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The irony of this "study" of fraudulent nonsensical papers submitted to gender studies/critical theory journals is that it is itself the epitome of the shoddy scholarship it purports to unmask. Let's #peerreview it.…
1) This study lacks the most basic controls. If you want to argue these papers were accepted because of their notional field of study, then you have to submit similarly nonsensical papers to journals in other fields.
Fortunately, although this is not cited by the authors (a manifestation of their shoddy scholarship) such a control was recently carried out by John Bohannon in a completely different field.…
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The #1 question I got this weekend was “What can I do with a PSYC degree?” I have general and specific answers to this question. THREAD 👇[1/13]
Many employers are looking for skills in data management, data analysis, teamwork, and research. PSYC programs train in all of these. [2/13]
Re-frame group projects. If teamwork is going off the rails, good instructors support students to work through the problem. “How can we get this back on track?” Remember this experience for the job interview question “how did you turn around a tough professional situation?”[3/13]
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I've been thinking about #PlanS a lot since the announcement. I've been reflecting on my experience with the foundation's policy implementation. Random thoughts:
"Whether the plan succeeds or fizzles out hangs on how the funders implement the new policy."…
I agree & think that there is enough funder experience in #openaccess policy implementation to successfully implement this. While it's important to critically review each new policy development the community that wants to see change really needs to support any effort to change
It can be scary being first in something - however it can also reaffirm that need for change. So far I haven't seen many examples of open access being a detriment to research. For PlanS this isn't a single entity, but an entire coalition, which is quite impressive.
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If you want to make code/data “available”, GitHub isn’t enough.

You must deposit at a DOI-issuing data repository @figshare & @ZENODO_org are both free & awesome; can be synced w/ a GitHub repo

Why GitHub not enough? 1/4
#OpenAccess #OpenData
GitHub is a place for things to be worked on, not for them to live forever.

- Links are fragile (username, repo name)
- Users can delete repos
- GitHub could make your code/data unavailable in the future.

DOI-issuing data repositories preserve your stuff for the future 2/4
Depositing on @KaggleDatasets isn’t good enough for #OpenAccess #OpenData either.

- No API for accessing files without an account
- Fragile URLs
- Kaggle Datasets is a commercial thing.

Do all three! GitHub repo, Kaggle Dataset and @figshare or @ZENODO_ORG 3/4
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¡Hola todos!
Antes he tuiteado un artículo sobre supersticiones que me ha parecido interesante y que complementa bastante bien una investigación nuestra. He caído en la cuenta de que no os había contado esta investigación, así que abro hilo y #TuiteoMiPaper
El paper lo tenéis aquí.
Como de costumbre, es #OpenAccess y #OpenData. Se titula “Las personas que creen en lo paranormal tienen mayor tendencia a desarrollar ilusiones causales en el laboratorio”.
En su día, esta investigación también apareció en los medios. Os dejo el link por si lo queréis leer:…
Esta pieza se la debemos a @lagamez
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#RePEc is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 99 countries to enhance the dissemination of #research in #economics & related sciences (see on how you can be part of this initiative). Here is the list of our main services👇
Munich Personal #RePEc Archive is intended to disseminate #research papers of economists who want to make their work freely available through the RePEc network but are not affiliated with any institution that provides that furtherance
Are you a researcher in #economics or a related field?
Create and maintain a public profile of your work with #RePEc Author Service
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An experiment in conference twitter: an album of a few favorite slides from others' presentations at #ICAE2018. I hope they'll tell a story!…
Why do top journals in health sciences prevent us from sharing results before publication, even for articles that will be open access?

In other fields, scientists post working papers and get pre-publication feedback (including via twitter) to improve article quality.

Embargoes against sharing before publication, even for open-access articles, make sense to me only for publicity when the paper appears.

The resulting study-a-day media coverage is itself a problem, exaggerating the importance of new studies relative to previous knowledge.
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1/5 ☝️ Evolutionary anthropologist here. Few things are "universal" about marriage, and the social enforcement of monogamy ain't one of them 🤯 See e.g. the distribution of marriage systems across the ethnographic record 👇
2/5 The data relate to the 186 societies in the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, a key resource in anthropology. It's a set of societies that are well documented ethnographically, effectively a "snapshot" of variation in social and cultural practices 🌎🌍🌏…
3/5 Statements that something about marriage is "universal" are entirely contingent on the definition of "universal", "marriage", etc., so not particularly useful and very often misleading 🙄
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Just published: Call for tenders "Open Research Europe — The European Commission Open Research Publishing Platform". Contract notice:… Procurement documents:… Deadline: 18 May 2018 #OA #scholcomm #openaccess h/t @dagmarmichaela
"Tenderers are called to customize an existing publishing infrastructure solution [sic](...) to develop processes and policies to run the platform as a service, to engage in communication activities for the Platform and to run the service and publish articles in the Platform."
1/ OK, this thread will be long-ish - showing bits and pieces from the tender specifications (full text here:…). First, intended 'basic workflow of the platform': preprints can be posted to the platform also w/o intention to peer review & publish there.
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The opening remarks by the hosts of conferences are usually highly forgettable, a courtesy platform offered to a high-ranking academic who has nothing to say about the conference's subject. NOT THIS TIME!
These are the opening remarks of Martin Grötschel, who as well as being president of the host institution, the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, is a 25-year veteran of #OpenAccess campaigning. and a member of the German DEAL negotiating team. Read on…
1m50s: "I have always been aware of the significant imbalance and the fundamental divisions of the academic publication market. Being in the DEAL negotiation team, this became even more apparent ..."
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I want to say a bit about #openscience, a topic near and dear to my heart. Open science is a lot of things, including #scicomm and #openaccess.
Fundamentally, open science is a commitment by researchers to make more of the products of their research open and accessible to all.
This means different things to different researchers. For someone writing lots of computer code, this could mean making the code publicly accessible on @github.
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A thread: I am SO HAPPY to announce that our paper on #Restoration and Recovery of Earth's Damaged Ecosystems is out in @royalsociety Proceedings B!… We are in the process of making it #openaccess but HMU if you want a PDF.
It has already received some media coverage and I'll try to keep this thread updated with more. Here's the first story:…
I am extremely proud of this work. I have been building a database of studies that look at restoration/recovery for nearly 10 YEARS now. And I got to work with amazing co-authors @josemreybenayas @KDHoll5 @iheartnitrogen and other non-tweeps.
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Parlons donc un peu de libre accès. Ça fait plusieurs années que je milite sur cette question. J'ai commencé à vraiment m'activer dessus pendant ma thèse. Je vous raconte ça après un bref rappel de la problématique (je vais essayer de pas faire trop long…).
Comme il a déjà été question à plusieurs reprises de libre accès / #openaccess sur ce compte Twitter, je ne pense pas qu'il soit utile de trop rentrer dans les détails. Mais n'hésitez pas à poser vos questions !
Pour comprendre le soucis il faut connaître un peu le fonctionnement de la recherche, puis regarder comment fonctionne le système de publication avec une perspective historique.
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Ce matin je vais enfin avoir le temps de vous parler un peu d'#openaccess, mais avant j'aimerais faire un tout petit point sur le statut d'enseignant·e-chercheu·r/se.
On m'a reproché cette semaine (publiquement mais aussi par MP) de faire de la politique. Notamment, il serait anormal que je ne respecte pas le devoir de réserve, qui limite la liberté d'expression des fonctionnaires.
En fait, il y a une exception pour les EC. Cette exception se fonde sur le principe d'indépendance des EC, qui a été consacré par le Conseil constitutionnel en tant que "principe fondamental reconnu par les lois de la République".
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