I wake up to enough #gammon in my mentions to fill two question time audiences, or three pubs, or one and a half old peoples homes, all saying the same shit.

The temptation to get into a 132-way #Brexit fight isn't really there, but let's do this anyway.
Here is the argument: "Love Europe! Not the EU!" It's clearly so much bollocks I shouldn't have to do this. But whatever.

That argument *might* have some credence if it were not for some of the fellow Gammon saying European citizens should be kicked out.

That argument *might* be considered intellectually honest if it were not so often accompanied with "If you love the EU so much go live there!". How can one live in a "political construct not a place"?
It *might* work if Brexiteers were not intent on "controlling our borders" with the continent, stopping free movement of continentals, whilst at the same time saying that they don't care about a border with Northern Ireland... well they're sort of honorary Brits, eh Gammon?
But, aside from the above (just a few of the obvious ones), the principle problem with this one is that your hatred of the not just the EU but Europe in general is fucking obvious to all.
A country or continent is just a piece of land that juts out of the water.

What makes a country, or continent, is the people who live there. The, whether you admit it or not, EU is the people of Europe gradually coming together.
It's the biggest project in European history, intended to improve the lives of all European citizens, remove barriers to people living in Europe to live, love and work where they want, to stop the need for nations to go to war, and to feel united as a people.

And you "hate" it.
That's perfectly fine.

But if you then go on to say that you "love Europe" what you'd really like to see is people getting back to the good old days of Germans being efficient in their funny little country, the French eating weird things, the Dutch having windmills and cloggs...
...whilst the UK sits there ruling the waves as well as "cooperating with" (AKA ruling over) some of the countries you no doubt feel Britain has some sort of connection with, because your history education was damaged.

Because Britain isn't really Europe, is it? It glorious history, it ruled the world, it had Shakespeare, Einstein, da Vinci, Descartes, Mozart, Alexander, Socrates, and Noel Edmunds.

We won two world wars and a world cup!

Why should such greatness cooperate and compromise?
If only the EU could break apart, and Europe get back to being loads of little countries bickering, England could be great again! But having the EU there, big and powerful, that England must either join or be diminished by, really hurts, doesn't it?
So, when you say "love Europe, hate the EU", you're revealing yourself to be an intellectually defunct and dishonest little Englander, who really loathes foreigners who aren't either subservient (India) or honorary English (America).

So stop hiding behind that crap, it's a lie.

• • •

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Sep 10, 2018
So I made this thread the other day on the perilous state of the UK and the behaviour of certain high-profile figures (Rees-Mogg, Farage) towards EU27 citizens living in the UK.

A few people said "Don't be so dramatic". So how bad is it really?


In 2016 a vote was held which was subject to foreign interference by a hostile foreign power.

I refer of course to the 2016 US presidential election.

Putin's candidate won. But the "victors" could protest they won all they liked. They could use any slogan they wanted....
...the US legal system swing into action.

Now, less than two years after that election, at least two people have gone to prison, several people are cooperating with the FBI, there have been guilty pleas, and at least 36 people indicted.

And it's not even over yet.
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Sep 7, 2018
Can I have the attention of people who voted for #Brexit, liberal Leavers, Lexiteers, and people with concerns about national sovereignty.

Please, stop supporting this now. This entire thing has gone too far. Please read this thread, I'm begging you.
In the past few days we've had two very prominent Brexit advocates come out with absolute poison concerning EU nationals living in the UK. First there was

Then @Jacob_Rees_Mogg comes out with this.

Make no mistake, these men are now openly advocating ethnic cleansing. If the UK were actually at war with the EU, these threats would be considered war crimes.
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Aug 20, 2018
To my #FBPE friends, in the event of a #Peoplesvote, please let's not rerun the last referendum campaign and end up with #Brexit again.

We love Europe, we shouldn't be half-heartedly defending it, we should be enthusiastically promoting it.

"It's not perfect but we're better in than out."

"Hardworking EU immigrants are essential to our country."

"Inside the EU we can veto laws and things we don't like, outside we can't."

"We can negotiate hard to get what we want in Europe, outside we can't."

"It's not perfect but it's bloody good."

"It gives us the freedom to work, learn, love & live in an entire continent."

"EU courts give us an extra option to hold our government to account, giving us more control over our own lives."

"The EU are our friends and allies."
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Aug 17, 2018
No, that caller represents the majority.

What singles him out is the fact he's honest and isn't afraid to look as stupid as he is.
Most people you meet, most who suddenly have a revelation about the single market or the facts on immigration, they're just nodding. It's what people do. Nod, avoid an argument, and go about their day. Those who'll actually make their case (Leave or Remain) are a rarity.
This is what terrifies me about this whole "People's vote" business. If you're deeply buried in the data and information then it's easy to see that Leaving is going to be a disaster.

If you're not, a few things cost a bit more and that's all. Until it happens it's a non-event.
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Aug 9, 2018
If we vote for anything except for Corbyn's Labour we're Tories, apparently.

I think; No. In fact I think the reason we've got austerity, Brexit, and nearly ten years of political decay is, to some extent, the fault of the very idiots who say this. Let me explain.
Just over a decade ago the UK had a centrist pro-EU and popular leader in Tony Blair. Anyone remember the guy?

Here he is being "strong and stable" in the face of Farage.

Of course he wasn't perfect. He was Labour leader, yet rich people hadn't been ground into dust. Of course welfare, social service, NHS, police, and other forms of public service spending were ramped up, but still, he didn't eradicate the capitalist pig-dogs. He did all this...
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Jul 9, 2018
The first calling point of the UK's remainers immediately after Davis's resignation will not be Brussels, it will be Berlin, to have a party.
(1/3) Post #DavisResignation a Berlin-Remain party would include blue flags and "Ode to Joy", and exchanges of a lot of high-fiving and cheering.
(2/3) Similar parties would be held in other key EU nations with Brits living in them.
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