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Roman Emperors used to call themselves “Pontifex Maximus” meaning High Priest, but literally it means “largest bridge builder”. Can anyone think of a fat politician with delusions of grandeur and an obsession with Latin and with building bridges?
“…one of these displays of madness was Caligula’s demand for the construction of a floating bridge across the Bay of Baiae so that he could ride triumphantly across it” #FatCaligula #BorisJohnson
See? Classics can be useful. :p
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@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden This could take a while and I'm quite busy, but here goes
1. Donald Tusk, said, “Western political civilisation will be destroyed if the UK voted 'Leave'.” [Bild, 13 June 2016] I may be wrong but I think it is safe to say western political civilisation has not been destroyed.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 2.Punishment Budget. George Osborne [15 June 2016] predicted £30bn tax rises and IMMEDIATE spending cuts would be implemented. To date, no changes to the planned tax rates or public spending have been implemented.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 3.Brexit would cost every household £4,300. UK Treasury [18 April 2016] predicted that every household would lose between £2,600 and £5,200 a year following Brexit. Their (& IMF) latest prediction now confirms that even on WTO status the losses would be maybe a £100 or so
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I have so much to say on #genderedIslamophobia and representations of the veil in British Media. Researchers have been arguing about this (from what I've read), since as far back as the 90's, and I think it's important to contextualise this #burka. A thread:
Representations of the veil in British media, when coupled with Foucault's theory of governmentality, engender a number of problematic power processes. The ideological implications of reporting on symbolic representations of Islam directly reinforce systemic power structures.
The language used in reporting on the veil/cultural Islamic dress, reveals themes of national identity/integration/state security. Media reporting fortifies Western hegemony by giving rise to this triad by conflating terrorism with the veil & propounding an 'us vs them' mentality
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My attempt - but I’m sure you can do better... “Yes, when you ask the public vote on stuff that has always been left to experts the results can be ridiculous & embarrassing. But at least I get some publicity out of it!” #BorisJohnson #UselessTwat #BoatyMcBoatface #BrexitShambles
The headline in Metro isn’t bad...
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So #BorisJohnson and friends are not signed up to €40bn-€60bn #BrexitBill - as we reported

Does that matter? Are they right to be cautious? Where are May/Davis/DexEU on this? Where are the EU? 1/Thread…
First the bill.

In Florence speech May made two commitments.

1) No EU member will "pay more or receive less over the remainder of the current budget plan" (2014-2020) - so UK pays 2 x €10bn - viz €20bn to fill hole in current EU budget left by Brexit /2
2) "The UK will honour commitments we have made during the period of our membership."

Mrs May did NOT specify what this mean. The EU wants to know.

Given EU emphasis on filling 2014-2020 budget hole, the UK had 1) would be enough for 'sufficient progress'. It wasn't. /3
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