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This is an utterly ridiculous statement from #OcasioCortez. And anyone hailing this as a grand statement should be ashamed of themselves. First of all, Ocasio needs to read and educate herself before making such foolish, grandiose, ridiculous statements like this.
The Democrats have always been this party. It is measures like the ones she mentioned that have driven the white voters away from the Democratic Party. If Ocasio didn't have her head so far up Bernie's ass and read, she would know this and would save herself looking foolish.
If she wants to talk about FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society, how about she talk about how both their plans had failings when it came to African Americans and people of color. How about she talk about how Republicans have been intent on dismantling their programs.
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A huge supporter of #OcasioCortez, I thought AOC was a w-c waitress like I was as I worked my way through college while supporting my family.
Facts: her dad was a Westchester architect. She's a grad of BU.

Still ousted a big fish--but by only 4k votes.ā€¦
I DESPERATELY want what @Ocasio2018 is campaigning for. I have been fighting for socialized #healthcare and income equality since high school.

But no false narratives: AOC won because she worked very hard & Crowley didn't. That's classic establishment politics, not revolution.
#AlexandriaOcasioCortez has SUCH an impressive resume that I am seriously po'd at how the MSM and others are erasing & dismissing her accomplishments to fit their own narratives.

AOC was already a high school star who won a national science award with a project in microbiology.
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Friends and followers, since early last year I've been warning not to underestimate Trump's uncanny ability to mold reality to his will. History is replete with authoritarian figures who can do this, and it NEVER ends well.
THREAD: Get ready...

The midterms are a chance to build a firewall against encroaching fascism by giving Democrats congressional majorities. It could happen if just a fraction of non-voters showed up. We should do everything possible to make that happen. But...
THREAD: Get ready...

The institutions that can provide a check on unlimited executive power are failing, spectacularly. Let's start with the national media, who tilted the election in Trump's favor by obsessing over emails and giving him BILLIONS worth of free airtime.
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