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My work right now is focused on curriculum, but not just on diverse text selection. For me, it’s about embedding anti-bias, anti-racist pedagogies into my daily practices in big and small ways, but relentlessly so. #ClearTheAir #DisruptTexts
Another one of my goals is to become more active as a role model and mentor to the AAPI Ss in my school as the Ss organization faculty advisor. Because of the Model Minority myth, too often AAPI Ss needs as ignored or underserved. #CleartheAir
My librarian and I are co-facilitating a social justice book club which has so far gotten a great response. Out first selection was Just Mercy and Ts stayed for almost two hours after school to talk! Our next meeting will be focused on action we can take. #CleartheAir
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For anyone reading Dr. D’Angelo’s White Fragility and #ClearTheAir: a thread that illustrates many of the principles outlined in the book. Here @MrKitMath rightly points out the ways in which the erasure of the contributions of POC gets perpetuated and the responses are textbook.
Thank you, @MrKitMath, for pushing back on this nonsense. When we don’t critically examine SYSTEMS of racism and fail to intervene to disrupt those systems, then we are more than complicit—we are active participants.
This is particularly problematic in predominantly White spaces which become an echo chamber of Whiteness even when those participating don’t realize it. It’s this lack of realization where systems draw their power.
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I used to think classroom management was just about teaching expectations, routines and procedures & then being consistent in your follow-up with consequences. I read TLAC after my first year teaching, & thought I just needed to develop my "strong voice" and other techniques.
Next, @Ramapo4Children taught me that the foundation of classroom management was actually relationship building & role modeling. I also learned to reframe how I viewed student behavior: as a form of communication about unmet needs & lagging skills. Structure alone wasn't enough.
Part of the challenge is that when you acknowledge classroom management is about relationships, it must become more individualized than simply teaching your routines and procedures. You need to get to know EACH student and react to them as individuals. It is a "lot more work."
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I have a little #Caturday/#ClearTheShelters story for you that I hope you'll share.

The Wife just brought our newest family members home.

Maggie (black) and Iris (Siamese). Two beautiful, elderly cats.

Here they are in their former home.
Iris is 14. Maggie is 12. Their original person was forced to enter a nursing home last week.

She has dementia and it was no longer safe for her or the cats for her to live alone.

It's a very sad story.
Not only has she had to leave her home, but also her cat friends of well over a decade. So sad.

All involved have been traumatized.

As you know, we previously had a small no kill shelter. A friend asked if we could place these elderly cats.

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A1. As someone who is a pretty private person (ironic, given my life is out here in EduTwitter), I keep a lot of my personal/family life to myself and don't open up easily about it in school—to my students and to some of my colleagues, but not in general. #ClearTheAir
As one of very few POC in my school—and the only one in my dept—I keep that part of my identity pretty close to me. Which I'm now realizing is really hard to do given how important my cultural identity as an Asian American and Filipina American really is. #ClearTheAir
Growing up in a lot of White spaces, I learned to keep my cultural identity as hidden as possible out of fear of it being spotlighted or worse, tokenized, in a way I am not comfortable. In recent years, though, I've become more open about my cultural identity w/Ss. #ClearTheAir
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Soooo one of the first pieces of news I heard this morning was about white nationalist rallies in DC, Charlottesville, and perhaps across the country.
It is shameful and beyond embarrassing (I have International friends all over the world) to think about how these are the same people who say the pledge of allegiance to, "One nation, under God, indivisible..."
It is difficult for me to understand the folks who throw their hands up, ignore, "don't know what to do..." because every move counts. Every conversation with your racist family member.
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Good morning to all educators committed to reconsidering "behavior issues" and rebranding them as opportunities to invite someone in to conversation and connection. These are the moments for us to line up actions with all the things we say we believe.
As folks are designing behavior policies, codes of conduct, and expectations this time of year, it is especially important to remember the end goal and desired tone or flavor you want a classroom or school to have.
Focus too much on outcomes you do NOT want, and that's exactly what you're going to get. Children want to be happy. They are wired to love.
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QHQ#2: Sean -
For Sean, disruption plays an important role - social connection, affirmation, negative attention. Now understanding that Sean wants to be seen, we may be able to better empathize with him. 1/n
Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "A riot is the language of the unheard, and what is it that America has failed to hear?" 2/n #ClearTheAir
Make some connections between Sean's story and how we view civil disobedience (say...Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the anthem, BLM protests). How have you viewed those movements or talked about those movements? What is your thinking now? #ClearTheAir
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Happy Monday!

We're in Week 2 of our discussion of Troublemakers on #ClearTheAir.

Here's a review of the questions from last week. Note: During cocktail hour I'm going to ask you for your actions/ reflections.…
As a review, here's our way of work on #ClearTheAir. You all did phenomenal last week. 😁…
See you Wed at 7:30 PM EST or whenever you can make it. We're glad you're on this journey with us.

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Welcome all new #ClearTheAir participants. Let's talk a little about what to expect. Note: There will be a little home learning/practice chatting at the end of this thread. So hang on until the end.
A short history lesson - Back in 2016 on New Years Eve Eve. I am sitting around mad about the election and came across an article about white fragility that I wanted to talk about and I asked twitter to join me. #ClearTheAir
I am pretty sure only @ChristieNold (who was a total stranger at the time but is now BFF) is the only one who replied to me. That didn't deter me and just like that #ClearTheAir was born. I will love you forever @ChristieNold ! #ClearTheAir
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I am so excited about my WHOLE DAY! Y'all have no idea. I will do my best to detail all the goodness, realness, and emotion here.
I get to start my morning listening to @ProfJeffries , the host of @Tolerance_org 's Teaching Hard History Podcast. He's in the room, y'all!
Today we are talking about "From Slavery to Civil Rights: Teaching Hard History.

(I am trying to play it cool now, but I can't.)
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I have lots of work to do so I am going to not do any of it and tweet about what's coming up for #ClearTheAir in the Fall!

Building this thread and will also create a Moment.
A few new things coming from #ClearTheAir. I think I convinced a few people to try out a video/podcast platform occasionally. I am going to work under the assumption they said yes.
We will have three books for the fall semester and three books for the spring. You do not have to read the books before we chat. If you are behind in reading, you will still be able to participate in the chat because we want you a part of the conversation. #ClearTheAir
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