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I've been thinking about #PlanS a lot since the announcement. I've been reflecting on my experience with the foundation's policy implementation. Random thoughts:
"Whether the plan succeeds or fizzles out hangs on how the funders implement the new policy."…
I agree & think that there is enough funder experience in #openaccess policy implementation to successfully implement this. While it's important to critically review each new policy development the community that wants to see change really needs to support any effort to change
It can be scary being first in something - however it can also reaffirm that need for change. So far I haven't seen many examples of open access being a detriment to research. For PlanS this isn't a single entity, but an entire coalition, which is quite impressive.
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Finally out "Maps of Subjective Feelings" with @aivoAALTO @LNummenmaa and J. Hietanen.… 1/7
In this study we run three web experiment asking how we perceive 100 common feelings by assessing them i) over 5 dimensional scales, ii) similarity between them iii) how they map on the body and iv) collected similar terms from @neurosynth 2/7
Results showed 5 robust clusters with DBSCAN and visualization with tSNE gave clear components related to emotional valence as well as mental saliency. 3/7
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Proud to see published my first #openscience, collaborative and cumulative science project with great collaborators @jakewomick, @TobiasRothmund, @KinglaKing, and @JohnJost1.

A perfect start to #SIPS2018 in just a few days!… #SPPS

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Methodologically, this work adds to the existing literature in a few meaningful ways. We used facets of established constructs to gain a more precise understanding of the psychological underpinnings of Trump supporters (2/12)
We analyzed psychological differences between politically relevant groups in the 2016 Election: Democrats, Republicans, and Trumpists in both primaries and general election. (3/12)
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Uma coisa comum de todos esses projetos de #openscience é que eles permitem que mais pessoas tenham acesso ao produto do processo científico. MAS nada disso permite que elas sejam produtoras de conhecimento! Ainda faltam acesso as ferramentas, ao #hardware necessário!
E aqui entramos em uma das coisas que eu acho mais legais no movimento de #ciênciaaberta:
Equipamentos e ferramentas de laboratório com design aberto!
Para os curiosos, chequem @PLOSCollections, mais especificamente "Open Source Toolkit" Uma lista incrível de artigos (e outras fontes) descrevendo equipamentos de laboratório que podem ser construídos com pećas e materiais disponíveis ao consumidor "comum"
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I want to say a bit about #openscience, a topic near and dear to my heart. Open science is a lot of things, including #scicomm and #openaccess.
Fundamentally, open science is a commitment by researchers to make more of the products of their research open and accessible to all.
This means different things to different researchers. For someone writing lots of computer code, this could mean making the code publicly accessible on @github.
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Back from a great #apls2018. Lots of cool research, and I learned a lot. However, I did notice that almost no one referenced #openscience. A thread about why it’s important 1/N
By open science I mean: open materials, open data, and pre-reg (any and all combinations). I went to a ton of talks, and only saw two that referenced it. s/o to exceptions from @RBMichaelPsyc and Aria Amrom who pre-registered via @OSFramework. 2/N
I'm a bit biased b/c all of my work is open/pre-reg’d. All projects in the symposium I organized are open/pre-reg’d. We posted OSF links in our slides. I’m not bringing this up to brag or get credit. I get #openscience is hard, n hope to start discussion, not chastise. 3/N
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