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When discussing the #NHS in terms of privatisation I always think it's useful to equate what neoliberals and the private sector are doing to it as akin to a parasite infecting its host. The goal of a parasite isn't to kill its host but to extract energy to allow it to grow. 1/11
Ultimately the parasite seeks to reproduce and spread, much the same as private providers offering and supplying public services has spread and increased over the years. So what is the "energy" these parasites are extracting, and how do they know they won't kill their host? 2/11
The energy source in the case of the NHS is the Treasury, the "energy" itself is the national currency. These parasites know that the currency issuer (government) has an unlimited ability to create the currency, and provided the public doesn't learn this fact, they can 3/11
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Bizarre that it needs debunking but @Jeremy_Hunt is unforgivably wrong. Labour rightly claim the NHS. The Conservatives opposed its conception and have systematically bled it dry in government. A thread for #NHS70…
In 1948, the post-War Labour Government introduced the NHS. The Conservative Party had voted against the third reading of the legislation in 1946. Despite Tory opposition, Labour won the vote by 261 votes to 113. #NHS70
In 1982, Margaret Thatcher considered the “dismantling of the National Health Service”, to replace it with a private insurance system #NHS70…
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#CILIPConf18: learning and information literacy - chaired by Rosie Jones, director of Library Services, Open University. With Sarah Lacey, consultant and trainer, Ruth Carlyle, Health Education England, & Jacqueline Geekie, Aberdeenshire libraries.
SP: there have been huge tsunamis of change in school education - changes to curriculum on literacy, numeracy, IT, KS3 English. Move away from independent learning.
SP: libraries were not mentioned in previous curriculum. Now there are 2 proper mentions, but they relate to English depts at KS3 reading for pleasure, not anywhere else.
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The blood-drenched British ruling class has all week been doing its best to celebrate the #NHS70 while at the very same covertly destroying it.
And when not hiding behind their Tory friends every Fabian MP is wearing an "NHS 70" badge to mark the number of hospitals plundered by Labour Party PFI programs & privitisation.
Whom is "we"? Rotten Fabians have had 100 years in the heights of power to transform the economy, all they've done is loyally uphold the capitalist economy, where workers produce everything & get only crumbs in return, while lazy rich parasites do nothing.
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Happy 70th birthday to the NHS! I moved to the UK 4 yrs ago after 4 decades using US health care. Was amazed at how easily I registered my family at our local GP. Quality care, free at point of use & £8 for prescriptions? Shocking to an American. #NHS70
My family pays £200/yr per person- the Immigration Health Surcharge & we pay UK taxes & National Insurance contributions as residents who work here. So it’s not free. But it’s free AT THE POINT OF USE. A critical distinction.
Back In 2002 I was in a car accident in the US & needed surgeries to fix broken bones. I HAD HEALTH INSURANCE. When I started generating large bills, my ins. co. dropped me & refused to pay the bills. This was pre-ACA (Obamacare) & was 100% legal for them to do.
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The NHS was created 70 years ago. My aunt & uncle were born a few years later but like so many immigrants, dedicated their lives to the National Health Service. It is exactly 10 years since they died. This is a thread about immigrants and the NHS. Are they overloading it?
I did something very unusual recently - I enjoyed a copy of the Daily Mail. Well, 1 page entitled 'NHS heroes'. This is my uncle in 2000. Have you ever read a better description of how valued a traditional family doctor is?

He & his wife (my maternal aunt) were GPs from India.
Their story is not exceptional. They arrived in the 80s as junior doctors and worked in under-served & deprived areas. Thousands of doctors from India & Pakistan started arriving in the 60s, at the request of - surprisingly - Enoch Powell (then Health minister)
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Given the #NHS70 'birthday present', thought I'd share my reflections on recent changes to funding for health, public health, & social care in England. This is based on a talk I just gave to @DartmouthInst in US.
Credit @TheIFS, @HealthFdn, @TheKingsFund & others for images. 1/
Both in the US and England, the balance of money and political power lies firmly with the (acute) provider sector at the expense of community orgs, public health, social services, and (perhaps to a slightly lesser extent) mental health and primary care. 2/
Yet, very little of what determines both individual and population health is due to the provider sector, instead, social determinants and unhealthy behaviours are much more important. #SDOH 3/
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In his keynote speech #Confed18 Simon Stevens reflects on the history of the NHS, how it is a high quality service & how he is heartened by the prime ministers committment to a long term funding plan #NHS70
Simon spoke about the health of children & young people saying there were two epidemics we face: obesity & mental health #nhsconfed #Confed18 #NHS70
Simon: We are using the 70th anniversary to recognise the contribution the Windrush generation has made to the NHS #Windrush #Confed18 #NHS70
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