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We will be heard one way or another @jack. You've been ignoring so many of your users about very serious issues. DVision TheDragonsDen & We The People are getting sick of it all jack. @MhysaDrag0n @ANON_i77i7i @BasedFTehWorld @DragonsVsPedos @AnonKarma1 @AnonMonkeyMan1 @An0n_S
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65 Woman who have known #kavanaugh for 35 years.,
have released a letter, and sent a copy of the letter to the #KavanaughConfirmation

Excellent choice for #SCOTUS
@realDonaldTrump #Trump

#QAnon #KavanaughConfirmation
Dirty @SenFeinstein @DianneFeinstein

Was caught having a #Chinese
Spy on her payroll for an astonishing 20 years.

Now she has an #Anonymous from a woman letter claimimg #Kavanaugh tried to rape her in high school.

Can Diane be trusted.
Not in my eyes.

What is she up to?
Why are so many #Democrats
attacking #Kavanaugh ?

Every #USA Citizen is protected by the Constitution

Please see Kavanaugh's response to Military Tribunals + Enemy combatans = GAME OVER

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Also related, Wikileaks hid a 2 billion dollar transaction between between the Russian government and the Assad regime in #Syria. Assange's father and "wikileaks" party later met Assad in person. Assange has been pro-Assad since.
YAC and #Anonymous fully withdrew support from Wikileaks under Assange after confirming pro-Assad regime + Russia government bias, moral bankruptcy, and possible corruption.
If you oppose Putin and Trump, you MUST openly oppose Assad and oust Assadists from your circles. Once you eliminate Assad from Syria and oust Assadists the international fascist network currently sweeping the planet will collapse.
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This is ridiculous. I’ve been following @HillaryClinton & her band of lunatics since the 1980s & everyone-that includes my esteemed Twitter folks-overestimate them. John’s statement demonstrates their tenuous grasp on reality & flawed understanding of public perception.
There was no Op-Ed writer or insider ready to flay open the Trump Administration. Hillary, et al. keep their tightly knit group on a short leash & it doesn’t include ‘sleeper cells.’ The Op-Ed ran through, a program to catch student plagiarism.
Sep 5, shortly after the release of the Op-Ed, the #Anonymous essay popped on as a 100% match to a USC student essay handed in, surprise, surprise, Sep 5. Now, lest you say, “Maybe a proactive student wrote ABOUT the Op-Ed!” No....
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Alright, let's break down this NYT Op Ed.

I'm not going to Speculate who wrote it

I do not think #Anonymous is a Hero

The 25th Amendment will not be Invoked against this *POTUS, it's a Distraction

First of all, this Op-Ed baits it's Audience by Stating they are part of "the Resistance" when #Anonymous is nothing of the Sort.

They are COMPLICIT. Grifting on a Failing *Adminstration in Order to have Power over the Policies being set at the White House.
#Anonymous admits this fact later after baiting us using "the Resistance" Title, all while Praising this *Admin's Policies

Most in the Cabinet know *45 is Unhinged & Dangerous, but they're willing to "Thwart" him long enough to get their "MAGA" Agenda Done

How Heroic! 🙄
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I have a few concerns about the #Anonymous White House official, as well as what they wrote in the New York Times. Putting aside their veracity/authenticity, they are basically saying that the solution to Trump's disregard for democratic norms is to ... disregard other norms. 1/
The 25th Amendment exists for a reason. If they think it needs to be invoked, it should be. I fail to see how invoking an amendment in the Constitution would provoke a Constitutional crisis. Turmoil? Yes. Uncertainty? Yes. Dysfunction? Quite possibly. But um, look around. 2/
You know what's not in the Constitution? A mechanism for a group of un-elected White House officials to secretly steer a headless government based on what they think is best. Do you want that to be the new normal? Do you trust a shadow government with your future? 3/
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If you think Donald Trump is a danger to this country and the best you can do is backbite to authors or write anonymous op-eds, YOU ARE NOT SERVING YOUR COUNTRY OR YOUR DUTY.

Step up publicly, all of you, and invoke the #25thAmendment.
Anyone who respects and honors our system of government should be distressed by this #anonymous White House insurrection. The GOP leadership and senior White House staff have CONSTITUTIONAL remedies to prevent someone they claim is unhinged from occupying the office.
I'm referring to all the leakers, complainers, alarm bell ringers, and anonymous sources who refuse to stand by their warnings.

With all the talk,




This has to stop.
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1 The @NYTimes #anonymous op-ed, annotated.
"We want the administration to succeed." Trump is useful to us. We think an unhinged, racist, sexist, p-grabbing president is a small price to have a smaller price to pay the IRS.
2 "and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous." Suck it, polar bears (see more on "deregulation" below).
3 "the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic." ...except that America is safer and more prosperous now. Hold the phone- is this even about policy???
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All the little q's are so hurt over a video & the conspiracy of "OMG they're deep state/CIA George Soros reptilians" is their main attack on us, without any proof. Q started as a troll on /b/ but it's brainwashed people with no critical thinking skills.
There is a reason we keep refering to "The Muffin Man." He's a baker. He bakes muffins and he doesn't leave a trail of breadcrumbs but gives you all the things: Those things that Q's can't accept -the reality of the trollolol. *note the song in the PR video is "The Muffin Man"
Our investigations, hacks and d0x are leading to some very, very interesting places. We are not shocked or surprised tho. When we are ready we will release everything we have found. Please note, Q hits home with boomers for a reason. Many Anons are involved- not just this acct
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Regarding the alleged #Anonymous collective opposing Q. This is absolutely untrue. Real anons know for a fact, as they have been ...
... protecting aim disclosure, since before #Qanon. #InsuranceForJA #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople
Q came after, it's not a puzzle for those who know. Get outa ur mind & u will be found. Ur brother is innocent as are you. Ground please! ♡+
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'Equality and the fraternity' by Heather Marsh (thread) #BindingChaos #Anonymous…
Equality for all has been held up as one of the fundamental truisms and virtues of just governance since the widespread rejection of Patriarcha and the divine right to rule. /1
This concept was conflated after French & US revolutions to imply all had equal ability to survive in a trade economy. /2
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The Pedo smear is a known CIA character assassination tactic and has been used to target numerous activists. It is an attempt to disrupt and destroy their support base using easily disproven lies.

#Anonymous #Alert #OpPedoHunt #OpPedoHunterUnited #OpNewBlood
#Anonymous #Alert #OpPedoHunt #OpPedoHunterUnited #OpNewBlood

How D&D campaigns work. The false pedo accusations are one way of accomplishing this. Always investigate the accuser.

From the HBGary Leak:…
#Anonymous #Alert #OpPedoHunt #OpPedoHunterUnited #OpNewBlood

Here is Stratfor (aka Shadow CIA) discussing targeting Assange (after the initial leaks - global leaks have indeed occurred, not restricted to the US)…
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Anexo (96) #Mexico

Desde el año 2013, #AMLO Manuel López Obrador, recién elegido presidente de la república, nombró a un sacerdote #jesuita Camilo Daniel Pérez, consejero del partido #Morena
Recuerden que este partido es miembro del #ForoDeSaoPaulo ...…
Anexo (97) @PattyPoleo en reveladora entrevista al Padre Pedro Freites @Freitezp ,quien hace un análisis relevante acerca de los #jesuitas y la Teología de la Liberación, #Comunismo y #ForoDeSaoPaulo en #AmericaLatina

Extractos resumen de la entrevista y subtítulos aclaratorios
Anexo (98) #Brasil

A los #jesuitas les gusta "educar".

Cleyton Abreu, representante de ONG en #Brasil - Serviço Jesuíta para Migrantes e Refugiados- "enseñando" a refugiados de #Venezuela cómo deben ocupar propiedades ajenas y luego burlar la justicia.

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That is not correct we abstained from disrupting democratic processes, we did however hand the US public information repeatedly on #Trump's illegal activities which any other country would have used appropriately to disqualify him from any election.

We understand the frustration many have with #Anonymous. However given the failure of not only the US mainstream and alternative media, general public, and security apparatuses which are primarily focused on attacking us rather than listening, our assistance is rendered limited.
When you have both the #Russia/n and United States government obstructing and attacking us combined with an apathetic public only interested in celebrity voices; it becomes very difficult to stay operational let alone fight for the democracy of a population of 300 million.
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Stay Human: How #Russia is hunting down anarchists & anti-fascists and torturing them. #antifa #Repression #Anarchism #Anonymous #Torture…
#Russia/n anarchists from #Chelyabinsk reveal how they were brutally tortured by the #FSB. - #Repression #Anarchism #Torture #antireport…
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We are hackers, we are anarchists, we are curious. 🏴#Anonymous #AnarchoHackerManifesto
We like to know how things work. We like to invent, modify and improve technologies like any other hacker. We do it without the aim of money. 2/
As hackers we do it for knowledge and to satisfy our curiosity, and we decided to use it in a way to build a better world. 3/
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#QAlert 4/23/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q's posts for Monday, April 23, 2018. Wake up! Happy Hunting! Armenia, NK freed, Order important, Happening now, World is Awakening Iran next and more! Let's Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
#QAlert 4/23/18 Post 1241- YUGE post here.
Iran is next.
CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2.
Jan 1.
Jun 1.
No inspection @ GZ NR sites.
No missile tech prevention.
Load carrying.

@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
#QAlert 4/23/18 Post 1242

Do you believe?
The world is awakening.…
@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
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Remember wikileaks, podesta spirit cooking email, cut middle finger eat the pain...
#Qanon singing like a bird...
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The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment. Read what the @splcenter & @MaxBlumenthal don't want you to read here:…
And download it here:
"​During his recent tour of Europe, disgraced former Trump strategist Steve Bannon declared “Italy is in the lead.” /1 #antifa #Fascism
Amid the historic resurgence of the Italian far right that returned right-wing populist Silvio Berlusconi to prominence, Bannon fantasized about “the ultimate dream” of unifying the anti-establishment Five Star Movement with the far-right League (formerly the Northern League)- /2
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#OpDeathEaters USA: featuring Hollywood, Franklin and more. #Anonymous
Former Child Star Corey Feldman: Paedosadism Rampant in Hollywood: #OpDeathEaters
"boys told their predators “controlled Hollywood” & would crush their acting dreams if left unhappy."… #OpDeathEaters
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