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Stone & Stinky (J-Ass) tick tock!

Weinstein indictment imminent.

Clapper: RU not only influenced the 2016 Elex, it DECIDED the OUTCOME of the election.

FBI vault releases a trove of docs re naughty boi Epstein.

Trump haz the sadz his bromance with KJU is over.

DOJ open probe into #BitCoin

Trump rolls back Dodd-Frank.😱

DEMs open probe into who leaked informant’s name. Nunes &. 45?

US takes aim at Russian hackers

Amazon’s Alexa is listening to you.

Sunflower deflects claims Trump is lining pockets re foreign policy🙄

👉🏼AU PM declares RU is a rogue state.

👉🏼AU FM accuses RU of murdering 298 souls.

👉🏼AU reveals a trove of evidence exists RU shot down MH17 killing 37 AUs.

😱Did Manafort, Akhmetov & Kilimnik move the BUK (missile) thru Donetsk? Is Trump involved as well?
💣B O O M💣

Roger Stone Sought Information on Clinton from Assange, Emails Show

Stone urged intermediary to ask WikiLeaks for specific dates of rival candidate’s communications


Stone wrote to Randy Credico, a NY radio personality who interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange several weeks earlier, and asked him to “Please ask Assange for any State or HRC e-mail from August 10 to August 30–particularly on August 20, 2011.”

breaks down the article about Stone:


’s explainer re Roger Stone:


Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has been probing Roger Stone's finances as it summons a series of witnesses to gather more information about one of Trump's longtime advisers, according to people familiar with the situation.

💣B O O M S H A K A L A K A💣

James Clapper’s bombshell: Russia swung the election. What if he’s right?


Rep. Adam Schiff:

“The Russian Federation is a rogue state.”

The missile that downed a Malaysia Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine in 2014 belonged to a Russian brigade.

Missile is from a unit based in W RU.

All 298 people on board died when it broke apart in mid-air flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.🙏🏼
Australia’s Foreign Minister accuses the Russian Federation for murdering 37 Australians re the downing of flight MH17 July 17, 2014.

Hmmmm, I wonder if Manafort & Trump are getting a little nervous about what this treasure trove will reveal? 🤔

#MH17 investigation is uncovering a trove of evidence about Russia’s undeclared war in eastern Ukraine.”
The missile that downed a Malaysia Airlines flight (MH17) over eastern Ukraine in 2014 belonged to a Russian brigade, international investigators say.

For the first time, the Dutch-led team said the missile had come from a unit based in western Russia.

Thread re “Manafort was living at Trump Towers while he was consulting for Yanukovych when BUK was moved to Ukraine and #MH17 shot down.”

Does Artem Klyushin admit in this tweet that Trump helped get BUK missile system into Ukraine❓

Sanctions hit tycoon Deripaska asks Kremlin to buy some of his aluminum

Poor Oleg haz a sadz. 😂😂😂

Oh, my! It’s time for the salacious stuff!

Grab some 🍿🍿🍿, dig in and post the goodies you find!

Ready, set, Go!

And so many other naughty boys.
President Trump on Thursday canceled a planned summit next month with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, citing “tremendous anger and open hostility” from the rogue nation in a letter explaining his abrupt decision.🙄
explainer re Kush’s ‘Full Clearance.’

Trump ‘haz the sadz,’ clearly heart-broken over his break-up with KJU.

Top law enforcement and intelligence officials briefed congressional leaders from both parties on Thursday about the F.B.I.’s use of an informant in the Russia investigation, a highly unusual concession to Congress all but ordered by President Trump.
The Justice Department has opened a criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of Bitcoin & other digital currencies, dramatically ratcheting up U.S. scrutiny of red-hot markets that critics say are rife with misconduct.

The Pentagon is speeding up U.S. weapons deliveries to allied militaries such as Saudi Arabia, Romania, Japan, & SK through new “pilot authorities” that change how it can design and execute contracts.

🤔Saudi Arabia? WTF considering recent revelations?
US takes aim at Russian hackers who infected over 500,000 routers
The VPNFilter malware targeted devices worldwide from Linksys, MikroTik, Netgear and TP-Link.

Two Koch Insiders Are Creating a New Office Inside the FCC 😱😱😱

Conspiracy perhaps between Cohen and Schneiderman’s accusers?

Fifteen Unanswered Criminal-Law Questions About Trump
A short—and by no means exhaustive—list of the open questions swirling around the president, his campaign, his company, and his family.


Facebook said it will not compensate users in the scandal over the misuse of their personal data by political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

Hmmmmm, nice try Zuck, May you rot in prison for making bank abusing and terrorizing your users. #FuqZuck
Trump has signed the biggest rollback of financial regulation since the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in 2010, following the 2008 crash.

Top House Democrat Requests Probe Into How FBI Source's Name Was Leaked

Looking at you Nunes & Trump...
😱Y I K E S!😱

An Amazon Echo recorded a family’s conversation, then sent it to a random person in their contacts, report says

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (aka Sunflower) on Thursday dismissed as “bizarre” and “outrageous” a Democratic senator’s question about whether President Trump’s business interests could be affecting his administration’s foreign policy.


H/t @sheltielove

Meddling by Kushner and Sessions Drove Federal Prisons Director to Quit
Spain's Rajoy Under Pressure After Ex-Party Treasurer Convicted
⚖️New Mueller Filing⚖️

Key point re Mueller probe: “an ongoing criminal investigation with multiple lines of non-public inquiry.”

Thread re Manafort:

Trump Tests the Independent Integrity of the Justice Department

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is expected to be charged Friday in New York in connection with alleged sexual misconduct.

The source says Weinstein is also expected to surrender to authorities Friday.

🍿Tick, Tick. Tick🍿

Julian Assange's nearly six-year refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London is in danger, opening the WikiLeaks founder to arrest by British authorities and potential extradition to the US, multiple sources with knowledge tell CNN.
FB used its apps to gather information about users and their friends, including some who had not signed up to the social network, reading their text messages, tracking their locations and accessing photos on their phones, a court case in CA alleges.😱😱😱
AU’s top spy says a MP's bombshell decision to accuse a billionaire businessman of involvement in a bribery scandal has not damaged international intel partnerships, while also sounding a fresh alarm over the unprecedented threat of foreign interference.
Time to stop giving Giuliani an open mic
Giuliani claims to have been told many things, many of which just are not so (e.g., Mueller will limit topics for the interview, a president cannot be indicted, Mueller has a Sept. 1 end date).

‼️Oldie But Goodie‼️

Israel Seen as Paradise for Money Laundering

📍Put a pin in this article for now.

H/t @dwinfrey72

New Twitter Rules for Advertising
Representatives rip FCC Chairman Pai’s ‘lack of candor’ and double down on net neutrality questions

A Flynn acolyte....umm....nope!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to @dwinfrey72 @leesgirl9 @Knowledge2Seek @mikes_booh for pointing to breaking news and excellent threads! I couldn’t do this without you!

Rest well #TeamPatriot!

We all feel it as this slow moving train wreck is approaching its finale!


🌸We all need to take a step back from time to time to breathe, smell the roses & regain our perspectives.

🌿Once re-energized we can re-enter the fray & #Fight the dark forces that seek to divide us.

🌿We are fighting for the heart and soul of Western Democracy.

#United we stand strong, resolute & resilient.

Ignore hair on fire rhetoric!

It is designed to distract & divide us.

🇺🇸#United we are invincible.

Encourage & support each other.




#PAM #PAMFAM #Cubism

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Oct 10, 2018
‼️F O C U S‼️

📌Trump campaign conspired w/ IS, RU, CH, SA & UAE to win 2016 elex

📌Alfa bank/TT/Spectrum H server -> CA

📌Trump Fam’s massive tax fraud & debt

📌RU troll farm in RU burned down last night

📌Cooperating witnesses

📌Cohen’s trip to Prague story abt to break
‼️F O C U S‼️

Haley Resignation was a distraction.

👉🏼The move allowed the president to maintain control of the news cycle.

The Mueller Inv Is Bigger Than Rosenstein

Even if he got fired, a replacement dead set on shutting down the inv wd find it nearly impossible to pull off.
‼️F O C U S‼️

.Interpol officer found dead in Yekaterinburg

“Based on the speculation I've seen on TV, Trump will fire Jeff Sessions, who will be replaced by Lindsey Graham, who will be replaced by Nikki Haley, who will be replaced by Ivanka Trump.”
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Oct 9, 2018

The servers at TT & Alfa Bank, Spectrum Health & Heartland PS, were communicating via DNS look ups, sharing packet data.

‘GOP, Trump & Rick Gates are reportedly directly implicated in espionage against the US 2016 primary/Pres elex via help from a foreign power.’

Rick Gates, the indicted Trump campaign official and Manafort aide & GOP Operative sought proposals from Psy Group an Israeli intelligence firm to run a coordinated disinfo campaign against US voters to help Trump win the primary & general elections.


Initially Psy-Group offered a social media manipulation campaign which included fake social media profiles that would attack Ted Cruz and discredit him the eyes of GOP Party delegates, who was at the time Trump’s main competitor for the GOP nomination.
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Oct 8, 2018
🌪Wierdness Incoming🌪

Prepare for things to get really weird.

Trump Tower/Alfa Bank story is incoming

With regard to Kavanaugh, rumor has it he will be “The first Supreme Court Justice to go to prison. Another historic first on the way for Team Treason.”
#Kasowitz 💰#SIGINT

The former dean of Yale LS is shocked by Kav’s raw & savage partisan turn.

DC Circuit sent complaints abt Kav’s testimony to CJ Roberts

At issue Kav’s answers about his work in the Bush adm, & his lack of judicial temperament re his partisan comments about DEMs

Under scrutiny are Kav’s involvement in Memogate, GWB adm post the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01; USA Patriot Act inclusive of various domestic surveillance programs, airport screening programs & other privacy-related subjects.

Kav Is Sworn In post Confirmation Vote
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Oct 6, 2018

📌China, Russia (Trump -Exxon)

📌Goal: The Northern Sea Route (which is a key template of Moscow’s Arctic strategies) as an “important component” of

The POLAR SILK ROAD is considered as “part of an ambitious strategy to change China’s (and Russia’s) land and sea connections to Europe and the world.”
THE POLAR SILK ROAD is an important component of China's Belt and Road (B&R) initiative, in terms of an ambitious strategy to change China's land and sea connections to Europe and the world.
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Oct 6, 2018
🌏Trump’s Indonesia Project🌎



Trump Indonesia project latest stop on China’s Belt and Road

H/T @weRtroydavis
A billion-dollar Indonesian real estate development with ties to U.S. President Donald Trump has become the latest project in China’s globe-spanning Belt and Road infrastructure project — just as Washington and Beijing are tussling over trade.
A subsidiary of Chinese state-owned construction firm Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) signed a deal with Indonesia’s MNC Land to build a theme park outside Jakarta as part of the ambitious project
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Oct 6, 2018

Rumor has it Kav has even more secrets he would like to keep hidden, some of which are likely to be revealed when the time is right. 🤗#FBI #Memogate, #Kasowitz, 💰& more. Oh my! All is not lost.🤗

💣NY AG Sues Trump's Charitable Foundation for Political Activities

Not one Republican has signed on to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Not. One.

Senator Leahy Compiled Comprehensive, Point-By-Point Summary Of The Many Times That Judge Kavanaugh Misled The Senate Under Oath.

SC Justices can be prosecuted.

Lawsuits point to large trove of unreleased Kav WH docs White

Amazon Says 3rd-Party Seller Got Some Customers’ Email Addys

NY Regulators Examine the Trump Family’s Tax Schemes

WaPo Vote ‘no’ on Kav

USA TODAY Editorial Board: Vote no on Kavanaugh's confirmation
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