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!!NEW Q DROP!! 10/08/18 01:02 Q links to Reuters status Q Pompeo says North Korea ready to let inspectors into missile, nuclear sites!! #QAnon #TrustKansas #Winning #BOOMWeek @realDonaldTrump
Trust KANSAS to get it done just after the KANSAS Rally [marker]!! My thought too, Anon!! #QAnon #TrustKansas #Winning #BOOMWeek @realDonaldTrump
Previous Q drops that mention KANSAS/Pompeo! #QAnon #TrustKansas #Winning #BOOMWeek @realDonaldTrump
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!!NEW Q Drops!! 9/5/18 10:34…
[Letter from Committee on Financial Services]
Maxine Waters, California, Ranking Member… #QAnon #UraniumOne #ClintonFoundation #ThoseWhoAreLoudest @RepMaxineWaters @realDonaldTrump
2. How do you obstruct oversight & obtain 'inside knowledge' to closed door 'financial' investigations?
Maxine Waters, California, Ranking Member
Those who are the loudest….
Have the most to FEAR [hide]?…
Money talks!! #QAnon #ThoseWhoAreLoudest @POTUS
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!!NEW Q Drop!! 7/28/18 12:36 They’re trying to normalize depravity!! Q says welcome to the no borders, pro pedo, destroy ICE, socialist movement - Antifa (arm of the DEMONcratic Party). Dark to Light!!! Patriots, this is a spiritual battle!! Arm yourselves with THE TRUTH!! @POTUS
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Twas the night before Christmas when all through the House
Paul Ryan was being a low dirty louse
GOP tax plan left all without care
GOP hoped all votes would be there

2/ Billionaires nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of tax cuts danced in their heads
Linton in Hermès and Mnuchin with stocks
Had just settled down for a nap at Fort Knox

When out on the WH lawn Trump started to chatter
We sprang from our beds to see what was the matter.
Away to the window we flew like a flash
Looks like Trump and the GOP stole all our cash
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1)Let's talk about Egyptian worship.
Left eye [marker]

Identify symbolism (Owl/Y)
Which performers/celebs supported HRC during the election?
#Qanon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
#TheStormIsHere #Pedogate #Pedowood #Pizzagate #Breadcrumbs
2)The Eye of Ra represents the sun and it's destructive power. Egyptians used it to protect bldgs and themselves. It is a symbol of ROYAL AUTHORITY.
3)Horus was an ancient sky god. Ra is the Horus of 2 horizons. In myth, Horus has his LEFT EYE torn out. It is restored by Thoth & named Wadjet, meaning whole or healthy.
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I have a lot of fond holiday memories from 22-yrs in the Army and 4 combat deployments. My favorite was during Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia when I was an OH-58 Aeroscout Platoon Leader for the 24th Infantry Div's Apache Battalion as we prepared to invade Iraq. Long thread: (1)
The Army was rapidly fielding new M1A1 tanks before the invasion and had carved out a huge range in the desert for training. We had a mission to clear it each day of bedouins who wandered in overnight. I volunteered for the mission on Christmas to give my guys a break. (2)
My company commander, an Apache pilot, volunteered to tag along though it was a single pilot mission. We flew out to the range building where my boss hopped out and I picked up a Major who directed me to a big Saudi compound just off range to pick up our local guide. (3)
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(1) Here's my latest Team Trump #PhotosThread.📸🦁🇺🇸

The previous one ran from Dec 8 to 18:

Info & links to 12 other photos threads since June 2017:… … …

Enjoy! RT to help #MAGA
(2) The President started the week with a landmark National Security Strategy speech in Washington, DC. #PeaceThroughStrength #AmericaFirst
(3) Oh noes! He held the glass with both hands again! Probably because he unconsciously worries about spilling some, like I do. We're neat freaks and germaphobes, stop judging us!😎
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1) TrumpSoldier goes Christmas Shopping
2) I do not do much shopping online. I like to touch what I buy. I make the same rounds every year.
3) I wore my custom knit #MAGA hat. Here is a picture of it after a Trump rally.
(A protester lost their sign after entering my zone of control)
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This is a daily thread on some 31 ways to keep our use of English simple, short and meaningful. We will expound 1 way per day for the next 31 days.

Questions can be raised here or via DM.
Pls RT & stay tuned.

Way 01- Choose the easy path!
Actually, anything worth doing is potentially hard. Simple sentences, however, are less problematic because of their simple structures. Familiarize yourself with and use them often.

The simple sentence could contain both obligatory (VERB) and optional (SUBJECT, OBJECT or COMPLEMENT) elements. These are very important aspects!

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(1) My regular Team Trump #PhotosThread below.

Here is the previous one Nov 3-9 incl 1st half of #POTUSinAsia: .

Info & links to 10 other photos threads since June 2017:…

Enjoy! RT to help #MAGA
(2) Cover photo for this thread: POTUS and FLOTUS on the Admiral's Barge looking back after visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii on the first leg of their historic and successful #POTUSinAsia tour.
(3) A photo tweeted by FLOTUS ahead of today's arrival of the 2017 WH Christmas Tree. Everything she does is stylish.
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(1) I'm usually the holiday season Grinch but I plan to spend the next 62 days in nonstop celebratory mode bc Democrats are GOING DOWN.🥂
(2) This image from December 2016 has aged well. 2017 is proving to be the best year ever for freedom loving people around the world. #USA🇺🇸
(3) Last New Year's Eve there was such a mood of optimism among us... and it turned out to be justified, didn't it? What a time to be alive.
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