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Breaking news: EU to offer UK the best trade deal so far post Brexit. Who was expecting that? Well I was for one.... the problem has always been with the timing. It'll take years to agree on the terms of any new trade agreement because the UK wants to diverge it's regulations
2/ away from those of the Single Market. And there is only a SINGLE market not cherry picked pieces. This is going to be the stumbling block for signing. FTAs usually require convergence of rules not divergence. DUP and UUP have been in Brussels today with their red lines.
3/ which means that an orderly Withdrawal cannot be agreed and UK leaves on 29/3/19. No WA=No Transition and a cliff edge Brexit that no-one in their right mind voted for. i.e. catastrophe for UK. When TM the PM comes back from Brussels next week she will be forced to present
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I want to talk a minute about how #Brexit is viewed by most of the #Dutch here in the #Netherlands.

The #Dutch are mostly bewildered by #Brexit and why anyone would want to leave.

We do have a small EU critical faction in parliament (PVV+FvD=32 seats out of 150), but 4/5ths of the electorate are either uncaring or moderately to rabidly pro EU.

Our #economy stands to take quite a hit from Brexit. Up to a few percent, even.…

This is seen as a betrayal by most #Dutch, who take the
health of our economy very seriously, especially after supporting Britain's liberal ideas in the #EU

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Are people still writing to their MPs on Brexit and the need for a #FinalSay/#Peoplesvote? If not, we should be. MPs get mail/emails on an endless variety of issues, and if their postbag is not dominated by opposition to Brexit they won't feel the pressure to act. 1/
I know some people are, and I know people have and have got no reply so it seems pointless to do it again, but it really isn't. It needs to be sustained and widespread to get through, but MPs genuinely take notice of this. 2/
Also, when MPs see opinion polls, they always think their constituency is different and an exception if what they see in their postbag/inbox and on the doorstep doesn't chime with the polls. 3/
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OK. *sigh*

The EU currently has preferential trade arrangements with 52 countries. It's negotiating trade agreements with another 72 countries. That's 124 countries. There are 28 countries in the EU. That's 156 countries. There are 195 countries.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
So that's most of the countries and, as such, it has more trade agreements than pretty much anyone else. That's your first point done.

Now the second point...

*God, this is tiresome*

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
If you have £1 and you manage to grow it by £1, you have increased your pot by 100%. Yaaay!

If you have £100billion and you grow it by £1bn, you have increased it by 1%. Boooo!

Established economies grow slower.

Enjoy your pound.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
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Earlier this week, as I was doing some prep for my @CakeWatchCast debut, I realised that today would, for me, mark *1250 days* of public pro-EU campaigning - since the EUref obviously also against Brexit and for citizens' rights. That is a long time and worth some reflections. 1/
What many of you probably don't know as you weren't following me at the time: it all began with a focus on HE and academia as the first thing I did was set up a pro-EU group for Academics. 2/
Since then a lot has happened and many things have changed - not least the number of my followers. I am very grateful to you all for taking an interest in what I have to say. 3/
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Right. I'm going to say it. Ready?

@theresa_may is right.

The #PeoplesVote is the Politicians' Referendum. And here's why ...
Different countries use referendums in different ways. At one end of the spectrum, we have the lovely Switzerland who have decided they want a system of referendums for just about everything... the other end of the spectrum, you've for Britain which, as a rule, doesn't do referendums.
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My story. I met a Spanish woman in 2001. I married her in 2012 in Spain. For work reasons she continued to live in Spain and I continued to live in England
This didn't matter because we were both European citizens and we travelled freely between our two countries sometimes living in England, sometimes in Spain and sometimes apart.
There was no need for either of us to seek residency in the others country. We simply travelled, stayed at each other's houses, went on holiday together to other EU countries, paid our taxes in our respective countries etc etc
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Rules for the #PeoplesVote:
1️⃣ Nobody can call anyone stupid for not understanding EU law.
Most Remain voters don't know what the Single Market is, any more than Brexit voters do. You just trusted people who claimed to.
2️⃣ They'll tell you "We'll negotiate a better deal during the transition period". BULL!
We've tried that for 2 years! If we couldn't get one while we could still just call off Brexit, we won't get one when the EU is able to say "Do everything we want or you leave with no deal"
If Tony Blair tries to speak up, someone turn off his microphone.
If George Osborne tries to speak up, steal his brief case.
If David Cameron DARES to even show his face, I will personally lock him in a room with Danny Dyer and just walk away. #WhatHappensHappens (JOKE)
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I have learnt 2 things about "how history happened" as a result of brexit-so-far. Both of them hit hard & if you are reading this - they apply to you to.
1) What were all the nice people in Germany doing when Hitler came to power & started persecuting various groups?
Those groups being the jews, disabled people, foreigners, people with alternate lifestyles, other political views?
(Use that as a ticklist - tick every one off - bc all are now happening).

bc what all the "nice" people were doing were what you are doing now. 1/n
1) Saying that "comic little man" Bojo or JRM or whoever - is unintelligent & just sooooo funny & won't get elected.

2) If he does get elected he is *BOUND TO* calm down a bit when given some responsiblity bc the world will not tolerate that kind of rhetoric...
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@theresa_may's awful government will not go the distance - it will fall and there will be an election - possibly even a #PeoplesVote. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW! Let's have our revenge!…
If you have been living abroad for less than 15 years, you can vote. All you need is your last UK address and your national insurance number. It's simple. No forms, no finding people to sign stuff or make declarations.

It literally takes two minutes.…
By the way, every time I mention voting, some gammon pops up and moans about British citizens overseas being able to vote. Well, here's the world's smallest violin just for you.

You didn't support us. You threw us under the bus. Now we get our turn. 👍

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May stopping FoM from the EU is bad, very very bad.

But its not her reason for doing it , it is not her reason at all!

Stopping EU citizens coming here is NOT her reason for it!

Don't you get it yet?

It's to stop us, the UK citizens from having FoM

#ToriesOut #PeoplesVote
Restricting peoples freedom of movement is oldest control method

From early history with slavery, which still exists today

When 95% of people on the British isles were serfs to the land owners, zero rights, bound to their work patches

To the Berlin Wall

This is about control
To now, right now, this very moment!

Our own Government is trying to destroy our freedom of movement to control us and remove our hard fought for rights!


Harass you MP, demand a #PeoplesVote

For your self, your family, your children and grandchildrens futures
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I’m a fan of @JustineGreening - she was my minister at DFID. What she is talking about here though is a vote between Brexit options, which is not, I’m afraid, viable.

We have to be honest that the only choice is between what May brings (or no deal) & revoking Art50. 1/
Firstly, EU27 will have no interest in renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, or in agreeing the extension to A50 necessary for a referendum that could result in a renegotiation, and creates more, not less uncertainty. 2/
So there’s no Chequers (it won’t be Chequers, why do people keep talking about Chequers?) vs EEA, or Canada+ vs Chequers or any other form of Brexit vs form of Brexit option available. 3/
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Hi #CPC18, I’ve got a few thoughts for you.
All this shenaniganary about the border in NI is a wee tad confusing, so let’s chat.
As the Conservative *& Unionist* Party, you must understand the damage your doing to the Union with Brexit.

No form of Brexit is good for the NI situation. Brexit, in every form, puts the Union at risk. #CPC18
But then again, not much was thought of those outside Britain, was there? That’s why you called it British-Exit, instead of UK-Exit. (NI is part of the UK, but not a part of Britain.)
Basically words matter, & the semantics of this tell us you don’t care. But I digress.
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1) Thread - Labour, dodgy right Brexit activities & missed opportunities
Today I was a bystander in a discussion between @OwenJones84 & @JolyonMaugham around tweeting on Vote Leave's illegal spending, which I think is part of a bigger missed opportunity on #Brexit for Labour
2) Lets just be honest - the Tory party & #Brexit has always been dodgy. Charlatans who misled people given high government office and all that. But the last few months have had some significant revelations of dubious practices, only one of which was Vote Leave illegal spending
3) I wont't even get a complete list here but some highlights are:
- Cambridge Analytica "harvested accounts" scandal
- Links with AIQ & the Trump campaigns
- Vote Leave overspending
- Lack of clarity on Leave.EU funding
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Brexit will fail. It only has 3 options:
1️⃣ N. Ireland follows EU rules.
Breaks up UK
2️⃣ UK follows EU rules.
Brexit makes us LESS sovereign
3️⃣ N.Ireland doesn't follow EU rules.
EU must check lorries crossing the border to protect its citizens. Good Friday Agreement☠️
Just so we're clear. That means that the only "deal" we're going to see in November will be one which leaves us permanently bound by EU rules that we will no longer have any say over.
Otherwise they break the Good Friday Agreement or dis-unite the UK.
There. Is. No. Good. Deal.
The only questions are:
Does the public support a deal that leaves us less sovereign than EU members? No.
Do they support No Deal? No.
Would Parliament allow No Deal or a sovereignty-stealing Brexit betrayal deal? No. (They have elections to win)
#PeoplesVote is the only way out
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1) Corbyn, control & democracy
The attempt to crush the #PeoplesVote initiative from Corbyn's team should ring alarm bells for anyone who values democracy
& transparency, inside Labour or outside. He is and will always be an authoritarian

2) you can argue back and forth on whether a #PeoplesVote is strategically good, bad or horrendous for Labour, or that Corbyn's offer to work with the Tories on #Brexit is "political theatre". The fact is the new Labour position is the exact opposite of what the members wanted
3) the reality is, 150 local parties submitted motions and the overwhelming majority supported a people's vote with an option to remain.

That has somehow completely transformed into a Labour offer to compromise the 6 tests for a Tory led Brexit
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1) Was determined to back off Labour & Corbyn this week & support them going forward on #Brexit

But now this, following Corbyn's speech.

Corbyn's team want Brexit. They don't want to listen to the members on a #PeoplesVote & now it's been raised, they are switching position
2) let's just look at the chronology
I) Starmer (but no one else in Leadership) talks occasionally over last 2 years about "exact same benefits" 6 tests
ii) privately, @BarryGardiner describes them as nonsense
@BarryGardiner 3) iii) in run up to conference, probably because they know there is a huge influx of CLP motions asking for an early vote, Corbyn & others start talking about the 6 tests really for the first time.
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CORBYN SPEECH: Labour leader offers Brexit truce with May if her final deal is 'sensible' #PeoplesVote #FinalSay…
A couple of thoughts about this Brexit offer that Jeremy Corbyn has made to Theresa May...(thread)....
Until now Labour’s position has been that it would only vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal if it met Keir Starmer’s “six tests”...
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If you are a UK citizen in the EU, REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE UK. There is an election coming up and we need to repay @theresa_may and the @Conservatives for everything they have done for us...… #peoplesvote #StopBrexit
You can register to vote on this website. You are eligible at your last UK address provided you have not been abroad for more than 15 years.… #peoplesvote #StopBrexit
There are hundreds of thousands of us in this situation (Coucou, @theresa_may! Having fun?) and, due to the slim majorities, we could change the results in literally hundreds of seats.

It's payback time.

Let's do this.

#stopbrexit #peoplesvote
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Don't think I am far off the mark here; Labour nearly lost around 8 million Socialist voters today. Not necessarily because of individuals representing the party, but because of external aligned beings who are supposedly representing us Socialists 1/10
64% of Labour constituencies voted leave in referendum; over 80% of the electorate in the 2017 general election voted on AT LEAST a ticket of respecting the outcome of the 2016 national referendum where the majority voted leave. 2/10
I don't think you have to be a rocket scientist or Einstein to understand the mass consequences if Labour leave wishes were not fulfilled or completely ignored, but it seems there are some who need some degree of clarity on it... 3/10
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remainers if we are to accept #brexit then it must be the brexit promised by vote leave for none other is the will of the people
the promised #brexit must be have no downsides only a considerable upside as @David_Davis_UK promised
the promised #must deliver an additional £350mpw for the NHS some say £100mpw rebate and EU spending in UK make this impossible however if the EU give us £200mpw alimony this promise will be fulfilled and any acceptable brexit deal must deliver this
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Hiya my fine Followers, it's been a bit hectic once again as you saw from last weekend.... Dorset, Chester, Liverpool... back to London and Lancaster today. We've uploaded 3 new episodes since Friday and have more coming soon...
I'm in Trowbridge tomorrow evening and I understand over 150 people in the room followed on Thursday evening in Bath before flying to Malaga to talk to some UK ex-pats (immigrants) in Spain to find out what life is like there amid all the uncertainty..
From Malaga to Gibraltar as that's quite a special case before Episdoes of #3blokes in Dublin and along the border line and another in Belfast.... I am amazed at the level of access that is being granted to @EveryCountry and myself at some of the highest levels in Geneva...
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@The3Million #TheLastMile event about to get underway at #Lab18 Looking forward to hearing the latest updates on the fight to secure #CitizensRights
@PaulBlomfieldMP confirming that the shadow #brexit team stance is that current settled status proposition is inadequate.
1. It should be declaratory- not by application
2. It should be free, not reasonable to charge to maintain current rights.
@SebDance speaking now, describes as "heartbreaking" the situation where so many people came to build their lives in UK in good faith and had no say over the decision that might destroy this. "For citizens in limbo this is a nightmare"...
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A year ago, those who thought Brexit could be stopped were seen by mainstream opinion as deluded. Both major parties were committed to executing Brexit. The BBC used 'when' not 'if' the UK leaves the EU as a matter of policy. Nobody had heard of a #PeoplesVote / #FinalSayForAll.
We've got a long way to go, and there are still endless obstacles - political, technical, diplomatic, legal - to stopping Brexit. We'll need to rely on the goodwill of EU27, and keep working our arses off to sell it to the UK public. We may not even be able to avert it.
But the shift in the last year shows that it is possible. 'Nobody is ruling out remain as an option' may seem guarded and noncommittal, but watch the video and listen to the response. Neither look or sound that to me.
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