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#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | I think we all get why off shore oligarch billionaires who own the press hate Corbyn but why are the “independent” TV news biased?
This Thread on that blatant bias, first Jeremy himself calls it out..
#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | The bias against Corbyn has led to the distortion of truth on an industrial scale. Here @OwenJones84 calls out just one example much to the BBC presenter’s annoyance
#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | The BBC, strangely for the “impartial” public broadcaster is the most biased. Listen to this clip on how the BBC describe Corbyn to its World Service audience as being in the “pro Soviet Union camp”
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Corbyn quite right to call out May's customs proposal in #PMQs. Why would the EU outsource its customs competencies to a third country? He should have pressed her on the VAT alignment amendment, though. That amendment could have very serious implications for the Irish border.
May: "while I was agreeing on the future of NATO with Trump..."

*howls of laughter*

May: "while I was negotiating our future security, he was renegotiating the definition of anti-Semitism"

*cries of "shame!*

Sums it up, really. Both parties are a mess #PMQs.
May tells the SNP's Ian Blackford she won't extend Article 50, which you might soon be able to put in the same box as "there won't be an early election," I suspect #PMQs
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I get why Corbyn went solely on buses last week at #pmqs now - to leave @EmilyThornberry the space this week to set out Labour's CU/SM bilateral position very clearly for pre-election record. She's better at this detail than him. This is the key bit from Hansard today
In an ideal world, this would be going viral on the #fbpe hashtag as, short of full Remain, it's what they've been demanding - full compliance with CU/SM conditions as set by EU to secure a deal, including on FoM controls as currently set in EU law.
But as with the @JPonpolitics example, any such wave of #fbpe virality is hampered by the commentariat's refusal/inability to understand/portray Labour's position on a a bilateral deal.
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1. Cabinet minister accused of not telling truth by NAO, authorities to say Vote Leave broke law in #euref, Cabinet squabbling over eu plans they haven’t all even seen yet and eu likely to reject, brexiteer MPs summoned to see chief whip - just another day in 2018 -oh, and #pmqs
2. Anyone else ready for the holidays?
3. If it’s the kind of thing that floats your boat, apparently ERG MPs summoned the chief whip not the other way round -
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*unless you're:
1) A #Grenfell survivor
2) Homeless
3) From the #Windrush generation
4) An EU citizen living in the UK
5) A UK citizen living in the EU
6) An Airbus worker
7) On a zero hours contract
8) Young
9) Disabled
10) A refugee
Have I left anyone out? #PMQs
lots more good suggestions coming in:
11) Teachers
12) Users of Sure Start centres
13) Not a homeowner
14) A rail commuter
15) Receiving Universal Credit
16) Hit by the bedroom tax
17) Relying on a food bank
Keep them coming in; unfortunately this could go on for a while.
even more of your examples:
18) A WASPI woman
19) A public sector worker
20) A student 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓
21) A carer
22) A fire fighter 🔥
23) Living near the Northern Ireland border
24) In need of legal aid
25) A badger
I’m sure there must be more...
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Back business or fuck business, prime minister? The fact she won’t condemn Johnson, let alone sack him, shows us whose side she’s on #PMQs
May’s absurd attack on Corbyn over Heathrow shows her desperation. Only one of them is threatening the collapse of aviation - the apparently ‘pro-business’ PM, whose threat of a no-deal would end flights to the EU and scrap tens of thousands of jobs overnight #PMQs
May is a hide-behind-sofa embarrassment. Can’t answer a single question on Brexit or how she’ll defend a single job. She’s either lying through her teeth or submerged in delusion. Either way, her policy will kill more jobs and communities than Thatcher could have dreamed of #PMQs
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I've been handed emails showing that Ministers and DfT officials were warned about Northern rail chaos 2 years ago. They show utter contempt for Northern passengers. #PMQs
DfT officials describe key routes as 'not really valued' and discuss giving a "sop" to campaigners.
They admit key Northern routes will be axed as early as 2015...
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1/ No Madam you are wrong. This goes to the heart of & undermines the very essence of what it means to be #British. Our sense of #fairplay , playing by the rules, and above all to our model of #democracy based on free & fair elections. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate
2/ If we ignore this blatant cheating & interference by a foreign power in the British Democratic process then we throw away all that is best about Britain, our history. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate #BrexitWhistleblower #PMQs
3/ If we ignore this election fixing & cheating we betray our ancestors, grandparents, great grandparents who sacrificed & gave so much to preserve our democracy & way of life. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate #BrexitWhistleblower #PMQs #Brexit #EUReferendum
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PM on Cambridge Analytica scandal and allegations of rule breaking by the Leave campaign: “If anyone is suggesting these claims call into question the referendum, I say to them that the referendum was held, the vote was taken and we will be delivering on it.” #PMQs #Brexit
This is an astonishing response. Valuing political expediency over The Rule of Law and proudly stating it to Parliament.
We are headed for an unprecedented and permanent constitutional upheaval based on a tiny margin. Brexiter arguments for how brilliant Brexit will turn out have fallen away; only remaining one is “democracy”. Evidence that undermines democratic legitimacy of the vote becomes key.
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🔍 Here's a photograph of the Chairman of the board of SCL Group, which The Times and The Guardian have reported as being the 'parent company' of Cambridge Analytica, campaigning alongside former Tory leader David Cameron. #PMQs A photograph of the Chairman of the board of SCL Group, which The Times and The Guardian have reported as being the 'parent company' of Cambridge Analytica, campaigning alongside David Cameron.
Robert Gabb, a director of SCL Group, has donated £717,950.00 to the Tory party. #PMQs Robert Gabb's donations to the Tory party.
The MOD appears to have used the services of SCL Group according to this FOI request. This is why Theresa May used the word 'currently' in her reply to @IanBlackfordMP's question.
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1. Draft treaty from Brussels will ruffle feathers today, no doubt about that - crucial to see whether EU has actually dropped the language that fudged it in December
2. DUP are scheduled to have two questions at #PMQs today so May v likely to have to respond BUT.....
3. Govt expected to dismiss today’s draft as being just that and Brexiteers have been given private assurances that govt position hasn’t and won’t change - and about speech on Friday
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1/ Lawful residence in the context of Settled Status and why government claim that EU #citizensrights of ALL 3.4m EU citizens are sorted is incorrect - a thread
2/ in today's #PMQs the Prime Minister said the following:

"I’m absolutely clear that EU citizens living lawfully in the UK today will be able to stay"

See those little words there: "living lawfully"
3/ to the British public this may sound reasonable - those not deeply involved in the matter will hear 'lawfully' as being EU citizens who are not criminals. An assumption easily made.
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