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#Karma , ماشاللہُ خان صاحب کے ایکسپریشن کافی ہیں سچ بتانے کئے لئے ، آپ نے اپنے ورکرز میں تو ان پانچ سال نفرت بھری ہی ، ہم میں بھی آپ کے لئے شدید نفرت بھر دی آپ نے ملک دشمنی کی ، ملک اتنے عرصے کے بعد صحیح جانب جا رہا رھا آپ نے پانچ سال صرف اسے نقصان پہنچانے کی کوششیں کی :1
ویسے زرا سوچیں PTI پچھتر لاکھ کے لگ بھگ ووٹوں پر جلاؤ گھیراو کرتی رہی اگر ن نے یہ راہ چنی تو دھاندلی زدہ نمبرز کے باوجود ایک کڑور اٹھائیس لاکھ ووٹوں والی پارٹی کیا کر سکتی ہے !! لگتا ہے خان صاحب کو یہ ہی خیال رنجیدہ کرنے کے کئے کافی ہے :2
ابھی تو ابتدا ہے ڈرتا ہے کیوں :3
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They sucked out my brain fluid. What. The. Actual. F*ck.
They took it through my nasal cavity, the roof of my mouth, the back of my head at C-1, the C/T junction of my spine, L-4, above the SI plate, & I think through the hip. @Cronsell & I just checked. We both have physical markings & scar tissue consistent with this CSF withdrawal.
This is surreal.
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"Trump has used Harley-Davidson as an example of a US business that is being harmed by trade barriers. Yet Harley has warned consistently against tariffs, saying they would negatively impact sales"

Harley, hit by tariffs, shifts some production overseas…
Important issue highlighted by @riotwomennn: are tariff exemptions determined by bribes?

Corker: "22,000 companies have asked for exemptions.There is no basis to deal with them. Are they going to grant these exclusions based on political contributions?"
Trump’s trade war with the European Union is going to cost Harley-Davidson as much as $100 million a year and force the manufacturer to shift production out of the U.S.…
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THREAD: In *spring of 2016*, Roger Stone told Sam #Nunberg & another person that Julian Assange told him WikiLeaks had obtained emails that would “torment” John Podesta and Hillary Clinton‼️ 1/

h/t @traciemac_Bmore…
Stone shared this info about #WikiLeaks BEFORE it was publicly known that #Russian🇷🇺 hackers had STOLEN emails from Podesta and the DNC that then were released by WikiLeaks in late July & October.🤨 2/
The WaPo’s source is *one of the two Stone associates* who say Stone claimed to have had contact with Assange in 2016, so this report is SOLID.😎

The other Stone associate is Sam #Nunberg who had a MELTDOWN b/c he *knows* his GJ testimony will send Stone to PRISON‼️😎 3/
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A revelation is coming in 2018 that will involve several people including Don Henley, Bill and Hillary Clinton and more.
Our story begins long ago: Set the DeLorean time machine back to November 21, 1980.
#DCMadam #childtrafficking #greatawakening #qanon #karma
Our story begins.
This madam in question died a really suspicious death - google it.
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Most men that I know, men who respect women as equals, are shocked when allegations come out about people like #HarveyWeinstein, #BillCosby, #LouisCK. They are in shock when men they know are accused of sexually harassing or assaulting women. THREAD 1 #BelieveWomen #RWU #MeToo
Some men find it very hard to believe that these things are so common, because they would never DO those things. If I were a man and I hadn’t experienced harassment and inappropriate behavior multiple times, I would probably find it difficult to believe. 2 #MeToo #BelieveHer
I decided to share about what I’ve experienced, so that good men who respect women can start to understand that these things happen to women know they know, work with, are related to, and love, every day. Their friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives. 3 #sexualharassment
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