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Theresa May, Facing Hard Deadline, Struggles to Navigate Treacherous #Brexit Politics as U.K. ⁦@Conservatives⁩ gather with party torn over what to do about it. Our report via ⁦…
Six months before #Brexit, nobody knows how it will happen. “We’re in a bit of a dangerous position,” said Nick Timothy, May's former chief of staff. “It feels like absolutely anything is possible, from staying in after all to departure without a deal..."…
A no-deal #Brexit deal means serious immediate economic disruption with ports clogging with trucks awaiting customs clearance. The UK is unprepared, but #EU countries too are uniformly unready for a no-deal exit, a recent “stress test” of the members found…
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No one at the WH knew the call had taken place. US officials, who had to rely on Trump’s memory to produce a public readout, urged Trump to route all conversations with foreign leaders through the Situation Room, AS REQUIRED BY FEDERAL RECORDS LAW [which he 100% ignores].
WH officials worry that Putin plays on Trump's lack of knowledge while stoking his grievances. Trump bullies other foreign leaders but is conciliatory w/ Putin, treating him as a confidant. “What do you think I should do about North Korea?” he asked Putin in Nov 2017. WOW
Putin complains to Trump about “fake news” & laments that the “deep state” [US foreign policy establishment] is conspiring against them: “It’s not us. It’s the subordinates fighting against our friendship.”
Trump is so easy. And super treason-y.
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!!!NEW Q DROP!!! 11:08 Q posts Q and asks if we heard Dark to Light at the 1:07 marker!!! Yes, Q, I heard it and just posted it in my Singapore Summit thread!!! Video Here: #QAnon #DarknessToLight #SingaporeSummit #NoCoincidences @realDonaldTrump
My Singapore Summit thread here! #QAnon #SingaporeSummit #DarknessToLight @realDonaldTrump
!!!NEW Q DROP!!! 06/12/18 12:02 Q says Hussein tried to call Kim before the summit but someone forgot to give Hussein Kim’s new phone number!! 😂 The three North Korean Generals Kim [released] closed the pathway for the bad actors!! #QAnon #NorthKorea #SingaporeSummit @POTUS
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Le déraillement du #G7Charlevoix par #Trump démontre 1 trait central du président US. Il n'est pas"idiot"OU machiavélique selon le dilemme établi depuis son entrée en politique en juin 2015. Il paraît très cohérent idéologiquement ET fort naïf dans la relation interpersonnelle...
2) #Trump applique 1 doctrine ancienne,déjà exposée en 1987 dans sa fameuse pub au @nytimes:
a) refus de toute régulation de l'ordre international par les #EtatsUnis, trop coûteuse;
b) refus des alliances contraignantes
c) priorité à 1 développement centré sur le territoire US
3) Car reprenons ce texte de #Trump en 1987 qui est son 1er"manifeste"- publicitaire, quel présage- de politique étrangè tout le #G7Charlevoix, ainsi que sa mise en déroute- y est contenu...
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One scene - four different perspectives #G7

1) by Merkel‘s team 🇩🇪
2) by Macron’s team 🇫🇷
3) by Conte’s team 🇮🇹
4) by Trump’s team 🇺🇸
...and two more:

5) by Trudeau‘s photographer 🇨🇦
6) by Abe‘s team 🇯🇵
Look what you’ve done, internet
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Que retenir finalement du #G7Charlevoix que #Trump quitte ce matin en avance après à peine 24h de présence?Qu'il avance sur la remise en cause d'1 ordre mondial libéral régulé par les #EtatsUnis depuis 1945 et qu'il se moque toujours des salamalecs.#thread…
2) En effet, on a vu de nouveau le président #Macron et le PM canadien #Trudeau revenir à la stratégie #compol des démonstrations d'affection et de dialogue amical, mises en scène pour l'opinion publique, afin de fléchir 1 #Trump qui les accueille poliment SANS s'engager sur rien
3) #Trump plaisante avec (sur?) #Trudeau, complimente-à l'excès- le président #Macron sur leur relation très spéciale, il est comme 1 poisson dans l'eau avec ses jeux de dupes face caméra, qui ne l'impliquent pas...……
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#G7 trade discussion yesterday. I understand that Trump presented a list of grievances, listing what each country, one by one, owed the US - trade deficits, tariffs, defence and so on. Basically, a live performance of his Twitter threads.
Trump was especially "strong" towards Trudeau, ranting about agriculture, and Merkel. He reportedly said NAFTA was the second worst deal ever, WTO was the worst, and that US/he paid to defend other countries, they don't pay to defend themselves.
Macron hit back hard, imparting on "an economic lesson" to the US president, a source said, over how free trade works and why Trump's tariffs don't.
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Since our Cdn #FakeNews is crowing about Trudeau "taking the highroad" with @POTUS, I thought it would be fun to have a look at how much truth there is behind that statement, and how we got to this trade war.
FACT: Trudeau had declared war on Trump before he was ever elected. 1/
A "War Room"??
Seriously, does your ALLY and friend create a "war room" to deal with you? 2/
Does this look like the behavior of a "friend"?
It looks more like the sneaky conniving tactics of an enemy to me, and a very cowardly one at that. Did they seriously think that Trump had no idea they were going around him to make deals with his opponents instead of him? 🙄 3/
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Our @DSP_SPE team represents the student voice in #scienceadvice at the #INGSA_NA18 workshop today among experts from around the world 🔬🔭🌐🖋📃

Our #EmergingExperts: @sung_vanessa @ShawnMcGuirk @tgruos @nehabhutani17 @arthi_ramac

#scipol @INGSciAdvice @SciChefQC @ChiefSciCan
.@SciChefQC & @ChiefSciCan note in opening keynote how important it is for the #NextGeneration to be here and well represented, and applaud our #SPEscidip event from last week - thank you for inviting us, we're v happy to be in these discussions #INGSA_NA18 #scipol #scienceadvice
& thx @PeterGluckman for your video introduction, we hope we can meet again soon! Especially with the establishment of an @INGSciAdvice chapter for #NorthAmerica

We appreciate your commitment to engaging #nextgen at the intersection of #science & #policy in #NZ & at #INGSA_NA18
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Student perspective panel of the #G7 #G7Academies #ArcticSummit #ArcticSustainability starting! So happy that there is an entire panel dedicated to student / young researcher voice 👏👏👏 @RSCTheAcademies @g7 @DSP_SPE #NextGeneration #NextGenCanScience @Y7Canada
Students are often the ones with boots on the ground, interacting with local communities - this is one of the many reasons why it's important to have early career researchers represented in these discussions - @gwynmac #g7 #g7academies #arcticsustainability #ArcticSummit
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