Looonng thread! AND:
This is a dangerous post.

Read it at your own mind's risk

It's dramatic and crazy, the stuff of Hollywood

You'll say it can't possibly happen here... not IN AMERICA!

Or can it?
In 2016, Donald Trump is elected President. Almost immediately, certain people begin to question how it happened and start collecting information on the FACT that RUSSIA, OUR ENEMY, has assisted Trump in his efforts

In the meantime, Trump begins to dismantle Democracy.
Trump builds a administration and Congress fiercely loyal to him, but does not fill vital posts in government. The end result is a Regime which is small but very loyal to Trump.
Trump's administrator's go to work dismantling their departments and, thereby, America. EPA Administator Pruitt the most notorious of all. Scandal after scandal but he never gets fired. Like his boss, he gets away with everything.
Department after department, people quit and aren't replaced. Thousands of vital posts are sitting open in our government leaving us vulnerable. Trump calls this crisis "streamlining."
SIMULTANEOUSLY (remember this word, it's important), Trump gives voice to the Big 3: Racism Bigotry and Hatred. Those in America who ascribe to these begin to act out in a big way, acts of violence increase immensely.
White people openly attacking POC and those not like them everywhere. Then attacking law enforcement who would arrest them for it.
Far worse, acts of mass murder perpetrated by White males with guns walking into highly populated areas and shooting as many as possible rise to almost monthly. School shootings are included in these incidents.
Trump has tried to distance himself from this, but his constant violent rhetoric to his base is unmistakable.

And, again, all the shooters are White males.
Trump has spewed hateful rhetoric since the beginning of his Campaign. View any video and listen to him call for beating people up, calling people/companies/entities names, threatening them. And the GOP says nothing.

This emboldens citizens attacks, and the GOP does nothing.
SIMULTANEOUSLY, Trump threatens N. Korea then romances Kin Jong-Un. SIMULTANEOUSLY, openly threatens HIS OWN FBI and DOJ while the Mueller investigation is going on, and the GOP does nothing.
SIMULTANEOUSLY, Trump continues to tear down Democracy internally while he steals thousands of children at the Border and DISAPPEARS them ILLEGALLY!

Oh, Allies.

SIMULTANEOUSLY, Trump alienates our Allies while threatening Americans who take a knee in solidarity against racism, and threatening the Media who say things he doesn't like. Trump says the Media is, "the Public's enemy".
SIMULTANEOUSLY, Trump, throughout his first year, continues certain mantras. The ever present mantra of 'what-about-Hillary', quickly followed by, 'its-all-Obama's-fault'. Trump blames whatever bad behavior he commits on everyone else. It's directly out of Hitler's playbook.
Throughout all of this it's been revealed that Trump was financed by Russians, had Russians in and around his Campaign, knew and associated with Russians for many years before, up to and including his Campaign.
Trump's own administration freely admits Russia was involved in his Campaign. Everyone admits this, AND THAT THEY WON THE ELECTION FOR HIM, AND THAT THEY ARE ACTIVELY DOING IT NOW AGAIN!
But, the most frightening just happened.

1. Trump still denies all this because Putin just denied it, which means Trump is still tied to Putin's coattails.

2. Congress just held a sham show where they dragged Wray and Rosenstein in and screamed at them for hours.
This hearing was unconscionable. Republicans screaming at these men demanding documents they have no right to, accusing them of things they hadn't done. And, *these* men weren't just the *top* cops in the land, they're also fellow Republicans!
SIMULTANEOUSLY, Trump is set to have a summit with his boss, Putin.

Which brings me to my point in all of this. Last night I saw 2 crawlers.

1. Trump tries to destabilize the EU
2. Trump says, "sometimes our Allies are our worst enemies."
Crazy right? The stuff of Hollywood?

Trump made a deal in Iceland in 2007. Called Bayrock, remember that? It's when Russia first got their claws in him. They may not have realized fully how far they could go with him then, but that's when they made the initial investment.
Then there's the Miss Universe Pageant 2013 which became Trump's venue to meet Putin for the first time where Trump's recorded gushing, "will he become my new best friend?" Trump has been working hard toward that end since then, defending Putin to the unreasonable.
Trump's ties to Putin and Russia are obvious, unmistakable, known to everyone. The only remaining question is the GOP's complict behavior.
Some in the GOP have retired or stepped down. But others have behaved as we saw yesterday, acting as foot soldiers to a Fascist Regime. Just like ICE is, foot soldiers in a Fascist Regime.
Still, much of America sits by and watches. #TheResistance can't do this alone anymore. The Democrat's can't be civil anymore while Trump's Fascist Regime isn't. The Republican Party is dead. It doesn't exist.

If the kidnapping of THOUSANDS of kids didn't move you what will?
Do you plan on waiting until it's too late?

How much more evidence do you need?

Stand up and FIGHT for your Country because we're about to lose it.

Mark my words. If we don't take some very definitive action to remove this President and his Fascist Regime from Washington
we will be under the boot very soon
P.S. I can read your mind.

You're thinking, "we won't let this happen. It's crazy. We'll stop it before it goes this far."

First, whose we? Second,

A majority controlled by a minority. It's not that hard, and it's happening right now, right here.

• • •

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