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Court in #Egypt sentence women rights advocate #AmalFathy for 2.5 years for 'Fake News' after sharing sexual harassment experience via Facebook post. #FreeAmalFathy #FreeAmalFathy…
The conviction of Amal Fathy comes after Egypt clamped down on women who complain of sexual assault. Simply reporting rape or assault can land women in prison and labeled as terrorists. #FreeAmalFathy
“In a UN survey in 2013, 99% of Egyptian women reported that they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. Cairo was described as the “most dangerous megacity in the world for women” in a 2017 Thomson Reuters Foundation poll.” . #FreeAmalFathy
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Everyone knows who started #OpDeathEaters. It was clearly stamped from the outset so it couldn't be hijacked in this way.
If you can't research it was Heather Marsh (@GeorgieBC)
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The sad part of this article is the author thinks teh Catholic Church is a unique organization, in both pedosadism and impunity. Everywhere men have power and secrets, it is the same story. #opDeathEaters…
In case you though the UK had any political parties not raping and torturing children - UK Green's "serious sexual offences" means a man raping, electrtocuting and whipping a 10 year old girl while he dressed up as a little girl.… #opDeatheaters
"You will find this everywhere you have this same structure of power and secrecy at the top and fear and silencing at the bottom." - Heather Marsh, censored by @OxfordUnion on order from the CIA, two structures of power and secrecy and #opDeatheaters.…
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The Intelligence Mafia: How the US has been compromised for years if not decades. #OpDeathEaters #Dyncorp #Blackwater #XE #Cerberus
Private contractors "are allowed to make huge donations to political parties from their billion tax dollar contracts." #OpDeathEaters #Dyncorp #Blackwater #XE #Cerberus
Blackwater founder Erik Prince advised Trump's inner circle—including Russia asset Michael Flynn. " #OpDeathEaters #Dyncorp #Blackwater #XE #Cerberus…
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All the little q's are so hurt over a video & the conspiracy of "OMG they're deep state/CIA George Soros reptilians" is their main attack on us, without any proof. Q started as a troll on /b/ but it's brainwashed people with no critical thinking skills.
There is a reason we keep refering to "The Muffin Man." He's a baker. He bakes muffins and he doesn't leave a trail of breadcrumbs but gives you all the things: Those things that Q's can't accept -the reality of the trollolol. *note the song in the PR video is "The Muffin Man"
Our investigations, hacks and d0x are leading to some very, very interesting places. We are not shocked or surprised tho. When we are ready we will release everything we have found. Please note, Q hits home with boomers for a reason. Many Anons are involved- not just this acct
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Democrats. For once in your lives, stand up and be a positive force instead of a "lesser evil". Don't swerve, go full #opDeathEaters and take down everyone, including your funders. This is the only way you are going to win against the "greater evil".
Trump has been taunting you all with #pizzagate and Qanon psyops since he appeared on stage and Democrats have been too cowardly and corrupt to meet him head on with #opDeathEaters. Clean your own house.
Trump won't go down to #TraitorTrump or lack of trust in intel mafia. He is keeping children in concentration camps. Face the fact that your nobel prize winner did the same and reform your house. #opDeathEaters investigation is your only hope. Be better, not just lesser evil.
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DOD/IG as well as contractors consider children trafficked for sex "voluntary prostitutes"… #OpDeathEaters
Children globally are trafficked to feed the massive US paedosadism… #OpDeathEaters
Bakken: Trafficking in North Dakota is on the rise, and often the victims can’t escape… #OpDeathEaters - Same is still happening along pipeline routes.
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"Waaah, Anon no one told us Russia and other spy agencies were blackmailing our politicians!!" #TraitorTrump #ImpeachTrump

You never listened. You still aren't listening. ----> #opDeathEaters
Our notifications are all RTing a protest in the US and ignoring the blackmail evidence that got #TraitorTrump in power in the first place and will keep the US under mafia control. UK is all RTing their #TrumpBaby and ignoring their own #opDeathEaters politicians.
#ImpeachTrump is a distraction. We told you he was blackmailed by #opDeathEaters involvement. We also told you to look at why the Democrats were afraid to go after #TraitorTrump. They are just as compromised as him and if you don't face that, nothing will change.
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Russia was behind pizzagate & the blackmail they have on Trump is about child trafficking and mob ties. DNC hacking investigation is the venue solicited to remove Trump with the least political damage to many US officials. An investigation into Trump’s trafficking ties is needed.
Not many are interested in seeking Justice when it comes to the Trump case. This is why Trump remains in power today. Campism & classist partisan politics are the real reason injustice thrives in the United States and why no real solutions to very real problems are ever sought.
The system is rotten to the core. Public apathy to justice enables it. Senators & congressmen from all parties are involved in illicit activities such a paedosadism, drug use, org crime, and etc. It makes them easy targets for blackmail and extortion by domestic & foregin agents.
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#Antifa art activists have permission to fly a 6 metre baby Trump blimp over London parliament square for #TrumpUKvisit.
"following a huge groundswell of public support for our plan, City Hall has rediscovered its sense of humour. Trump Baby will fly!”…
Have fun, UK. Use Trump as a warm up before throwing out your own pedo fascists, not as a distraction from your #1 job.
#NoToTrump #TrumpUKVisit #wedontwantyouhere #trumpstayhome #opDeathEaters
Super callous fragile racist sexist nazi potus .... #NoToTrump #TrumpUKVisit #wedontwantyouhere #trumpstayhome #opDeathEaters
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Ah but abuse of women is just 'satire' and 'trolling' and concern about it is just 'over reaction' and 'hysteria'. See also fascists who always start their race preservation goals by trying to seize control of women's uteruses. #CapitalGazette #Antifa
The #CapitalGazette shooter was an incel stalker before he targeted journalists.
Milo was a misogynist bullying women before he threatened journalists.
The far right fought autonomy for women before they could go full nazi in public. #antifa
There is a reason for the demonization of "white women" and "western feminism" by fascists. The first step to Nazi 14 words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." is control of the uteruses of ALL women, #Antifa #FuckPatriarchy
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1- Let’s talk about #porn, #sex and #Twitter
I don’t have a problem per se with porn (big fan of #Pornhub here) or any adult jobs as long as (I can’t stress this enough) is consented between two/more adults and nobody is forced and/or coerced into it against his or her will.
2-But #Twitter has a #porn problem.

(Don’t go harassing any of those accounts. There are thousands like them, and this is just for the purpose of making a point, not to single anybody out)

3-Remember when we talked about #Tumblr ’s porn problem?

(Post 131 to 167)

The problem that I see here is not porn per se. Again, I have no problem with porn and/or the adult industry in its many forms and variations.
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"This is a transcript and audio of what I said at the Whistleblowing panel that was censored by the @OxfordUnion. "

The following thread is the text linked above. We'd like the @OxfordUnion to clarify why it censored the panel as the so called last bastion of free speech. /1
"I was informed by @OxfordUnion bursar Lindsay Warne that the Standing Committee and then-president Laali Vadlamani had censored the panel in response to a demand from David Shedd and this was confirmed by current Oxford Union president Gui Cavalcanti." /2
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"U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents allegedly used stun guns on the minors for amusement or punishment, kicked them and threatened to either RAPE OR KILL them. "… #OpDeathEaters
“a culture of impunity” among federal government agents charged with protecting immigrant children in their custody. <<<---
Quell Surprise - CBP investigated themselves and found all accusations "baseless". The ACLU filed a #FOIA request and it was DENIED. They had to file a LAWSUIT to get records. #OpDeathEaters
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#OpDeathEaters USA: featuring Hollywood, Franklin and more. #Anonymous
Former Child Star Corey Feldman: Paedosadism Rampant in Hollywood: #OpDeathEaters
"boys told their predators “controlled Hollywood” & would crush their acting dreams if left unhappy."… #OpDeathEaters
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