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The concepts of doing well by doing good, impact investment funds & the like substitute "generosity" for "justice". Justice often requires the powerful to lose something, to stop standing on someone's back. 1/x
Generosity in this context is like continuing to stand on someone's back while throwing them a bone. Generosity of this kind where the system doesn't change but scraps are thrown has become a very powerful idea. 2/x
paraphrased from a conversation between @AnandWrites & @deray on he Pod Save (@PodSaveThePpl) the People #podcast… #economics #politics #business #philanthropy 3/3
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Ray Dalio talks #economics. Must watch. Here he covers emerging markets economic crises as well as how the next big crisis will shape up.
Ray Dalio's investing approach is centered around processing data into actionable conclusions. His goal has been to understand how the economic machine works. History repeats itself, he claims. His hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, embraces econometrics.
In contrast, the Austrian School of Economics generally rejects econometrics and dismisses empirical evidence. Instead of trying to understand the economic machine, they fight it. Listening to an Austrian economist is listening to never ending bashing of fiat currencies.
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Increasing minimum wage results in low-skilled young workers either being laid off or not getting hired, and Rent Relief results in rents getting raised because landlords know about it too. Democrats always find ways to exacerbate problems while pretending to solve them.
Politics Of Minimum Wage

The real minimum wage on the street is always the same -- zero!

However, Democrats advocate for it incessantly, because they count on the fact that those who get a raise will thank Democrats, whereas those who lose their jobs will blame the employers.
#politics #economics
People who support raising minimum wage must either think all employers are blood-suckers or that money grows on trees.
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#RePEc is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 99 countries to enhance the dissemination of #research in #economics & related sciences (see on how you can be part of this initiative). Here is the list of our main services👇
Munich Personal #RePEc Archive is intended to disseminate #research papers of economists who want to make their work freely available through the RePEc network but are not affiliated with any institution that provides that furtherance
Are you a researcher in #economics or a related field?
Create and maintain a public profile of your work with #RePEc Author Service
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1/ The US Dollar may not be redeemable in gold, but the US Dollar is backed by various assets, including gold, as required by law. (see…) #economics
2/ The answer to this poll was "the US Dollar is backed by Assets". Only 6% got it right (that is 87 out of 1443 people). And many for the wrong reasons (yes, guns are assets, yet not the assets backing the US Dollar).

3/ Second best answer would have been "Debt", or "Debt securities", which were not an alternative. Every debt deed is a liability for someone and an asset for someone else.
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A few years ago, I taught in a different school where I had many kids from El Salvador. One student in particular was quite troubled. I mean. He was a real pain in the butt. But I never sent him out of class because I'm not that kind of teacher.
But other teachers were having problems with him and he ended up on the assistant principal's almost every day. He was very disruptive in their classes. Finally, the guidance counselor got permission to share his story.
It turns out that this boy hid under the bed while his mother was repeatedly raped when he was 4 years old.
He witnessed his mother being raped.
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'Who believes in Bitcoin?’ Podcast from end 2017 /thread #UBS #economics # btc #bitcoin #bitcoincrash…
/2 Some of the investors are unsophisticated (inevitably), or desperate (people in hyperinflation economies). Financial regulation is designed to help such people. The crypto bubble came was faster than financial regulators could respond.
/3 The loss of confidence in experts (aided by media sensationalism) did not help. Cryptocurrencies may be mathematicaly elegant but are clearly designed by people who do not understand economics. The time of the cryptocrash could not be predicted, but it was inevitable
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It would seem to be a mistake to not have taken peoples' very real, practical concerns more seriously…
This was the article which had been retweeted…
3/ Given extent, range, & specificity of research that has gone into making appeal so far it raises certain questions about how the local council justifies itself as operating for the greater good of all of its locality-while pumping publicity for...…
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Six #nuclear reactors closed since 2013. By my count, up to 23 more reactors may retire w/o policy or market conditions improving: 21.6 GW = ~1/5th of US fleet, 4% of US #electricity--and crucially, 12% of emissions-free generation.

So what's killing nuclear power in the U.S.?
In a new @MIT CEEPR paper -- 1 part #energy #economics & 1 part film noir murder mystery! -- I provide the 1st empirical estimates of what's driving down #electricity market prices & killing profitability of 19 #nuclear power plants across @pjminterconnect…
You can read a short policy brief summarizing the paper & key conclusions @MIT CEEPR here:…

Abstract & paper here:…

Slides presented at #ASSA2018 here:…
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