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The only 5 things we needed:
1) #Aadhaar is legal
2) Don't save Aadhaar#Biometrics or Copy
3) ANY legal entity in India can do an AUTH
4) eKYC only for Govt/Regulated Entities
5) Auth/eKYC record saved by @UIDAI for 180 days
#Aadhaar is legal and not unconstitutional
What constitutes Aadhaar data has to be clear - to me its only Aadhaar Number
& biometrics. My name, Addr, DOB, Sex, Photo are NOT #Aadhaar data-
whether someone got/verified them from UIDAI or not its NOT Aadhaar Data,
its *MY* data!
NOBODY can save Aadhaar#Biometrics or Copy (of Aadhar).
Nobody saves biometrics - non-issue.
The whole reason for the concern of linking came from the common ID number
the 12-digit Aadhaar Number.
Saving a copy of the Aadhaar Letter/Card should also be disallowed.
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Hon’ble SC: “The architecture of Aadhaar as well as the provisions of the Aadhaar Act do not tend to create a surveillance state.” (Pg 541 of the landmark judgment) @PMOIndia @rsprasad @PIB_India #Aadhaar4Development @MIB_India
Hon’ble SC: “...there is no data collection on the movements of such individuals, when they avail benefits under Section 7 of the Act thereby ruling out the possibility of creating their profiles.” (Pg 552 of the landmark judgment)
Hon’ble SC: “it is very difficult to create profile of a person simply on the basis of biometric and demographic information stored in CIDR.” (Pg 543 of the landmark judgment)
#AadhaarVerdict #Aadhaar4Development
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Today #AadhaarVerdict was a massive blow to National Security & curbing black money as i said on Sept 5th

Supreme Court in his wisdom created a massive loophole for #UrbanNaxals, Crooks and Hawala Operators

This short thread will explain how

It's against @narendramodi govt

As i said on Sept 5th, 2018. Today's #AadhaarVerdict is projected by Paid Media, Presstitutes and #UrbanNaxals as @narendramodi govt defeat.

It already started ... if you notice on few channels

The whole verdict was well planned and it is definitely not in National interest

Phone : No AADHAR required

Now u can buy any number of SIM with any name. Most IED blast happens using the phone, all most all hawala deals are done on phone. Now it will be impossible to know which number should be tracked by security agencies
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LIVE: Special press conference by @ashokgehlot5, @KapilSibal and @rssurjewala.…
On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Congress President @RahulGandhi has decided to spread the message of Gandhi across country, starting from Wardha Sevagram Ashram: @ashokgehlot51
महात्मा गांधी की 125वीं जयंती 2 अक्टूबर से प्रारंभ हो रही है। कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष ने निर्णय किया है कि पूरे साल महात्मा गांधी के संदेश को घर-घर पहुंचाने का प्रयास किया जाए @ashokgehlot51
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The #AadhaarVerdict is actually symptomatic of the principal battle being waged between the new BJP led by Modi and the old, corrupt establishment of Congress and its cronies. Congress and its ecosystem of compromised 'activists' tried all tricks to derail Aadhaar but failed. 1/5
If we wean away the various cloaks worn by activists, propped up by Congress, the reason for their vicious anti-Aadhar stand becomes clear. Aadhaar stops the gravy train of loot that greased the ecosystem from top to bottom, benefiting cronies at each level. 2/5 #AadhaarVerdict
Here is an example of the loot that would have gone on unchecked in absence of Aadhaar. And who benefited from the loot of this staggering amount? Middlemen who nurtured for decades by Congress at each level - from 10 Janpath durbar to a village panchayat. #AadhaarVerdict 3/5
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Seems like it's a 4 - 1 #AadhaarVerdict.

3 Partial read downs in favor of Government.
1 in favor of Government.
1 Ultra dissent

This is good though. It means the Supreme Court has acknowledged that not all is well in Aadhaar land.

There were some major problems which have been rectified.
The biggest one is disallowing private companies to use Aadhaar data. Now all those techies who were supporting Aadhaar will slowly dwindle out. We'll be left only with the Govt in power defending the program.

If there's no profit there, why bother, eh? Waste of time.
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There are three judgements. One by J. Sikri. CJI and J. Khanwilkar concur with him.
Other two judgments are by J. Chandrachud and J. Bhushan.
J. Sikri: It is better to be unique than the best. Being unique is the basis of Aadhaar. Talks about how Aadhaar is the most talked about identification system in the world.
J. Sikri reads out the summary of the arguments made by the petitioners and the respondents.
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#Aadhaar: Supreme Court Bench assembles, Justice AK Sikri pronouncing his judgment now.
#Aadhaar: Justice AK Sikri has authored judgment on behalf of himself and CJI Dipak Misra and Justice AM Khanwilkar.
#Aadhaar: It is better to be unique than the best, Justice AK Sikri starts his Aadhaar judgment.

Aadhaar has become the most talked about expression in the recent years.
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Bench consisting of CJI, Justices Chandrachud, Sikri, Khanwilkar and Bhushan to sit shortly to deliver Aadhaar judgment. #Aadhaar
Bench assembles.
Sikri,J's judgment concurred by CJI and Khanwilkar,J.
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Why Rahul and Congress does not want #Aadhar(though it was conceived during UPA)

We want terrorist to get cell phones in India and do blasts, this will instill fear in people and we can play politics and make money hence say no to #Aadhaar
We don't want subsidy amount to given to poor people, hence say no to #Aadhaar
We want a complicated process of getting access to govt benefits, hence say no to #Aadhaar
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