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The plot thickens....

The FBI took a key witness who helped them take down a Russian spy...and turned him into a Russian spy himself to get a FISA warrant. In other words, they LIED about Carter Page:…
Until May of 2016, Carter Page was the FBI's key witness against a Russian spy named Evgeny Buryakov.

He was working FOR the FBI helping them build a case to prosecute.

But then he gravitates to the Trump campaign as a foreign advisor & someone see's an opportunity.
CARTER PAGE is the 'FBI undercover employee'.

Note who's names appear here: John P. Carlin and Preet Bharara.
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House #FISAmemo Details Use of Steele Dossier to Spy on #Trump Campaign Adviser by @AndrewCMcCarthy #MemoDay #CarterPage
"The dossier was a compilation of Steele’s reports, based on anonymous Russian sources. His informants provided information based on accounts that were multiple levels of hearsay removed from the events they purported to describe." #MemoDay #FISAMemo #FisaAbuseMemo #Trump
"After formally terminating %Steele, the #FBI periodically interviewed Associate Deputy Attorney General #Ohr, who reported on his meetings with Steele. In effect, this enabled the bureau indirectly to maintain Steele as an information source." #MemoDay #FisaAbuseMemo
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If the kind of abuse that the #FisaAbuseMemo & Horowitz's investigation seems to have uncovered is not dealt with harshly, the entire American form of government is in jeopardy.
Our entire system of being a Constitutional Republic is based on the orderly, REAL transfer of power between political parties after voters have their say in elections.
All you need is ONE party deciding one time to use the power of the federal gov't to suppress it's political opponents & the entire American system of self governance through honest, free elections is in mortal danger.
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Realize what you're seeing here: Nunes' #FisaAbuseMemo is compilation of facts established by official DOJ/FBI documents he's viewed.

To view these memos, Nunes had to go in to a SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.
That's because a lot of this information he's viewing in these official DOJ/FBI documents contain classified information.

Remember the FISA warrants? Those are granted in intelligence operations to SPY on agents working for foreign powers.
ANYTHING having to do with an intelligence operation involving surveillance of suspected foreign agents is by it's nature classified.
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Mueller's probe is entering it's 'critical phase' according to the media.

They still haven't figured out what's going on.

Dan Coats, Mike Pompeo, Mike Rogers....these guys aren't being interviewed by Mueller in regards to nailing Trump.
Trump actually IS looking forward to being interviewed by Mueller.

What do you think Coats, Pompeo, Rogers &Trump told/will tell Mueller in these interviews?

When they became aware of the 'secret society' making it's moves to spy on/entrap Trump & his people.
It's all coming together. The plotters spent the time from the election to early Jan. setting up a plan to use Flynn's phone calls about Russian sanctions as a pretext to launch an investigation they could turn into an impeachment.
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Glenn Simpson & his Fusion GPS team suddenly changed the narrative a few weeks ago, began using their media allies to desperately begin selling a new story that the #SteeleDossier was *NOT* used in any way shape or form for any FISA warrant/s.
We got the comical claim that the actual trigger for the FBI's investigation into Trump/Russia collusion was....Papadopolous having a drunk chat in a bar. They've been pushing that relentlessly for several weeks now.
Earlier, 1 of the Reps. that's read the memo made the statement it will absolutely destroy the new 'Papadopoulos narrative' that Fusion has been using it's media allies to pimp.
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What I suspect happened: Trump & Sessions came into office already knowing about the FISA intelligence abuses in the DOJ/FBI that needed cleaning up.

Remember, Horowitz starts his review on Jan. 12th, 2017, before the inauguration.
They spent all of February and most of March getting the known Black Hats in the DOJ/FBI under surveillance.
Want to bet they picked up chatter between the Black Hats about their cool plan to drive the Trump/Russia insurance policy using the Flynn investigation?
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Let's be clear here: there's no way Dems can block the release of this memo.

Too many people have seen & are talking about how bad it is. Not Russian bots. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.
Dems & DNC Media are about have it graphically proven to them YET AGAIN their narratives do not drive reality.

"But this is being driven by Russian bots! It's only talking points, a fantasy written by Devin Nunes!"

It'll be released ANYWAY.
All it will take is a single Trump tweet. And he's waiting to let the momentum build.

Then he's gonna call for declassification and for it to be released.

And it will happen.
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