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Well it was rumored but now we know it's true, it wasn't just Hillary using a personal device and private email it was Albright, Powell, Rice, Kerry and their immediate staff! No wonder nothing happened to HRC, everyone was putting National Security at risk.
The big solution: remove classified material from unclassified papers, WOW that's a wizardly idea #SMH…
They reviewed a very limited sample and found 12 of the 19 contained National Security information 🤣 China must have spent years pointing and laughing at us.
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Anyone who thinks the PM of Canada should be in charge of where each prisoner resides should get their head examined or move to a country like Russia where the head of state personally jails people. Our corrections system is separate from political system for a reason. #cdnpoli
It’s a horrific crime Terri-Lynne McClintic did, however every person is in prison for a reason but it was the Harper government that agreed healing lodges were appropriate in rehabilitation. Every prisoner in those healing lodges has done something illegal. Not just her.
Trial by media is an incredible thing when you use an emotional story like the rape and murder of an 8 year old, but this was a decision by corrections Canada and the government has decided to review it (which is appropriate) but not interfere — which is their duty.
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For the first time in fifteen years America finally has a fully articulated cyber strategy because @realDonaldTrump is all about promises made and promises kept🇺🇸 #KAG2020
Thank you @DHSgov @ODNIgov @NSAGov @TheJusticeDept…
AND yes a letter from @POTUS is marked "sensitive content" but hopefully @twitter will cooperate with the new strategy and stop censoring the Government and it's citizens.... $TWTR
Can anyone explain why letters from @realDonaldTrump to the American people are “potentially sensitive content” don’t get @Twitter @TwitterSupport at all #SMH
@jack @Jim_Jordan @VP @parscale @DonaldJTrumpJr @Scavino45
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Someone should’ve told @freedom_moates that facts don’t care about his feelings.

A story in 4 tweets:
Someone also please tell @freedom_moates that I didn’t block him, and him stealing someone else’s blocked screenshot to pass off as his own is a bad idea.

Man that’s really pathetic bro. I wonder how your Law school would feel about this ethics violation?🤔
I’ve now blocked @freedom_moates
•He blocked me after I respectfully refuted him w/facts
•He then cowardly trolled me w/anti-Muslim hate tweets
•He calls liberal women ugly—so he’s a proud “Christian” misogynist
•And as he calls women ugly—he hides behind an avatar😐
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Got this in a group I'm in that's composed of taxpaying citizens of Uganda. This is a letter from Seeta High School (mbu) to parents asking them to sponsor their children for educational (term used loosely in this context) trips to the UAE and France.
As a parent, I acknowledge the need for these extra-curricular activities as part of our children's education. However, I think the schools need to be a bit honest about these things. I asked a friend in the travel business what the cost of these trips would be.
First of all, he was shocked and disgusted that the school would charge that highly for these trips. It being an educational trip and one involving school children, there is no way that trip would cost that much, especially when large number discounts come into play.
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TUCSON, AZ. TPD doing nothing. Dhs is on scene and have arrested 2 VOP volunteers that found the camp. Get this story out people. Don't let them sweep away like they always do.
@Breaking911 @realDonaldTrump @KamVTV.
I will continue updates through this recent feed. Word around town is look into cemex. They are owned by... You guessed it... Rothschild and brofman. They were on scene in Tucson trying to get the citizens to leave. I do not have a big audience. Please help us get the word out!
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Tsarnaev was added to the terrorist watchlist, 3 months later he traveled to Russia but that did not prompt additional investigation😤🤤 same story every time, wasn’t McCabe part of Boston Bombing investigation? #SMH
WUT.... McCabe’s gonna need a bigger goslushfundme.
Gah Putin being so pushy! Notifying the FBI and the CIA? Stop being so aggressive it’s like you’re trying to stop terrorism or something.
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Anyone else notice @nytimes made a monumental mistake in their report about Samuel and Felicity Taxpayer? As it turns out (We blame Turbo Tax!), the happy couple will pay LESS in taxes (like appx. 85% of the country), due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. NOT a $3,896 tax hike. #SMH
2. @nytimes excuse for flawed & failed analysis on impact of tax reform for Samuel and Felicity Taxpayer doesn't even make sense. You can't blame @turbotax “What-If Worksheet” for NY Times not claiming earned income credit. And they're corrected analysis is still wrong...
3. Even in @nytimes corrected "analysis," which now adds earned income credit, they STILL did not give Samuel & Felicity Taxpayer $1500.00 in credits for dependents! So, they are actually paying $1543 less in taxes due to #taxcutsforamerica, or #TCJA. Very sloppy partisan report.
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