firstly, whatever it is, it won’t be the brexit that 16.4 million opposed in 2016, nor what was wanted by @The3Million EU citizens that or so many @BritishInEurope that were denied a vote!
.@theresa_may will it be the brexit that all those who voted leave in protest against the establishment/the Tory party (like these ⬇️ guys).

Does this mean you are going to reform our electoral system in brexit so we have PR and U.K. politics becomes less London centric?
Or what about delivering the protest vote of this leave voter? How can you do that whilst still staying in office and railroading through policies whilst allowing minimal checks by parliament and without returning to the country with a #peoplesvote (4)
Or @theresa_may please do tell us how your brexit plan be what this leave voter wanted? Another protest voter who has written in more detail on this issue.
Can you please all these #bregretters?…

Or alternatively Theresa, what about all those people that voted leave wanting to stay in the Single Market? Here are just some examples, are you going to deliver that? They think not? They are far from alone in feeling this way.

Whilst we are on the Single Market @theresa_may you may want to check out #Remainernow @timjn1’s blog. He does not think you will deliver the brexit he voted for. Can you tell him how you will do that? Are you lying in making this pledge?…
Or @theresa_may what about the so many people voted leave for the money the proven non-existent #brexitdividend will bring to the NHS, how are you going to deliver that without hugely raising taxes? Here are just a few that don’t think you’ll deliver the brexit they voted on (8)
Whilst on the NHS, why not watch this video from #Remainernow Charlie? He is an NHS doctor but he is very clear that brexit will harm the NHS and that you must reconsider?
So please do say, how are you delivering what he voted for?
Also @theresa_may what about all those who voted for brexit on the basis that there would not be economic damage? Notwithstanding all the #brexitjoblosses already experienced & £900 per year drop in household wealth due to vote how does that fit with your #brexitimpactpapers?(10)
There are so many that voted leave and, due to these basic clear economic points, are #Remainernow as are clear you will not deliver the “brexit people voted for”
Here are just a few. So what do to say to them? Are you just deluded that you can do this? (11)
Or What about all those people that voted leave thinking there was no threat to the UK? Howare you going to resolve the @BorderIrish
Here are just a a couple of people who you are going “to deliver brexit” for who are concerned about Ireland & the border.
How’s that going? (12)
Or perhaps @theresa_may you could tell us how you will deliver the brexit josh here voted for. Here is an article the #Remainernow team helped him get in the independent. It’s a good read, why not take the time to learn your challenge?… (13)
Or @theresa_may how will the #brexit you will deliver address concerns like Emma has? The horrific treatment of so many key EU citizens by your failure to address all those in limbo & the hostile environment you created? Do you think that is possible? (14)
Perhaps @theresa_may the #brexit you will deliver is one that has encouraged xenophobia in this once tolerant nation?
Because here are just a small portion of the leavers who are horrendously concerned that is what has happened & that’s certainly not what they voted for! (15)
Now @theresa_may the examples of people whom I have shared in this thread (and think you will not deliver the brexit they thought you are getting in 2016) barely scratch the surface. There are so many #Remainernow like them who are convinced your words are empty!

So what I’m saying @theresa_may is if you & @DavidDavisMP are so confident that you will “deliver the brexit people voted for” there is one easy way to prove that’s not an empty slogan.


That way we know for sure! Otherwise your words are meaningless!
Ps. @theresa_may have you seen from the latest survation poll that double the amount of people want a #peoplesvote than oppose it?

That will only grow as the campaign for it grows and there are more bad news stories in the economy.

It’s time to put #CountryOverParty
PPS oh so @theresa_may is this you now admitting that you think the “Brexit people voted for” (that you will deliver) is one where massive employers and tax payers pull out of the UK causing suffering to thousands??

Wow history will judge you badly!

• • •

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Aug 21, 2018
So @uklabour Front Bencher @barrygardiner in this tweet (to fellow Labour MP @BenPBradshaw) seems to think there aren't really any leave voters who are pushing to reconsider #Brexit with a #PeoplesVote

Why don't we examine why that's completely false.

A #remainernow Thread

So Barry could start here,…

This is the stories page of which (so far) has four excellent longer videos of leave voters who are now passionate about a #PeoplesVote and want to #StopBrexit

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May 26, 2018

On fatherhood and its link to why we must ensure we #stopbrexit and the #Remainernow campaign.

Early on Thursday my 2nd daughter was born & she is doing well.

Any of you who are parents will appreciate the feelings of pride & affection I have experienced for the last few days. Many will also appreciate the desire as a father to give your child the best future you can 2/14
My 1st child was born in the build up to the #EUref and turned 3 months of the day of the vote.

As a result of being a new father, being complacent & having never been political before, I didn’t campaign in 2016 apart from sharing many of anti-brexit articles on Facebook! 3/14
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Jan 12, 2018
Here is Jon, her voted leave but now has seen the lies of the #leave campaign become clear & is a #RemainerNow
Respect @jonnywoo34 -so many feel like you! Thanks for speaking out & keep doing so!
Let’s hope MPs have courage to put country before party & start opposing #brexit
Here is #remainernow Jon again with a great post (and mini thread) on his #bregret and how #leavers should look at those still advocating #brexit and ask if they share their values!
Top work @jonnywoo34 keep speaking out, your courage will encourage overs!
I urge people to read this great thread from #remainernow Jon (for more see ⬆️). In it he explains his reasons for voting leave & what he has realised since.
Thanks for taking the time to do this @jonnywoo34 hopefully it can encourage others!
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Dec 26, 2017
Delia here decided to talk about her #brexit regret first thing Christmas morning. She sets out her reasons for her #leave vote in a number of tweets which I will thread below. All good reasons but now wants to #Remain - reason 1 ⬇️ #FBPE #stopbrexit
The good thing that Delia has done is being brave in coming forward on such a divisive issue. She has joined so many that are coming forward in saying she is a #remainernow - here ⬇️ is reason 2 for her original vote.
As Delia says here ⬇️ as someone who works in & cares about the #nhs she wanted to give it £££ (completely understandable) but like others she wasn’t aware this promise would not be honoured nor was she aware of the complexities like the Irish border!
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Dec 16, 2017
.@stephen501 is another #leave voter who wishes he had the chance to vote again now the facts of what #brexit means are becoming clear. Good on you for coming forward Stephen, you are one of millions, just need others to show the same humility! #remainernow #finalsay #fbpe
Here is more from Stephen following his visit to Germany. Highlights the ideologues lies that EU will give us a good deal as they need us more than we need them.
Here is another tweet from #remainernow @stephen501 after he regretted his leave vote he wrote to his MP. Hopefully he can also help persuade other leave voters he knows to do the same now #brexitreality is hitting!
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