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Provocative exploration of #crypto valuations that goes a layer deeper than all prior works, starting with the question of: “what do we value?”…
2/ #Cryptoassets will allow us “to develop multiple indices of valuation that reflect different social priorities the way that profit price reflects capitalism’s priorities.”
3/ The group of professors & thinkers that put together the piece will be holding a #cryptoeconomics workshop at @NYUStern on 9/26, event info here:…
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1/ You don't need a "utility token" and a blockchain to help incentivize growth. You eo need a product that people care about.

The gaming phenomenon Fortnite has an in-game currency called vBucks. It isn't using a blockchain, isn't traded anywhere, and has no speculative value.
2/ You buy it in-game with a credit card, and can spend it on virtual items that people love buying for some reason.
Just like with "utility tokens", Epic incentivizes players to engage by giving away vBucks for playing, winning, and recently for activating 2FA. #cryptoeconomics
3/ By May, Epic sold $1.2 BILLION of vBucks since the game's launch. It's growing fast and set to reach $2B by the end of the year.
That's way more than most ICOs managed to sell, matching even Telegram and short of only the EOS sale (for now. Fortnite revenue keeps growing).
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Here's how to start with Token Engineering and Cryptoeconomics.
This thread is a summary from @trentmc0's introductory talk at the #tokenengineering workshop.
#Cryptoeconomics #Blockchain
1. "Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome" - Charlie Munger
Token based systems are generally modelled aroud incentives and outcomes.
2. When doing #tokenengineering for a system, first step is to define/list the participants/ stake holders of the token economy system.
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I realize I should spend some time on explaining why I think blockchain is a "rent-dissipating Aumann Machine", seeing that I made that up on the spot. This is going to get hardcore wonky for the #cryptoeconomics geeks. Looking at @VladZamfir, @VitalikButerin and maybe 2-3 others
Robert Aumann's major contribution to game theory is the formulation of the "correlated equilibrium", a generalization of the Nash equilibrium, especially mixed Nash. He got the Nobel for it but it's still not well known, partly bc it's, well, weird.
Aumann's insight was that there's a way to improve on the payoffs for mixed Nashs if we find a way to let the players "correlate" (or "coordinate") their actions. Money quote: "Now consider a third party (or some natural event)"...
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