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The original #ChristineFordLetter is out and I have some questions .... let’s break this fucker down... I’m going to start at the beginning with my questions. Please feel free to add your own.

Let’s hit it...

“Maintain confidence until we have further opportunity to speak”.

Feinstein has indicated she was asked to keep the letter confidential... period. This statement indicates confidentiality until the two speak. So when did they speak and what was said?

“...high school in the early 1980’s”

She doesn’t give a definite year and Feinstein doesn’t question that?
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At the committee for Energy and Commerce for the #TwitterHearing
First @jack begins by reading this thread which he has just posted
The petition you all signed has had an impact. @jack recognizes that he is running a “digital public square.” #StopTheBias #TwitterHearing
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30,000 people have joined the movement to #StopTheBias and protect free speech online - in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. Outstanding!

Sign the White House petition here - and show your support for President Trump in his fight against Big Tech!…
IMPORTANT! If you have already signed the petition, please check your email for a verification message!

That ensures you won’t have to tign it again.

Thank you again!

UPDATE: Closing in on 40K!

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So, my mini experiment is only a 1/4 way through...

@POTUS Trump is correct with #StopTheBias

I’ve counted nearly 100 new followers in this short period of time, with only a few accounts leaving.

So why do the numbers look like this?

Nearly 100 newly subbed, with a “net loss” of -3

Ok. But twitter is legit, right?

Tomorrow, I will release the real stats... yes @Twitter we can track it without you. 😂
Twitter is a farce. Celebrities revel in it daily believing the numbers are real... dopamine rushes, blue checkmark brigades, you name it. It’s funny actually.

But we have plans. Get ready twitter peeps... the fun is only just beginning. 🇺🇸
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People who refused to help push this hashtag #StopTheBias or petition are now taking credit for Potus using it & bringing awareness to it. They claim that it was blue checkmark " influencers" that made it happen, not the #MAGA Coalition. Facts below!

The #MAGA Coalition did this , not a few blue checkmarks who now want to take credit. #StopTheBias

Thank you Irma for being on the front lines ! #StopTheBias

Love the #MAGA Coalition

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Today President Trump Tweeted this short video with the #StopTheBias .

If you support Donald Trump, please sign this 👇 Petition and Retweet.…
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He hears us!!!! A month ago a small but loyal group of United Patriots from all sides of the Right Wing starting pushing the #StopTheBias hashtag. Today Our President used it !!!!! God Bless this good man.
Anytime that @realDonaldTrump uses a hashtag , it is so that we could push it. Many of the people that understood this, are no longer with us. We need to wake up again and follow his lead.
Respect to all the people that helped us push the #StopTheBias hashtag and petition a month ago. Thanks for being team players & not ignoring our plea . Many in the exclusive blue checkmark club ignored us but a week later they pushed a hashtag to raise money for an antifa bish!
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1. MSM outlets saying a Chinese company hacked HRC's email server & inserted code that forwarded copies of all her emails sent & received in real-time.…

Nunes unsuccessfully tried to meet w/UK's MI5, MI6 & GCHQ during London trip.…
2. It wasn't a Chinese company that hacked HRC's email server. Crowdstrike set up access in 2010 for foreign gov't access in exchange for CF donations during HRC's SecState term. Typo: "Sever" should be "Server".
3. Look at the total number of results! Interestingly I just did a search & the top return was a piece asking Ron DeSantis, who won his Primary last night (congrats!) his thoughts re: his Q-following supporters. He said "I'm not sure what that is." 😄…
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Sonanon break.
Back for a few thoughts and observations
First to @jack.
Thank you for falling for it again. You're really building my case for me. Do you really think you can keep this silent?
Stop me, 1000 more will come
@jack Clowns posing as q are joining the movement.
Pretty sure that falls under RICO, but I'm no expert there. They aren't smart enough to know that they are already being watched too.
#God Wins
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Why should it concern you that you are being shadowbanned on Twitter? Well , The President said that without Twitter and social media he would not be President. He said that he is able to combat fake news through this platform. #MAGA

Thread below
I don't know if it's because you don't know what a shadowban is or if you just don't care to raise awareness to this issue but i have noticed that my tweets addressing this are not getting much traction.
At first I thought it was because of the shadowban and to a large degree , it is. But then I have seen that other tweets that are not about the #MAGAShadowBan get alot of traction. So I have concluded that many of you on the right simply don't think this is an important issue.
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Fact: if this tweet were about any other race, this person would be removed from twitter.
endless hate on twitter
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If you are center / right, your opinions are not welcomed on Twitter! Even if you are a leftist who tells other leftists to cool it like Van Jones did to the cast on the view, they will shut you down.

#StopTheBias #MAGAShadowBan
We live in the United States Of America and we will defend our First Amendment! #StopTheBias #MAGAShadowBan
I am tired of seeing good center/Right accounts suspended or censored simply for supporting @realDonaldTrump ! Please feel free to use any of the memes you see on my TL. They are for the #MAGA community.

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🚨🚨We have all been censored and silenced by twitter . We can do something about it or just cry behind a QFD ban. This is a call to action. Please sign this petition and share with your followers. #StopTheBias #MAGAShadowBan

@tedcruz @DonaldJTrumpJr…
Please keep pushing this petition. Tag big accts. This issue is VIP for all sides of the Center/Right Coalition. The system is rigged. You all have seen your impressions go to hell due to the #MAGAShadowBan . Sign and share ! #WednesdayWisdom #MAGA
I have had alot of people tell me that the #MAGAShadowBan is not real. It is definitely real , so much so that the President tweeted about it and left wing outlets reported on it. This is a good segment on fox, about it.

#ThursdayThoughts #StopTheBias
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