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Does AUSA Moira Kim Penza, prosecutor in the fed. #NXIVM #RICO criminal racketeering case, realize that her indictments of #NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere aka "Vanguard," last March, may have affected the outcome of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Election? #ArizonaMafia #Democrats
Moira Kim Penza is 1 of the main prosecutors in the federal #NXIVM #RICO criminal case. A #RICO case is very serious; it is 1 of the most complex types of prosecutions the U.S. Government can initiate. Moira's boss is Richard P. Donoghue, U.S. Atty for the Eastern District of NY.
Penza is a smart lawyer. According to publicly available information, she studied at Cornell Law School, a private Ivy League University located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell was ranked the #13 law school in America, out of 203 law schools, by U.S. News & World Report, in 2018.
The man on the left is frmr #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke. According 2 FBI lawyer in NY area & others, Burke has been wkg "behind the scenes" 2 call & harass victims of #NXIVM cult 4 #NXIVM financier, Seagram's heiress Clare #Bronfman. Burke also harasses me. #ArizonaMafia
frmr #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, mbr. of the #ArizonaMafia pol/soc grp of friends led by frmr DHS Sect'y Janet Napolitano, may say that we were not good friends or that I am a "con man." Both statements are false. Burke was cited 4 lying in 2013…
My friend Marco Lopez became Chief OS/U.S. Customs and Border (CBP) under DHS Sect'y Napolitano. Years ltr, Marco b/c friends w/Emiliano, son of frmr #Mexico Pres., #CarlosSalinas. Marco tld me, I would be assassinated, & my entire family, if I spoke about #CarlosSalinas & #NXIVM
Before my friend Marco Lopez started working w/int. of Emiliano Salinas, son of frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, Marco was Chief of Staff of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), under DHS Sect'y Napolitano & Pres. #Obama. Marco liked this job. He was a big shot. #NXIVM
Frmr Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas, is the father of Emiliano Salinas, leader of #NXIVM Mexico. It is well known that Pres. #CarlosSalinas was author of #NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, signed Dec. 17 1992, by Bush, Salinas, & #Canada Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
In what may be a total & complete coincidence, nothing whatsoever 2 do with the fact that my friend Marco Lopez became friends w/frmr. #Mexico Pres. #CarlosSalinas, Marco soon started wkg 4 the Mexicans 2 negotiate certain completely innoculous trade policy issues #ArizonaMafia
I'm just going to leave this article here, in case anyone is interested to read some opinions about #NAFTA. Here's a quote: "Twenty years after the implementation of NAFTA, however, it’s now clear that most of Salinas’s promises have gone unfulfilled."…
#ArizonaMafia mbr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, described above n/this thread, has been representing #NXIVM Seagram's heiress Clare #Bronfman "behind the scenes." Dennis is good friends w/frmr. CBP COS Marco Lopez & also harassing me not 2 talk…
In 2007, Dennis Burke, myself, Marco Lopez & frmr #Arizona Governor Napolitano, flew to #Mexico w/publisher of the AZ Republic Newspaper, John Zidich. At the time Burke told me, "We have [the AZ Republic] in our pocket. [They] will write anything we want."…
Remembering what #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke tld me in 2007 abt "having...[the AZ Republic] [their] pocket," I always tht it w/interesting how the completely impartial & independent "Editorial board" of AZ Republic wrote this article 4 Dennis…
Considering all the above in this thread, readers may remember that #FastNFurious, an Obama administration operation meant to track illegal guns going to #Mexican drug lords, was 1 of the biggest scandals of the entire #Obama Presidency. #ArizonaMafia…
I have heard my former #ArizonaMafia friends, led by frmr. DHS Sect'y Napolitano, deny certain connections w/frmr. Atty General Eric Holder & President #TRUMP's attacker, Robert Mueller. Here is a pic. of Napolitano w/Eric Holder & Robert Mueller. #TRUTH #FastNFurious #Mexico
As I have written on Twitter, my history is as an #internet #entrepreneur. In 2013 started a prj. called Mobile Corp. & invited my friend #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke 2 be compliance director. 1 of our investors was Emiliano Salinas, son of frmr. Mex. Pres #CarlosSalinas
We were enthusiastic about the Mobile Corp. #startup project. Had big plans. Were going 2 build social ntwk + platform 4 wkg online thru Mobile devices, all over the world. We raised $$ from sophisticated investors w/supervision of big law firms & good lawyers, all done properly
during the #Mobile corp. startup project, there was team collaboration in multiple offices: Cambridge, New York, Mexico, Philippines & more. 50+ workers during 3 years, 30,000+ changes made 2 source code. Alpha, beta + operational releases deployed & many corp. records
Given my history with the #Democratic party at the time, myself & frmr #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, asked frmr. #DNC Chairman Howard Dean, 2 become Global Advocate & Spokesman 4 the Mobile Corp. #startup project. He signed on as did other key #Democrats #TRUTH
because he seemed ok at the time, and for other reasons, we asked frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, 2 be head of the Mobile Corp. Compliance Committee. As a licensed Attorney, Dennis was in charge of legal compliance & 2 mk sure all laws were followed @ Mobile Corp.
and so we started working on the Mobile Corp. #startup project. Things were fine. It is normal that a #startup takes time. We did things most #startups do. Raised $$ w/lawyers, filed correct docs., got signatures from investors, allocated $$ 2 corp. priorities #Entrepreneurship
we were doing so well, we were even able 2 sign 1 of the most famous entertainers in #Mexico & U.S., Grammy Award Winner, #PepeAguilar 2 do publicity & raise awareness of project. Pepe is a crossover artist w/fans in both English & Spanish
people w/connections to my past Hispanic Social Network, Quepasa, came 2 us & got involved w/Mobile Corp. #startup project. It is known that my old biz. Quepasa had a deal w//J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez. Her Dad David Lopez, who is kind of a crazy #scientologist, did work w/Mobile
I was spending a good amt. of time w/J.lo's Dad David, in #SiliconValley & other places, orienting him about the normal practices of tech #startup projects. David explained his desire 2 help fund Latino #entrepreneurs. David was interested in my past business history with Quepasa
By this time t/Mobile Corp. #startup project had established offices in Cambridge, MA on the doorstep of #Harvard University, where myself, Emiliano Salinas & frmr Pres. of Mexico #CarlosSalinas 1 time studied. Also offices @ #PlazaCarso, Carlos Slim's massive hq in #Mexico City.
we were excited about plans 4 the Mobile Corp. project. The Board of Directors had given thought & authorizations & many of us were flying around doing necessary steps 2 make the #startup a reality. As the 1 time CEO of a Nasdaq public company I took steps 2 do things correctly
Everything seemed OK. More or less my entire pol./social group of #ArizonaMafia friends were helping out w/the Mobile Corp. project, & we were going to use it to benefit many of the interests of the #Democratic party. Here I was in NY w/Mobile Corp. #Mexico landlord Carlos Slim.
the implications & benefits of doing a big Mobile project in proximity 2 #Mexico's top #Mobile #entrepreneur, Ing. Slim, were obvious. In a period of just a few years, since I had sold my old Quepasa business, Mobile technology had literally changed the world. Every1 knows that.
Everything seemed fine, until something strange began 2 happen. My #ArizonaMafia friends began 2 be distant, momentum in the Mobile Corp. project began 2 slow, & I was targeted w/a unexpected civil lawsuit from a State Gov. agency, the Arizona Corporation Commission #Corruption
The Arizona Corporation Commission ("ACC") is a small state Gov't agency in #Phoenix, heavily subject 2 political influence by electric & power utility companies in #Arizona. The ACC has been called the most #Corrupt Gov't agency in Arizona. #ArizonaMafia…
My frmr. #ArizonaMafia frnd, U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, tries 2 make a case that the "Securities Division" of Arizona Corp. Commission is "not as corrupt" as the rest of the agency, b/c it is where he pressures them 2 target me. The Dir. was indicted 4 bribes…
In this article about the #Corrupt Arizona Corporation Commission, FBI investigation & criminal bribes case, Chairman Tom Forese says, "I'm sick to my stomach over this whole thing. . the damage to the. . board's reputation is "severe.'" #ArizonaMafia…
As frmr. CEO of tech co. that traded on the Nasdaq & NYSE, I have managed a good amount of civil litigation. And the Arizona Corp. Comm case was civil. What I found strange was, given amt. in controversy, ($250k), even when we offered them the FULL AMOUNT, they refused 2 settle
I had never seen a civil case where parties had REFUSED 2 SETTLE when offered the ENTIRE AMOUNT in question. The Arizona Corp. Commission is *SO* #Corrupt, they even employ their own JUDGE. That's right. The JUDGE who hears cases, works for the Gov't lawyers who bring the case.
And so after REFUSING 2 SETTLE CIVIL CLAIMS w/offered the FULL $$ AMOUNT, the AZ Corp. Commission published 2 their internal docket, numerous statements apparently designed 2 impeach my credibility, such as the following "independent," "unbiased" opinion #Corruption #ArizonaMafia
and these "independent," "unbiased" opinions, written by the same State Gov't staff at the AZ Corp. Commission, who ultimately employ the Judge who would hear the case. At the ACC, the internal Judge makes a summary-type final determination by himself, with no Jury.
When I started to understand the extent of the Hit Job at the #Corrupt AZ Corporation Commission, I was at 1st in disbelief. Then, my ironic sense of humor took over; I decided this particular paragraph was SO BAD, it was the best work out of all the negative stuff they included.
Still reeling from the attack by the #Corrupt Arizona Corporation Commission, I was surprised 2 hear that #ArizonaMafia mbr. #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, was calling around 2 frmr. Mobile Corp. shareholders, 2 stir up dissent. Was not sure why or what his agenda was
We would find out why, December 14, 2017, when the independent, never #Corrupt Arizona Republic, ran the following #HitPiece article, w/untrue facts, overt lies & coerced stmts. 2 orchestrate the article, Burke leaked documents just like in #FastNFurious…
The article had a dramatic tone "$9M gone in online startups," implying that all $$ raised 4 Mobile had improperly vanished. $2.3MM of $$ xfers to Inter123, my NV Corp, were questioned. Marco Lopez said, "Peterson transferred Mobile money to Inter123 without board authorization."
I could not understand why my frmr #ArizonaMafia friends had gone 2 so much trouble 2 discredit me. The steps were so extraordinary, requiring so much effort - particularly where documents & records existed of their lies, I could not understand what could have been so important.
As a point of reference, a video + recording I recently published on Social Media, proves the Dec. 14th, 2017 #HitPiece news article in the Arizona Republic was full of lies. It also proves #FastNFurious Atty. Dennis Burke is a liar. Video is here-->>…
Afew months after the #HitPiece news article was planted in the #Corrupt AZ Republic by frmr #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, I noticed that my frmr. boss., Janet Napolitano, had met w/+endorsed the #CarlosSalinas "Puppet" candidate for the #Mexican Presidency, on U.S. soil
The meeting was really unprecedented in terms of #Democrat #Corruption. Here is the #CarlosSalinas "Puppet" candidate 4 the #Mexican Presidency, already accused of money laundering in #Mexico, meeting with frmr. DHS Secretary Napolitano, on U.S. soil.…
Of course the major #Mexican media, many which are influenced by the #CarlosSalinas media machine in #Mexico, immediately began using imgs of the U.S. meeting w/Janet Napolitano, 2 promote the #CarlosSalinas "Puppet" candidate 4 #Mexican Presidency, Anaya.…
Then, the same month that my frmr boss, #ArizonaMafia leader Napolitano, endorsed the #CarlosSalinas "Puppet" candidate 4 #Mexican Presidency in the U.S., I noticed a HORRENDOUS story abt a cult, #NXIVM, and my frmr. friend, Emiliano Salinas, was involved.…
I also noticed that at more or less the same time, right after the #HitPiece in the AZ Republic, the Governor fo Arizona, Doug Ducey, had announced a prj. called "SkyBridge Arizona," that would combine 1st ever Mexican & U.S. Customs in the same facility.…
I knew that my former best friend, #ArizonaMafia mbr. Marco Lopez, had been traveling w/AZ Gov. Doug Ducey 2 Mexico, & that Marco had taken Doug through Carlos Slim's #PlazaCarso complex 2 impress him & that Marco was working w/frmr. President of Mexico, #CarlosSalinas.
It was THEN that it occurred to me, looking at THREE #CarlosSalinas related situations in the media at the same time, what had happened. I developed a STRONG conspiracy theory. My entire group of #ArizonaMafia friends, had SOLD OUT, 2 the frmr. Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas
I remembered, that in 2014, Emiliano Salinas, the son of frmr. #Mexico President, #CarlosSalinas, had asked me to join his group, #NXIVM Mexico, when I visited him in Mexico City. At the time, I didn't think about it. But, it was after that, that things got strange. #ArizonaMafia
I remembered back in that point in time, that year, I had attended one of many drunken, sex-charged parties held by my former #ArizonaMafia friends, at a house near Washington, D.C., & that my friend Marco had been talking w/Emiliano Salinas on the phone
I remembered that my former #ArizonaMafia friends, who held many of the senior positions under Napolitano at the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) , which oversees immigration functions, had talked about "expediting visas," and that they were friends with Emiliano Salinas
I looked at the many articles that were being published in the press about the #NXIVM cult, & realized that Emiliano Salinas was EXTREMELY close with the alleged "Cult leader," Keith Raniere, & that Raniere was constantly in #Mexico. Raniere was arrested in Mexico. #ArizonaMafia
I remembered back to a dinner I attended with the frmr. U.S. President Bill Clinton, at about the same time Emiliano Salinas had invested in our technology #startup project, Mobile Corp. That night, Bill told me, he was "good friends" w/former Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas
By now, considering everything I had recently connected about my #ArizonaMafia and #Democrat friends & seen & heard, I couldn't help but 2 remember back in history, about U.S. President Clinton, #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, NAFTA, & many other big conspiracy theories #NXIVM
I thought about how my frmr #ArizonaMafia frnds had taken steps 2 discredit me in advance, how Marco had threatened me & how I couldn't understand at the time. And why #FastNFurious Atty. Dennis Burke seemed so desperate 2 harm me, why he had acted like a lunatic 4 so long #NXIVM
I thought about how for a long time, I have watched #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke desperately editing my Wikipedia page, trying 2 move his #HitPiece AZ Republic news article up 2 the top of the article, I guess with hopes 2 discredit me when ppl search 4 my name #NXIVM
Burke's edits on my Wikipedia page really had a desperate feel 2 them. I kept asking myself, WHY would a person who had served as a U.S. Attorney, be *SO* desperate to affect my Google searches, 2 discredit me. What could matter so much? Seems like a complete waste of time #NXIVM
But then it occurred, I knew these people 4 a long time. Janet's #ArizonaMafia is the strong-arm of the U.S. #Democrat party; I was around 2 see & hear a lot of things. I am officially, I guess, the "defector" from their mob. Sorry guys. Pls don't send #CarlosSalinas 2 murder me
I guess, although I can't be sure, there was some crazy stuff going on. It seems like my biggest mistake was saying "NO" when Emiliano Salinas talked 2 me about #NXIVM Mexico. Still not sure exactly what it means. I think they wtd ppl. 2 be in #NXIVM 2 be able to blackmail them
Whatever it is they may or may not be hiding, I can attest based on my own observations & experiences, that there has been a strong connection between the U.S. Democratic party & the Mexican PRI & that my frmr. friend Marco Lopez is the conduit between the U.S. Dems & Mexican PRI
I guess 1 of the things that bothers me the most about this potentially very disturbing information, is that recently after I reset my Twitter account & started to divulge information, seems like 1 of our former friends in #Phoenix may have been #suicided…
Paul Lopez was a friend of both myself & Marco. Worked with Paul 2 help get Greg Stanton elected as Mayor of #Phoenix. Paul "committed suicide" by burning himself at the midpoint between a house I used 2 own, and Marco Lopez's current house. Seems strange.…
A long time ago, a brave #Mexican citizen wrote a book about the frmr Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas. The title of the book translated from Spanish is, "An assassin in the Presidency." According 2 reports, the author endured multiple attempts on his life after it was published.
Don't only take my word for it. >>Researchers, investigators. Google "Carlos Salinas" and "Raul Salinas" & don't just research for 5 minutes. Spend some time learning about these men. 100+ million ordinary Mexicans have lived under their dominant "invisible rule" for 25+ years.
#Mexico is in a state of chaos. Gov. #Corruption is out of control. 132 politicians were killed during the 2018 Pres. election. Many researchers attribute these deaths to Mex. PRI party operatives. What will it mean 4 our future, if they are aligned with #Democrats in the U.S.?
The next few posts, which will conclude this thread, may be the most important of all. Please #PayAttention, 🇺🇸Patriot. They contain evidence that #Democrats have been infiltrated by the Mexican PRI political party, at the highest levels. Study & copy in case they disappear.
Much to the chagrin of frmr. #Mexico Pres. #CarlosSalinas, On July 1, 2018, a somewhat eccentric 64-year-old man named Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (they call him "AMLO") won the Mexican Presidency by a huge 30% margin. #TRUTH #NonSalinas #NAFTA #MAGA…
I will save readers a lot of time studying, and, jump to the point. There are 100+ million ordinary Mexican citizens who believe that every #Mexican President in the last 25+ years except Zedillo, has been controlled by frmr. #Mexico Pres., #CarlosSalinas…
It is an accurate statement that the overwhelming majority of all Citizens of #Mexico, believe that frmr. Mexican President #CarlosSalinas has been a strong invisible hand controlling absolutely everything bad in their country, for ~25 years. Link:…
In 2001, there was a huge amount of celebratory #propaganda throughout #Mexico, that FINALLY, a political movement had been successful. A man named Vicente Fox, who was supposedly not controlled by #CarlosSalinas, had been elected to office. #OOPS #NotTrue
After some time, it became apparent that the reform policies of Vicente Fox were not what had been promised. And, in a move that astonished the entire country of #Mexico, after he left office, Fox reverted to the PRI, the political party of #CarlosSalinas.…
In recent years, Americans became familiar with the face of #Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto. This article from the Daily Beast acknowledges that #CarlosSalinas was "behind his campaign." Mexico believes President Peña was yet another Salinas puppet.…
This image verifies that my former good friend & colleague of more than 10 years, Marco Lopez, who is a top #Democrat, has served as an advisor to Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto. Marco told me many times he was working for #CarlosSalinas & was always at his house & office.
In July of 2018 after Morena party candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador ("AMLO") won the Mexico Presidency, the Salinas-dominated Mexican PRI party called an emergency meeting, & replaced leadership. The new head of the PRI is Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas…
To many #Mexican experts, it was extraordinary for the usually invisible & powerful #CarlosSalinas to send in his niece, Claudia, to take control of the Mexican PRI political party. However, something had happened. A non-Salinas President had been elected.…
This is a picture of my frmr friend & colleague of 10+ years, Marco Lopez, who is a top #Democrat, w/strong connections 2 #Democrats such as Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama & Bill & Hillary Clinton, with his good friend, Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, new leader of the Mexican PRI.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become a close ally of the #CarlosSalinas "puppet" President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN). EPN is advised by the man you see above in this thread, Marco Lopez, who is a top #Democrat in the U.S.…
Justin Trudeau's top fundraiser and "financial bagman" is Stephen #Bronfman. Bronfman's cousin, Clare #Bronfman was recently indicted in the #NXIVM "sex cult" #RICO case & charged with racketeering & money laundering in the Eastern District of New York.…
the #CarlosSalinas #disinformation #propaganda machine in #Mexico likes 2 suggest that #CarlosSalinas is not the boss of his "Puppet" President, Enrique Peña Nieto, who is advised by my frmr. friend Marco Lopez. There are 100+ million Mexican citizens who believe otherwise.
It has been established that Trudeau's sr. adviser & chief fundraiser, Seagram's heir Stephen #Bronfman, is the cousin of Clare #Bronfman, top financier of the #NXIVM cult. Clare's "invisible" "behind" the scenes lawyer is #ArizonaMafia mbr., #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke.
It has been established that the #NXIVM cult leader was a man named Keith Raniere aka "Vanguard," who was closely associated for many years with Emiliano Salinas, son of frmr. #Mexico President, #CarlosSalinas, sometimes called the "Puppet Master" of North America. #ArizonaMafia
Some say Emiliano Salinas is a nice man. That was my experience. I got 2 know him as an investor in our #internet #startup, Mobile Corp. I have no knowledge of wrongs by Emiliano. He seemed nice 2 me. Yet, after he told me about #NXIVM, and I didn't join, things got strange.
One thing that is a definitive fact, is that Emiliano Salinas was in business with Clare #Bronfman, as the director of "ESP Mexico," the #Mexico branch of #NXIVM. I guess that was the organization Emiliano told me about, when I met with him in 2014, although I'm not 100% sure.
Yesterday, frmr Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg was quoted about #NXIVM. When she 1st spoke, death threats were made. She said #NXIVM was using sex 2 compromise law enf. & pub. officials. These are divergent theories from what has been reported by the #MSM…
It is a known fact at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that Mexican cartels use sex 2 corrupt DHS employees. Such testimony was provided by then-CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin to a Senate subcommittee in 2011. Bersin was Marco Lopez's boss at CBP.…
Alan Bersin, Marco Lopez's former boss at U.S. Customs & Border Protection, was Bill Clinton's college pal at Oxford, they became Rhodes Scholars together. Bersin's ex-wife graduated Yale w/Hillary Clinton. Bersin's new wife is connected to Eric Holder…
My frmr. friend Marco Lopez remained close w/his frmr. boss Alan Bersin, who is a close ally of Bill & Hillary Clinton. Here is a picture of Marco flying Alan to Marco's favorite place, #Mexico, 2 talk about $$ and various deals. #ArizonaMafia #FreedomOfSpeech #NoDefamationHere
It was announced in Feb. of 2018, shortly after the Gov. of Arizona announced Marco Lopez's #SkyBridgeAZ Mex/U.S. customs transport hub, that Alan Bersin had set up "BorderWorks Group," 2 be the new "anti-Trump" of the Mexican Border.…
Days after the start of #SkyBridgeAZ, it was announced that Bersin's new company, Borderworks, was advising Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, frmr. Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, on building a "major air cargo hub." Bersin called the Tijuana project a "game-changer."…
This is a picture of former Tijuana, Mexico mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, with #CarlosSalinas "Puppet President" of #Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, who is advised by my frmr. friend Marco Lopez. Bustamante is a PRI loyalist with strong ties to the inner circle of #CarlosSalinas
Meanwhile, this guy, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was elected as the first "true" non-#CarlosSalinas Puppet winner in a Mexican election, in perhaps the last 25 years, and is getting ready to assume the Mexican Presidency in Dec. of 2018, if he can survive that long. #Reality
Poor AMLO (that's what the Mexican people call their newly elected President, Lopez Obrador), is so distrustful of the #CarlosSalinas PRI machine, he has forgone Mexican Secret Service protection, w/fear he will be assassinated by his own security…
It is kind of sad if U understand the politics & soc. dynamics at work in #Mexico, 2 see the Pres.-elect driving thru Mexico City in a Volkswagen Jetta, surrounded by reg. people, b/c he is so afraid of the #CarlosSalinas controlled #Mexican Secret Service…
Some high level #Mexicans in #MexicoCity had bragged 2 me before, that #CarlosSalinas had managed 2 infiltrate U.S. Secret Service & FBI. I didn't take them seriously, until I saw my #ArizonaMafia friends bring out frmr. Secret Service Dir. 2 appear in court 4 Vanguard in #NXIVM
U will recall that Emiliano Salinas, head of #NXIVM #Mexico, & son of frmr. #Mexico Pres. #CarlosSalinas, was EXTREMELY close 2 "Vanguard" & Clare #Bronfman, who R listed as control people of the complicated #NXIVM entity in the EDNY #RICO prosecution
Meanwhile, back in #Canada, Justin Trudeau met with #CarlosSalinas puppet #Mexico Pres. Peña Nieto & dropped the requirement for #Mexicans 2 have visas in order 2 enter #Canada. Trudeau's advisor was Stephen #Bronfman, cousin of Clare #Bronfman of #NXIVM…
About a year after dropping the visa entry requirement for #Mexicans at the behest of #CarlosSalinas "Puppet" #Mexican Pres. Peña Nieto & Trudeau advisor Stephen #Bronfman, #Canada is now suffering a wave of gun violence never seen in Canadian history…
It has been said that senior members of the Obama Presidential administration know a thing or 2 about guns & #Mexico & North America. But, what do I know. I'm just a computer guy
Seriously, guys in #Mexico, why do U always have 2 get involved with GUNS & trafficking? It's so decidedly low-tech. I tried 2 bring #technology 2 #Mexico. I helped 2 start the #linux opensource movement in #Mexico. Why does #Mexico always fall back on guns & trafficking?
This is a picture from a long time ago, of 1 of my Quepasa offices in #Mexico. A few of the people in this picture became #millionaires, 4 real, from Quepasa stock options. No guns, no trafficking. Just technology & brains. Clean, smart people in #Mexico. Yes, it is possible.
Oh, and did I mention that the #CarlosSalinas "Puppet" President in #Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, has reportedly been working w/some adverse security interests to the U.S., who have extensive #technology & hacking capabilities? Just going to leave this picture here. #China
About a week ago, in Albany, NY, #NXIVM's back yard, a Chinese national was arrested by FBI & accused of corporate espionage. " He is "suspected of stealing the data files on multiple occasions dating back years." But, #NXIVM is just a simple cult, right?…
2 better analyze known yet complicated issues that have been slowly emerging in the media, we must take a look at where those issues are developing, and how they surreptitiously weave a web of complex North American geopolitical & intelligence interests…
So, what's this? None other than the Huawei headquarters 4 Mexico, conveniently located 4 your business needs at #PlazaCarso, the main mixed use complex of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. #Nothing2SeeHere…
Here's an article that discusses the well known fact that #PlazaCarso owner Carlos Slim, has a "close relationship" with former #Mexico President Carlos Salinas." By the way, my frmr. friend Marco Lopez, is senior advisor 2 Carlos Slim. This is public info…
When I aligned myself with the #Democrats, I did so b/c I believed their rhetoric that #Democrats are "nicer" than Repubs. I believed that 4 many years. Now, I look around & back at history, so many pieces have come together. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm crazy, but, I think not.
I now believe that this picture is a more accurate representation of the new #Democrat donkey, b/c seems like senior #Democrats have been infiltrated by frmr. Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas. Jack, there is no hate speech here. It is just a picture. A discussion based on #TRUTH.
Many conspiracy theories can be drawn from this Twitter thread. I can only begin 2 speculate about the true composition & purpose of the complicated #NXIVM entity, seems way more than a simple "cult." But, maybe I'm wrong. And, maybe #China is not wkg w/#Mexico 2 spy on the #USA
I can say this much 4 sure. There is no question that SENIOR leadership of the U.S. #Democrat party has been infiltrated by #Corrupt persons w/ties 2 the #Mexican PRI party; namely, Janet's #ArizonaMafia & Marco Lopez. It goes all the way 2 the top of the DNC & screamin' T. Perez
So there is a theory about #Mexican influence on the U.S. #Democrats. U will notice many "rising star" #Democrat candidates are persons of #Mexican or #Latino origin. Nothing wrong w/that. Not hate speech. We are talking about actual connections 2 foreign countries, and politics.
After enduring years of abusive litigation, harassment, actual death threats, & an extensive smear campaign by my frmr. #ArizonaMafia friends, I did what I would have never imagined. I faced the reality of my #Corrupt old friends, & followed the #WalkAway movement 2 Pres. #TRUMP
#TRUTH is, although somewhat brainwashed by typical #Democrat rhetoric, I never stopped loving my country. The 🇺🇸#USA🇺🇸 is hands down the best example of a dignified society in the history of planet earth. I feel more inclined 2 defend my country than 2 protect my old friends
My name is Jeffrey Peterson. I am a American born 100% U.S. Citizen, grew up as a normal guy who liked computers. During the .com Internet boom, I started Quepasa, it became a big Hispanic social network. That's all. Consider this my application 2 join the #MAGA & #TRUMP team.
My company was traded on the Nasdaq Stock market & so I have decent business knowledge. I was CEO 2 times, despite mgmt. ups & downs, never really had any problems. Despite negative rhetoric of my lunatic frmr. #ArizonaMafia friends, I am not a bad guy. I am actually a good guy.
I carry with me a LOT of legally obtained, authorized info & my own knowledge abt. #Democrat corruption at the highest levels. Pls help this message reach where it needs 2 go, in order to best help our country that all of us love so much, the #USA. A sincere thanks & God Bless U.

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Sep 11, 2018
On Sept. 11, 2001, everyone watched in horror as our country was attacked. Here is a story about a friend who died on 9/11 as an #American hero. I first met John years ago, we had both trained and worked in the business of corporate finance out of #NYC. John was a good man.
After working his way through the difficult first years many new executives face as they battle to make a career for themselves on Wall Street, John had worked at several firms with positions of increasing responsibility. It was difficult for him, because John was a nice guy.
By 2000, John had won enough battles to earn respect on Wall Street. He had become Managing Director of boutique investment firm Sandler O'Neill, focused on mergers & acquisitions of regional banks. John worked from his office on the 104th floor of One World Trade Center in #NYC.
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Aug 30, 2018
In an astonishing development related to the #NXIVM cult case, a video has surfaced where the mysterious & powerful frmr Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas, can be seen DANCING like a happy, nice man, near his son #EmilianoSalinas who has been under investigation. Why do you think?
In the current #NXIVM #RICO case, Emiliano Salinas, son of frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, has been under investigation. The father, #CarlosSalinas, is considered by many to be the ultimate power broker in #Mexican politics. He is rarely seen. This video has now surfaced.
The video of #EmilianoSalinas dancing near his father, frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, is all over the #Mexican press & media all of a sudden. The feeling is that frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas ALLOWED this video to be taken of him dancing with his son. But why?
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Aug 29, 2018
Nothing to see here folks, just a picture of #Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey with Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, niece of frmr #Mexico Pres. #CarlosSalinas, who recently took over the #neoliberal #Mexican PRI political party, widely considered 2 be the most #Corrupt in #Mexico. #NXIVM
This is a picture of my former colleague & good friend of 10+ years, Marco Lopez, who is Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia nmd. member #4, with Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, neice of former Mexico Pres. Carlos Salinas. The picture was posted publicly on Marco's Twitter page for a while.
In this picture, my frmr. colleague Marco Lopez, who is Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia nmd. member #4, is talking to his good friend, #Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, in #Mexico last year. Surely, Marco was telling the Gov. that #SkyBridgeAZ will only ship e-commerce goods t/f #Arizona.
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Aug 24, 2018
Hi, #MAGA friends. Some time ago, I was at an event where I spoke with former U.S. Senator Jon Corzine. There were several key #Democrats present at the event who were discussing an issue that had not been prevalent in the media, but I realized that day was a serious concern.
I heard Corzine speaking about risks in the financial derivatives market in a way that was extremely concerning. Figures who were present that afternoon were speaking about "our" interests and Wall Street, and that the American people really had no idea how big. . .
. .that the American people really had no idea how big complex derivatives contracts were, that were being carried by financial firms in ways that Americans could not understand, and that #Obama people had authored regulations in a way that allowed Wall Street to game the system.
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Aug 23, 2018
Hi, #MAGA friends! By now U probably know that @realJeffreyP (RIGHT side of pic) is a tech #entrepreneur/started the 1st publicly-traded Social Network in #USA history. It's true! I joined #WalkAway 2 support Pres. #TRUMP b/c I realized certain of my own colleagues were #Corrupt
Not knowing where 2 turn, I realized that Pres. #TRUMP is not #crazy like my #Democrat friends said. My eyes were OPENED & now support DT & am PROUD of OUR PRESIDENT. Some time ago when I was with top #Democrats, Nancy Pelosi told me something EXTREMELY DISTURBING & I will share
It was late one afternoon/evening at a VIP private reception for top party donors, only certain #Democrats had been invited. We were among friends & colleagues in an environment where several top #Democrats were sharing information about recent events & developments
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Aug 14, 2018
Many of my followers know that I have been sharing previously unknown information about #Democrats & the #NXIVM cult, in particular, frmr. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia strong-arm of the U.S. #Democratic party. In the #ArizonaMafia, members have different roles.
In the #ArizonaMafia, named mbr. #2 is frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty, Dennis Burke. Burke is a liar. In 2011, Burke famously resigned from his post in disgrace after being called a liar by DOJ Deputy Atty General James Cole. Dennis Burke is the hatchet man of the #ArizonaMafia.
As hatchet man of the #ArizonaMafia, Burke has been tasked with stressful responsibilities. He may have even been tasked with destroying my character. On 12/14/2017, the AZ Republic ran a #HitPiece article about me, orchestrated by Burke & full of #LIES:…
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