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Why are you spreading fakeNews just like IRGC's Fars news agency?
Iranian gov and state media have started a psychological warfare on people to buy Iranian rial while banks are printing more notes. Instead of finding a solution for crippled economy, gov has become a robber.#Shame
According to the main official website of second market,exchange rate for dollar is 165,000 rial and not 80,000.
Running a psychological warfare on people is only a robbery and nothing else. You claim to 'care' about people but your tweets suggest otherwise.
Even on central bank of Iran, SANAt's website dollar exchange rate is 160,398 rial.
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Let’s talk about @christinawilkie, the anti-Trump “Political Reporter for,” tweeting about the Iranian opposition MEK.
(2) Why do I say @christinawilkie is “anti-Trump”?
Here’s a look.
@christinawilkie uses the word “cult” about the MEK, a phrase used specifically by the Iranian regime & those who promote a soft, appeasement approach with Tehran.

We saw how Obama’s disastrous policies allowed #Iran wreak havoc across the Middle East...
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Let’s talk about the recent European Union aid package, most likely pushed through by EU foreign policy chief @FedericaMog, intended for #Iran’s regime.…
“The European Union agreed 18 million euros ($20.8 million) in aid for Iran on Thursday, including for the private sector, to help offset the impact of U.S. sanctions and salvage a 2015 deal that saw Tehran limit its nuclear ambitions.”
“It is part of a wider package of 50 million euros ($57.8 million) earmarked for Iran in the EU budget.”
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Question for @wendyrsherman:
How much has #Iran's regime paid you to resort to such low measures & parrot their demands?

Here's a thought.
Stop doing the ruthless mullahs' bidding & stand alongside the people of Iran who are seeking #IranRegimeChange.

Shame on you if you don't.
One comes to this firm conclusion that @wendyrsherman is a die-hard #Iran apologist when the regime's state media cites her tweet in slander against US President @realDonaldTrump that has adopted a firm policy against Tehran's mullahs.…

To @wendyrsherman:
@Tasnimnews_EN is the mouthpiece of #Iran's #IRGC Quds Force.
This "outlet" is rejoicing your tweet against US President @realDonaldTrump.
The more you defend your flawed #IranDeal, the more suspicious we become about your relations with the mullahs regime.
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To @Jack, @delbius, @Twitter & @TwitterSupport,
I expect an explanation about the attached image.
Am I being #Shadowbanned?
Does your #QFD ban apply to me, an individual who is reporting on #Iran & speaking out against the regime's atrocities?
If so, I'm sorry for Twitter.
My message to @Jack, @Twitter & @TwitterSupport:

Stop the #ShadowBans & #QFD
More for @Jack, @Twitter & @TwitterSupport:

The replies I've been receiving about #QFDshadowbanning are quite interesting.

TBH, this actually motivates me to continue voicing the truth about #Iran's regime.

We can only hope Twitter comes to its senses & stops this banning.
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Just when you think @yomishogunle can’t sink any lower, he digs further into a deeper unconscionable imbecilic chasm. Thankfully the conversation has been raised far above his pay-grade and those of his benefactors. There is no point paying him mind.
His ilk have no incline of what reform means not to mention having an iota of intelligence to comprehend the dynamics involved in charting our way out of the present conundrum. It is helpful to think about what keeps criminals under control in our society.
Ask any sane police officer globally: it is not the police and the courts of law who keep criminals at bay. It is the society as a whole. It is the ordinary people who call the police when they hear a problem starting.
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What a coincidence!
The @WashingtonPost publishes a 2,000-word article raising bogus allegations against Mayor Rudy Giuliani, just ten days after he delivers a speech at an Iranian opposition convention promoting #IranRegimeChange.…
Josh Dawsey, Tom Hambruger & Ashley Parker claim Giuliani, attorney & advisor of US President Donald Trump, delivers “paid speeches for a controversial Iranian dissident group,” referring to the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).
These allegations are dictated by #Iran to its chorus of apologists abroad & have never been proven.
“The group is on record as saying that it has never made any payments to any American, a fact later confirmed by the U.S. Treasury Dept.”…
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The @RTDNEWS; a paper that published an ad by an anti-LGBTQ hate group, supported a gov candidate that said immigrants wanted to "rape, kill, control" & now published a cartoon callously making fun of children who have been separated from their parents.

Expect better Richmond.
In a time of national crisis, where the fabric of what it means to be American is being stressed-perhaps beyond repair-this is where the #RTD is. Not funny, nor clever, & not about balance (as the RTD claims). This is about continuing to "other" immigrant children. Pitiful.
The #RTD response to their tasteless cartoon: "Chatter" implies we are just mere bystanders to some random issue that lacks all moral and ethnical consequence, not citizens of conscious watching one of the darkest periods in recent memory unfold in real-time.
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This morning the Trump Admin. announced in an @CFPB staff meeting that it will shutter the @CFPB office dedicated to protecting student loan borrowers. This will affect 44 million people and $1.5T in loans. Reactions to this awful development in this thread:
1/ This @CFPB office helped hold @WellsFargo accountable for illegal student loan debt collection.…
2/ This @CFPB office helped secure $480 million in relief for students from the predatory Corinthian Colleges for-profit school chain.…
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In 2015, some youths on twitter constituted a nuisance: staking their lives , swearing on the graves of their ancestors, destroying childhood friendships and damning all consequences just to prove that Buhari is the best thing since bread and butter
They suddenly branded Buhari as a saint and Messiah that would save us condemnation but people like us saw that nothing good could come out of him. All you needed to do was to study his antecedents.
I know how many people I had to block to preserve my sanity. The balderdash they constantly posted was unbelievable. Many of them had no concrete selling points for Buhari beyond, Jonathan is a failure.
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Her: Because every time I said no he tightened his hold around me

Him: She wasn’t that attractive

Kobe Bryant is a rapist.
Kobe Bryant just won an #Oscar
#TimesUp #MeToo
After initially lying to police #KobeBryant admits the sex only lasted for 5 mins, he grabbed her by the throat then asked to jerk off in her face because that’s his “finishing move” she was 19. #MeToo #Oscars
Too many lacerations to count.
NOT consistent with consensual sex.
You’re full of s**t @TheAcademy
#KobeBryant #Oscars #MeToo #TimesUp
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RANT 1. I am so motherfuckin' tired of every hasbeen-wannabe making their bones on the back of a woman who has spent her entire LIFE in
2. service to the disabled, children, women, LGBT and the most vulnerable of Americans because of spite, jealousy or they know it'll give
3. them five fuckin' minutes of glory and bolster their goddamned bank accounts. Hillary Clinton has been a trailblazer since her 20s which
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