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Kicking off #WalkBikePlaces with an infrastructure tour on @BlueBikesNOLA. Several under way now; I'm on the one that looks at public art, placemaking. #bikeNOLA
First stop: Jackson Square, National Historic Site, named for Andrew J. Led battle that saved NOLA in 1812 but owned enslaved people. Should his statue come down? #WalkBikePlaces
Beautiful murals! Families of Plessy and Ferguson reconciled with art in celebration. Studio BE right across the street--big studio space in covered warehouse. @BlueBikesNOLA station right here at park.
"She was wild and she was very beautiful and sometimes she was a tree strong and rooted that piece of shelter that never asks for anything in return."
More murals on #WalkBikePlaces. Great discussion about mural artists, graffiti artists, art reflecting neighborhood character, permitting process.
Renovated spaces, fish market converted to restaurant space, but the area has no grocery stores. Food deserts in so many neighborhoods, so many cities--creates transportation burden. #WalkBikePlaces
Louis Armstrong Park. Performing Arts space, auditorium. Reflects history of pre-Civil War when people living in slavery might be given time on Sundays to gather, play, dance, sing--this is where they gathered. #WalkBikePlaces
More images at Louis Armstrong Park. #WalkBikePlaces
Where the Robert E. Lee statue used to stand. What to do with the pedestal is another public art question. #WalkBikePlaces
Lafayette Square on one side of a busy road, pedestrian walkway on the other. #WalkBikePlaces
Hannah Pritchard/@tooledesign kicks off a full morning on autonomous vehicles at #WalkBikePlaces with an overview of the basics of connected, automated, #autonomous transportation. #autonomouscars
Autonomous tech could potentially solve "the biggest problem in transportation: Humans are terrible drivers." -Hannah Pritchard/@tooledesign. She notes a dr in early days of cars said human brains weren't made to process info at >40mph."He was right." #WalkBikePlaces
Vision of streets we can program for appropriate speeds/uses from @ryanthomsnyder1/@TranspoGroup. What if all residential streets went to 5mph after a certain time of night? Give transit priority lane via programming rather than dedicated lane. #WalkBikePlaces
Cool. @BicycleHannah gives us our roots as primates/social animals. The storytelling breakthrough let us go beyond the Dunbar's Number of 150 connections. #WalkBikePlaces
Transportation purpose of cities is to minimize long-distance transportation. Perhaps nothing we created has done more to change how we live than invention of the automobile. -@BicycleHannah #WalkBikePlaces
We came into being as social animals 150,000 years ago. Less than 100 years ago those in charge of the social order decided we should all walk only on the sides of the streets. -@BicycleHannah #WalkBikePlaces
Under Eisenhower we built 26,000 miles of highway in 15 years. I've worked 15 years on a project that built nothing. -@BicycleHannah on creation of the national highway system. #WalkBikePlaces
The film that fostered our "love affair with the automobile" narrated by Groucho Marx, "the Tom Hanks of his day". @BicycleHannah says you need to watch this. Here's part 1: + part 2 #WalkBikePlaces
Questions to ask about autonomous vehicle tech from @BicycleHannah: What problem are we trying to solve? Who is investing in the tech and for what purpose? What will we compromise to make that happen? #WalkBikePlaces
.@ryanthomsnyder1 "simultaneously excited and concerned" about potential of autonomous vehicles. Difference between dystopuan future and better streets for walking/biking will be public policy. #AutonomousVehicles #WalkBikePlaces
.@ryanthomsnyder1 describes policies to fully leverage #autonomousvehicles such as curb management & use of lane clearance tech to favor high-occupancy vehicles. These are *big* policy lifts he's describing given today's political culture, drive-alone habits. #WalkBikePlaces
Great Q from @FinnQuinn: So much #AV discussion focuses on public spaces like roads. What happens when #AV leaves roadway, enters driveways, parking lots (example of space that doesn't work well), other places? #WalkBikePlaces #autonomousvehicles
Potential of #AV for rural transportation presented by @MichaelMoule, chief engineer Kauai County, Hawai'i. #WalkBikePlaces
Residents w/greatest transit needs dispersed, typical headway one bus/hour. No wonder most people on Kauai feel they "must" have a car, most visitors rent cars. Result in a relatively rural place: congestion. #transit #WalkBikePlaces
Opportunities for small autonomous shuttles in rural Kauai from @MichaelMoule: For locals, increase mainline bus route frequency, provide shuttles from bus routes to employers including resorts; sync shuttle-s w/shift times. #transit #WalkBikePlaces
Serving visitors on rural Kauai w/autonomous vehicles: Airport/resort shuttles, shuttles in resort areas to access activities like boat tours; move car rentals to resorts instead of at airport, have shared private #AV; safe walk/bike within resort areas. #WalkBikePlaces
Rural #AV challenges: Rural places don't mark low-volume roads., don't maintain markings. No sidewalks/curbs to delineate edge. Not enough $$ to maintain as is. @MichaelMoule Tesla doesn't detect potholes. Spotty/absent cell coverage. Harder to bring new tech in. #WalkBikePlaces
Does your town have an organized batch of Shoupistas? Portland OR does. @twjpdx23 founded @pdxshoupistas. How quickly we institute parking reforms may point to whether we get #AV heaven or AV hell, says Tony Jordan. #WalkBikePlaces
Portland parking reforms are working. Done well, parking reform creates feedback loops that decrease demand. @twjpdx23 holds up fistful of mobility access cards--he doesn't need to own a car. #WalkBikePlaces
Potential influence of #AutonomousVehicles on bicyclist facility preferences--research by Michael Blah/@tooledesign. Bottom line: Keep building separated bike lanes--lots of them. #WalkBikePlaces
Michael Blau research: Really strong rider preference for separated facilities when #AVs present or it's a fast busy street. This research was 4yrs ago; a lot has happened since. #infrastructure #WalkBikePlaces
Link to Michael Blau research on bicyclist facility preference around #autonomousvehicles:…. #infrastructure #WalkBikePlaces
If #AV use reduces VMT, Michael Blau suggests we could perhaps reclaim lane space to create protected/separated facilities that bicyclists will prefer in presence of #autonomousvehicles. #infrastructure #WAlkBikePlaces
Michael Blau suggestion: Require machine learning to reflect decisions/behaviors of responsible/careful human drivers. Develop bike/ped LOS that reflects AV presence. **Keep building separated bike/walk #infrastructure.** #WalkBikePlaces
Audience member comment: "We're creating solutions we're trying to match to problems" with #autonomousvehicles. #WalkBikePlaces #AV
Don't do it just because we can. Don't do it to maximize corporate profits. Do it because the problem we're trying to solve is improving safety for human beings on the street, and do it in a way that does this. -@BicycleHannah #WalkBikePlaces
Another link on Michael Blau research on bicyclist facility preferences around #autonomousvehicles: #infrastructure #WalkBikePlaces
Which culture's transportation norms will be built into #autonomousvehicle tech, @FinnQuinn asks. A notion like "jaywalking" isn't a universal concept--it's very American. #WalkBikePlaces
Discussion of job losses/gains in #autonomousvehicle future. Automation has always resulted in job loss. We've dealt w/it in the past with retraining, other efforts. And what will we do w/transpo time we may free up? Gain or lose physical activity? #WalkBikePlaces
One vision of the #autonomousvehicles future effect on physical activity, @bicyclehannah suggests: The movie WALL-E. #WalkBikePlaces
Individually you're all knowledgeable, nice and all that. Collectively, you're a #manel and whatever we call an all-white conference panel--a #whitel? #WalkBikePlaces
The "heaven" of street design in #AV future from Kevin Mills/@railstotrails shows wide, separated dedicated people spaces for walking and bicycling. #infrastructure #WalkBikePlaces
The "hell" of the #AutonomousVehicles future from @Kenmcld/@BikeLeague with assumed inhuman perfection. #WalkBikePlaces
Ian Thomas/@americawalks brings the skeptic's view to #AutonomousVehicles discussion. If safety is the problem we're trying to solve he says there are other, better ways to accomplish this. #WalkBikePlaces
Job displacement created by #AutonomousVehicles: Most common occupation among men w/HS education or less is driver. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
The power of #CarCulture: Plenty of people love driving, love cars, not interested in giving up their cars. Market #AVs to people who are already texting & watching videos while driving, says @Kenmcld. #distracteddriving #AutonomousVEhicles #WalkBikePlaces
Public policy that supports AV transit/shared vehicles will give us the benefits we hope for. Privately owned AV, not so much, says Ian Thomas/@americawalks. #AutonomousVEhicles #WalkBikePlaces
Investors will want privately owned #autonomousvehicles--more money in that than in public/shared. "Drive til you qualify" on steroids in #AV future? What kinds of places do cities want to be, how will land use reflect that? #WalkBikePlaces
“Progress comes when you invite everyone to the table, especially those who will be most affected by the decisions you're making.” -@mayorcantrell #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
On working with communities: "If we do this and it's intentional people will see themselves in what we're making." -@mayorcantrell, who bikes the talk. NOLA has added 75mi new bike lanes. "A city focused on the whole--with an eye on equity for all." #WalkBikePlaces
Keynote speaker chef Tunde Wey eloquent on the inherent inequity of cities; all require a group of people whose low-paid labor enables others to acquire resources. One class gets convenience, the other gets scarcity. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
"Economic growth doesn't solve for disparity." Chef Tunde Wey suggests we "democratize scarcity" so middle class/affluent people feel/understand need for change in distribution of resources, access. Housing costs provide one example. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Chef Tunde Wey's activism includes social experiment with restaurant prices to directly address racial wage disparity and inequity:… #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
#WalkBikePlaces now offering honorarium/travel expenses to all keynote speakers as equity measure--don't expect people to donate time. Proud that we started that from the beginning of #WABikeSummit. Cool that all fees for mobile workshops are going to local organizations too.
Another great idea for conference organizers that #WalkBikePlaces is doing: Everyone gets a backpack with info but at end you turn it back in, it's filled with school supplies for kids who need them. Because no, you don't need another bag if you're at this/any conference. #equity
Turning the Tide: Embedding equity policies in CA to dramatically increase active transportation investments in disadvantaged communities. Speakers: Laura Cohen/@railstotrails; Chanell Fletcher/@climateplan; Tony Dang @walk_sign /@CaliforniaWalks. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Just in the introductions we're already looking at intersections of equity, active transportation, health, and climate/sustainability. Need to turn around disinvestment. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #HealthEquity #bikes4climate
Getting policies adopted is step one. Implementation/follow-through critical. Coalitions like @climateplan move questions of equity, health, climate to new level, bring local voices. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #HealthEquity #bikes4climate
Combined federal TAP + state bike/ped/#SafeRoutesNow $$. CA has invested >$1B in active transportation, majority goes to communities of concern.
(DAC= disadvantaged communities) #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #HealthEquity
CA Strategic Growth Council coordinates across state agencies to address issues for sustainable communities: housing, transportation, health and more. Technical assistance a key ingredient. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #HealthEquity #bikes4climate
Technical assistance in CA yielded real difference for applications from communities for active transportation funds: 3x success rate. #SafeRoutesNow, other funds so critical in these small places w/few local resources. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Chanell Fletcher/@climateplan describes the power of their collaboration. Social justice + #sustainability + active transportation + health all need to be in the same room. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #HealthEquity #bikes4climate
First draft of CA SB1 focused on highways. Advocates said no, these are what separated communities, forced people into cars--need to invest in active transportation #infrastructure, equitable investment for people who can't afford cars. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #bikes4climate
Local planning grants to help regions start to implement active transportation plans, w/50% focused on disadvantaged communities. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Solutions for congested corridors: Providing more transportation choices another element of transportation equity. We have this idea in the budget request WSDOT submitted to governor's office. Walk/bike/transit/commute trip mode shift. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Connectivity + #bikeshare for disadvantaged communities a success story in CA; @CalBike a partner w/MPO. Mobility options for all making a difference for people who need it most. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #BikeEquity
Maximizing co-benefits opens up range of partners, @walk_sign/@CaliforniaWalks notes. Not just environmental benefits from active transportation investments--also health, economic opportunity, more. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Partnerships with wide variety of goals need to stick to shared/negotiated principles/goals so everyone sees a win at the end. If you give up on a group's goals they won't be in the next coalition. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
How you define "disadvantaged communities" can be a thorny issue. Places may try to game system to get points for a grant application. Create a "menu" of criteria that isn't so flexible it becomes meaningless, @walk_sign recommends. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Proximity to a project doesn't automatically equate to benefit. Need to define project goals/benefits, engage community residents, to ensure real equity and community stake in outcomes. Do WITH, not TO, in plan, process, project. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
How a state DOT can provide technical assistance and still run a competitive grant process: @CalTransHQ contracted out to NGOs and CA Dept Health to do tech assistance. #WalkBikePlaces
How to define/determine disadvantaged communities: Various demographics identified such as income, free/reduced lunch, enviro hazard exposure, racial makeup. These are then "multiplied by science somehow". #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Some absolute disadvantages part of the calculation in CA on where to invest active transportation funds. All federally recognized tribes categorically defined as disadvantaged. Also looking at rent burden in high-rent geographies. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Sorry I haven't been bombarding you w/#WalkBikePlaces live coverage. Had to step out to be in an #AV work group web meeting. Very timely given that I spent this morning in 3hrs of #autonomousvehicle info/analysis.
Ethics in (road safety) journalism: How crash reporting controls the narrative. @GoddardTara on how we use language to frame the context and reality of crashes. Her website #WalkBikePlaces #CrashNotAccident #DriverNotCar #RoadSafety
How do the media portray/represent bicyclist/pedestrian crashes? What are the implications? How can we help reporters do better? @GoddardTara research questions. #WalkBikePlaces
Media coverage shapes what we pay attention to. @taragoddard research: Use of passive voice + leaving driver out of the text leads to people assigning more fault to rider. #WalkBikePlaces #RoadSafety
Media coverage of crashes often leaves out any agent at all. It just "happens". In @taragoddard study of stories only 6% of stories mention public health context (crash rates), 7% something about road design. #WalkBikePlaces #RoadSafety
So much good stuff on @GoddardTara research I can't tweet fast enough. A few slides and I'll come back with links or she can add in replies. #WalkBikePlaces #WordsMatter
Read @GoddardTara publications: If you're a reporter, read 2x. If you wouldn't write "The person was struck by a hammer" don't write "The person was struck by a car." #WalkBikePlaces #CrashNotAccident #DriverNotCar
We miss you in this session, @theycallmeOboi. You're honored and appreciated. #WalkBikePlaces #equiticity #MoveEquity
Codeswitching: Changing between 2 different languages/dialects/ways of talking. Think of professional jargon as one code, how the rest of us talk as another. Many more instances, particularly around race/class/language where concept originated. #WalkBikePlaces #WordsMatter
Codeswitching undermines human dignity. If we're not willing to do the work, at the end of the day--advocates, planners, engineers, elected officials--what happens is burnout. -@RonnieMHarris #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Planners can be the translator using jargon to speak to professionals. Advocates who use "wrong words" or don't know tech terms probably don't get same response. -@jessicaroberts. You don't have to know it's loop detector/signal timing to care about safe crossing #WalkBikePlaces
Navigating the ethics of planning: What to do if you know the road being designed is going to be fast/busy and you know what that means for crash exposure risk in that location. No easy questions in ethics/power/agency session. #WalkBikePlaces
How can we back the conversation up to higher-level look at network connectivity, goals, vision for community to *not* end up in the place where you're designing that fast busy road? Please send answers to our session. #WalkBikePlaces #RoadSafety
Another easy question for the ethics speaker panel: Planners work in context of incremental change--one plan or project or policy at a time. And then there's climate change. **What do we do?** #WalkBikePlaces #bikes4climate #ClimateAction
White woman comment from audience: We're told not to take things personally--but we should (not in terms of ego). Our work affects the personal lives of others. We need to step into discomfort and learn from it. #MoveEquity #WalkBikePlaces
Jargon is a form of gatekeeping, centers experience of professionally trained, often white, definitely educated people. -@jessicaroberts #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #WordsMatter
.@GoddardTara notes that much of what we do centers on numbers. Need to be comfortable with storytelling as a way of being open to multiple ways of approaching or framing issues. #WalkBikePlaces #WordsMatter #MoveEquity
Grandma in the neighborhood doesn't get to ask a planner questions until they've presented at an open house & are on the way out. Community-level plans can engage her/her neighbors in speaking to what they want w/time to discuss. -@RonnieMHarris #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
If you only do bike projects where you have happy agreeable people with time to come to evening meetings run by the government.... #WalkBikePlaces #BikeEquity #MoveEquity
Before you talk about bike infrastructure, sit down to talk w/people about whether they ride or know people who do, where/why they use their bikes, what would make that better. Slower but more effective/long-lasting. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #BikeEquity
Now a standard part of my presentations: Why we need to plan the transportation system that works for our future selves. And you can enter the category "person w/disability" any day of the week. #WalkBikePlaces
We've put structural/institutional barriers in the way of people living full lives. It's on the people in this room (at this conference) to improve mobility for all. -Ryan Parker, United Way of Central Alabama. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity #accessibility
People w/disabilities operate in "state of constant low-grade stress" that they'll end up in a spot they can't get out of, says Ryan Parker/United Way Central Alabama. Birmingham developed a trail assessment tool w/slope, cross-slope etc. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
Jim Elliott/@tooledesign on designing for people w/vision disabilities on shared streets, separated bike lanes. Proliferation of guides led to a new guide. More at…. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility #MoveEquity
As someone who has worn glasses since 5YO, had RK that didn't work, will have cataract surgery someday, designing for low/no vision feels personal for me. #WalkBikePlaces
Stakeholder feedback in @tooledesign development of design guide: Most people w/low-no vision have no experience with innovative street designs such as shared streets, separated protected bike lanes. Did field trips to get their experience. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
Stakeholders re new street designs: People w/low-no vision tend to feel vulnerable when using innovative designs. Difficult to navigate, absence of clear indicators about where to move. Important to include people w/range of vision disabilities. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
Techniques @tooledesign used to engage people w/vision disabilities in developing street design guide: Deaf/blind interpreter; transcripts of presentations available in advance; tactile representation of designs. Effort was worth it. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
Disability rights=civil rights. Devil's in the details--because not all the details are spelled out. Currently available guides barely scratch the surface, came out before innovative street designs thus don't address them. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
NCHRP project looking into use of directional indicators already in use in Europe, Australia, other. Webinar from @TRECpdx on this guide on designing shared streets for people w/low-no vision:… #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
Jim Elliott/@tooledesign Accessible Shared Streets guide key takeaways…
Don't assume.
It starts w/awareness.
Critical to engage people w/various vision disabilities.
Requires extra effort--it's worth it.
Disability rights=civil rights. #WalkBikePlaces
.@JamesSiegal: Narrative around designing for kids often about keeping upwardly mobile young professionals in cities after they start families (…). @kaboom works on play spaces for kids in need.
#WalkBikePlaces #KidsDeserveIt
"We tend to set the bar way too low when it comes to community engagement. @kaboom doesn't talk about engagement--that term suggests a power dynamic. We talk about elevating community leadership. Who gets to go first?" -@JamesSiegal/@kaboom #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Poorer neighborhoods too used to hearing empty promises. Meetings held, nothing happens. @kaboom focuses on moving quickly. They listen first to kids (the play experts), go from meetings to finished play space in 2-3 months. #WalkBikePlaces #KidsDeserveIt
Coming into a community it's not on us to "do for"--it's on us to do "in partnership with". -@JamesSiegal/@kaboom #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
One story about @kaboom work w/southside Chicago neighborhood…. Who defines the problem is key; neighborhood defines it. #WalkBikePlaces #KidsDeserveIt #MoveEquity
Need to debunk idea that only particular places in cities are intended for kids/families instead of the entire city. -@JamesSiegal/@kaboom #WalkBikePlaces #KidsDeserveIt #HappyCities #KidFriendly
Embed play into everyday spaces where kids/families already spend time. Disaggregate data to see where kids rare. @kaboom projects have made use of dead-end street surfaces, space in transit stop (which also draws kids away from bus movements), vacant lots. #WalkBikePlaces
A place for kids to play is an equity issue, says @JamesSiegal. Great @kaboom project in NOLA Lower 9th Ward: Changed dark empty lot where kids awaited schoolbus before sun-up into play space w/lighted drums…. #WalkBikePlaces #KidsDeserveIt #MoveEquity
Reference to PROWAG as design guidance: Proposed Rights-of-Way Guidelines for transportation #accessibility:…. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
If you just "check the box" in talking w/community group but don't genuinely engage/build trust, they won't ask you back. We need to be better leaders in this space, fully engage, says Ryan Park, United Way/Central Alabama. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
.@RonnieMHarris planned to become a minister, wanted to spend more time walking/working directly w/people, decided planners did more of that work. Their sermon is in the built environment. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
We're all working within old, faulty institutions. Who better to change this than people working on the inside? -@RonnieMHarris #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
If you're engaged in our conversation about working for change and upholding ethical principles--or watching tweets wishing you were in this session--come to my "Advocrats" session Wed 4:30pm. I don't have all the answers but you'll get some ideas. #WalkBikePlaces
Complaint-based maintenance systems have hidden biases. Who's most apt to feel empowered to complain, have access to systems? Need to use data, systemic approaches to identify places w/highest actual need, not the most complaints. #WalkBikePlaces #MoveEquity
Not fixing sidewalks, not making them accessible carries high price in court, Jim Elliott notes. Make the case for investments to avoid future higher costs. #WalkBikePlaces #accessibility
The "money" planners leave on the table is social capital, not financial. Speak truth to power--not just up the chain inside your organization, but also truth to community stakeholders. -@RonnieMHarris #WalkBikePlaces
Resource for sidewalk inventory processes: #WalkBikePlaces #walkability #accessibility #walking
Sara Zimmerman of @SafeRoutesNow: Changes in #SafeRoutesNow over time include loss of dedicated federal funding, some states not spending the full amount, others supplementing w/state $$ (WA does), growing institutional capacity w/long-term staff knowledge. #WalkBikePlaces
Future Safe Routes work: More equity-focused, more sustainable. Tech changes like #autonomousvehicles could go either way. @SafeRoutesNow says advocate to support communities/kids. Issues like routing software can affect kid safety. #WalkBikePlaces #SafeRoutesNow #KidsDeserveIt
What has changed in SRTS #SafeRoutesNow? @SethLaJ307 reflects on FAQs from early days of @SafeRoutesNow. 2008: tidying up pick-up/drop-off procedures. 2018: How school travel data can be integrated into local/regional/state planning. #WalkBikePlaces
Sustaining/expanding #SafeRoutesNow: Upstream policies like state $$, downstream like expanded bike education in schools. #WalkBikePlaces
Diffusion of #SafeRoutesNow: Consider using place-based fairness ("equity" misunderstood some places). Use power of social influence: Identify opinion-leading schools to accelerate spread of ideas/programs to communities that need them. #WalkBikePlaces
Going forward @SethLaJ307 sees possibilities in integration of Safe Routes into complementary initiatives like Safe Routes to Parks, Safe Routes to Libraries. Shared-use agreements, #VisionZero, other tie-ins. #WalkBikePlaces #SafeRoutesNow
Value of #SafeRouteNow: induce policy feedback, socializing school communities that walking/bicycling to school is normal, desirable, and expected. -@SethLaJ307 #WalkBikePlaces #KidsDeserveIt
Session on speed limits/speed management. @leahbike/@Visionzeronet on systematic safety principles embraced by #VisionZero cities, @RoadToZeroUS. Can't prevent all crashes--make crashes ones you can recover from, not ones in which people die. #WalkBikePlaces #RoadSafety
Move beyond the Es: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Enforcement, Evaluation, Equity, Engagement. Can't educate/enforce our way to zero deaths. @leahbike says data show us disproportionate fatalities in specific designs/contexts. #WalkBikePlaces #VisionZero #RoadSafety
Growing body of evidence around lowering speed limits resulting in reduced fatality rates. @NTSB study… + @IIHS_autosafety…. More than signs needed but it works. #SafetyOverSpeed #WalkBikePlaces #RoadSafety
85th percentile rule based on assumption that 85% of people are responsible and drive according to the rules and conditions. Easy calculation doesn't make it right tool. -@Rockmiller #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
Solomon curve data collected in 1950s on mostly rural roads. He predicted that roads w/highly variable speeds would have problems using 85th %--like arterials. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
Lowering speed limits makes a difference. Why keep relying on 85th % rule when we can see survival rates would go up where we need the change, @Rockmiller asks. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
Study by @NTSB called on @USDOTFHWA @MUTCD @ncutcd to make currently optional factors--like safety--not optional, drop requirement to be within 5mph of 85th %.… #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
Advice from.@Rockmiller: Be wary of speed reduction studies that show up in search results and say raising speed limits reduces collisions. What data sources? How well documented? Replicated? Methodology? #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
Next up in speed limit/management session: @jallower of @Iteris. Trends lining up to tackle speed issues: more technology, documented problem, safety increasing for those inside the vehicle but decreasing for those outside. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
If you want to read origins of 85th percentile:…. Why are we using a method based on 1950s rural country road data to set speed limits today on urban streets, @jallower asks. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
USLIMITS2 speed limit methodology calls for engineering judgment, consideration of people walking/bicycling @jallower says we still need more info to inform that judgment w/quantifiable guidance. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
Could use V2X technology to tell car systems the speed limit, communicate variable speed limits where those occur. @jallower suggests. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety #autonomouscars
Audience comment: Traffic engineering class tells future engineers to design for faster speeds to make it "safer"--for the drivers. High design speeds are root cause. #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety
So glad @WAbikes worked for passage of 2013 Neighborhood Safe Streets Law…. Made it possible for towns to lower residential speed limits to 20mph w/o traffic study. (Yep, that's me at right on pic.) #WalkBikePlaces #SafetyOverSpeed #RoadSafety #20IsPlenty

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Mar 19, 2018
I find so many great walk/bike/place articles to include in @WSDOT #WSDOTactive Walk and Roll E-News it's getting too long to look at. How many links do YOU want to see in a reading round-up? (Subscribe:…)
After each edition of @WSDOT #WSDOTactive Walk/Roll E-News I take a look at which links were most popular. I'll tweet out last week's top clicks to give you an idea of what you'd see if you subscribed here:…
Top links most recent #WSDOTactive e-news:
1/ Washington Bike Summit… info from @CascadeBicycle #WABikeSummit
2/ Spreadsheet to update w/locations of bicycle #traffic signals in North America…
#bikes #activetransportation
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Jan 20, 2018
Before you RT this catchy infographic, a thread--
#RoadSafety #VisionZero #dataviz
Infographics work. I clicked. My first response: Catchy title but the piece provides zero basis for the statement. Data-driven safety improvements are essential--so where's the data? This could have been so much more. #RoadSafety #visionzero
Dug a bit. Googled law firm credited on map. Got… telling me it's @NHTSA "accident" (sic) data for "automobiles/pedestrians". Where are bicycles/motorcycles? More Google. #CrashNotAccident #RoadSafety #VisionZero
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Jan 9, 2018
Pilot in BC Canada: @velometro 3-wheeled enclosed #ebikes operating as shared vehicles. Think Car2Go+bike. Geofenced to keep off pedestrian walkways. #TRBAM
If @velometro classified as bikes they can be in bike lanes but you couldn't park these at a bike rack. Lots of policy issues to be worked through. #TRBAM #bikeshare (?)
Traffic operations questions created by low-power vehicles that aren't quite bikes. If they operate (maybe in general motor vehicle lanes) + you want smaller vehicles used for urban delivery + working for bike mode shift, what happens? #TRBAM #LEVs
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