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The #GrandOldPutinParty is real, but the situation which lead to #TrumpRussia leaves more than enough blame to go around both parties.

In the next stories I write, keep that in mind. The Clinton admin helped create this mess, mostly due to incompetence...but
There are very clear instances when Russian intelligent infilitrated our government (and the private citizens working within Russia too)

There aren’t many innocent people.
Hell, there were books written about it then!
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Reminder that Trump obstructed Justice today and the #GrandOldPutinParty has not done anything about it.

Because they're complicit.

The Only Way that a Russian Propagandist would know who Trump's advisors were before we did is if #TrumpConspired…
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I just read a book by @A_SHEKH0VTS0V that convinced me the situation is even more dire than I expected.
In Russia and the Far West, he makes the argument this has been a long time coming.…
It’s not just about #TrumpRussia, or the #GrandOldPutinParty ... it goes back a century.
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The arrest of Maria Butina highlights the the blatant treachery of the modern Republican Party.

@grantstern and I wrote about the long trek to become the #GrandOldPutinParty last year.…
We published a five part follow up 3 weeks ago about this.

Republicans wrote a book on how to pull 2016 off. #TrumpRussia #HELSINKI2018…
We also covered Maria Butina and how she was introduced to the NRA #GrandOldPutinParty…
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Maria Butina just got arrested for being a #TrumpPutin spy and infiltrating the NRA.

Let me tell you more about her from my #GrandOldPutinParty report.

Three weeks ago @patrickLSimpson and I released the #GrandOldPutinParty series, a story in 5 parts, detailing how Republicans got in bed with Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Torshin is just one part. His deputy just went down for maintaining the ruse.…
Maria Butina was just like any other Siberian girl until she joined Putin's United Russia party and ran for a party seat.

That's when she began "Operation Implementation" as I reported last month.
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Thread: Peter Strzok and the facts that are out there.
1. Here's this guy, the head of the FBI Counterintelligence division. This dude is responsible for rooting out spies in our country, and has spent his life doing it.
2, Our Intelligence Community received a TON of actionable intelligence saying something was up with the Trump campaign #TrumpRussia…
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Thread on Why Ron Johnson is engaging in Treason.
2. Johnson in 2016 after losing....every single reputable poll. I…
3. The Washington Post considered him the most vulnerable Senator in 2016.…
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The Trump-Putin summit would not be happening if two republicans - Ed Lozansky and Curt Weldon - had not written the book on how to subvert our Democracy.
It also helps that Lozansky launches this very petition about a month ago #GrandOldPutinParty…
OF course, Trump sent Bolton to Moscow!…
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Let me tell you a story about the #GrandOldPutinParty
Around the election, I started keeping track of Trumps “Paths to Putin” on my now defunct blog. “ #GrandOldPutinParty #TrumpRussia…
One day, @grantstern tweeted at me that I was “missing” Mark Burnett so I followed/messaged him and mentioned that I thought I found a few things nobody was covering. #GrandOldPutinParty #TrumpRussia
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*** THREAD ****

This is the #GrandOldPutinParty

How did Putin subordinate the Republican party after helping Donald Trump get elected?

This series helps explain why the GOP went along with the #TrumpRussia plot.

#Republicans helped plan the whole thing.

Putin's American lobbying efforts have had lots of help from Republicans, including one Soviet-emigre professor who wrote a book on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a former Pennsylvania GOP Representative.

Donald Trump's connections to people in the #TrumpRussia affair include a pair of Russian oligarchs who funneled him cash and a Ukrainian politician who pushed a back-channel "peace plan" written by a corrupt former Republican congressman.
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Twitter, THIS is what @grantstern and I have been working on for A YEAR Republicans WROTE a BOOK on how to make 2016 happen. In 2004. In Russian. Published by the Russian Foreign Ministry. #TrumpRussia #Resist #BreakingNews…
Thread: @grantstern and I have spent a year uncovering a decades long Russian Intelligence operation being waged on a half dozen fronts. This is the story of the #GrandOldPutinParty
3. In Our first #GrandOldPutinParty story, from last year - We wrote about how Ed Lozansky emigrated here in 1977 posing as a Soviet dissident and was welcomed with open arms into the GOP. He then spent 40 years corrupting the party. #TrumpRussia…
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(Thread) Did The Russians work with Paul Manafort to ensure a #Trump candidacy - as early as 2005? #TrumpRussia
2. In Mid 2005, Paul Manafort signed a lobbying deal with Oleg Deripaska…
3. By the end of the year, there were multiple stories about a Russian funded think tank being started in the United States. All of these stories involved a conversation between Dmitri Simes and Putin propandist Gleb Pavlovsky…
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(Thread) Seth's thread on Mcfarlane is fantastic but let us talk for a minute about the time he went to the 2009 World Russia Forum #TrumpRussia
First; Here are two pictures of Macfarlane at the event. The second one is with "Kate Fioranda" of the Saviour Fund #TrumpRussia
3: In this report, it is revealed that Kislyak was there (He was always at those) speaking about Nuclear Power #TrumpRussia
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