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Cars have no agency, @npr
#HeatherHeyer died because James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his car into a street full of people.
Despite the evidence - still photos, video, witnesses, his damaged car - he pled not guilty last month…‘unite-right’
“...the amount of digital evidence collected in this case had surpassed that from the investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013...”
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.@BlacKkKlansman was a feature-length subtweet to Donald Trump, #MAGA, the 53%, Laura Ingraham, David Duke’s insecure self, and white supremacy.

And by subtweet, I mean all out callout.

You could hear a pin drop at the movie’s end.

And that’s all I’m emotionally ready to say.
Thank you, Uncle Spike.

A protestor.
Here are the more subtle themes in @BlacKkKlansman I’m sitting with. Thoughts just starting to form (no spoilers):
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Trump suddenly condemns “all types of racism and acts of violence.” Yet he still hasn’t condemned the Charlottesville nazis a year later.

Maybe he doesn’t understand what “racism” is. Sad! But America is better than he is. Let’s talk about why racism matters.

Oppression is about power: a group with more resources uses those resources to control a group with fewer resources. Often it’s the majority holding down those who are different. The balance cannot shift without a shift in resources, so we don’t give them a shot at the resources.
Sometimes advantage comes from an arbitrary characteristic like skin color. Whereas there is no such biological concept as “race,” we assign it social meaning to classify people. We see some groups have fewer resources, and we implicitly or explicitly assume their inferiority.
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So, in case you were wondering (or not) about my personal feelings on the RNC in’s a no for me dawg. Lemme explain

🚨[Thread Alert] 🚨
I’m a convert on this issue. I think calls for even-handedness are fair. And under virtually any other “normal” circumstance, I’d be game. I’m also not a partisan, so that part doesn’t bother me.
But no matter what your political stripes, you cannot pass off the current state of politics in the US as “normal”. This is why saying, “it’s only fair, since we hosted the DNC in 2012” is a false equivalency. It lacks a TON of nuance.
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I'm the woman who challenged @SeanSpicer in an Apple Store, earlier this year.

Yup. That was me.👇🏾…
I'm fighting American Nazis and creeping American fascism. It'd be great if I didn't have to talk about @SeanSpicer ever-the-fuck-again.
Nazis murdered #HeatherHeyer--and they've been emboldened by Trump.

Now they're planning more violence--
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