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आपलं संविधान आपला सन्मान !
भारतीय संविधान चिरायू होवो !

भारतात हजारो जाती अन विविध धर्म आहेत.त्या सर्वांच्या मुलभूत हक्कांचे संरक्षण संविधान करते.म्हणून आपण उघड बोलू शकतो.
आपले मत मांडू शकतो.नापसंती व्यक्त करतो.मुक्तपणे सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी वावरू शकतो. 👇

#संविधान #मराठी #म
आपल्यावर जर कुणी सावर्जनिक ठिकाणी,घरी,कामाच्या ठिकाणी अन्याय केला तर त्याबद्दल दाद मागायची तरतूद संविधानाने आपल्याला बहाल केली आहे. 👇

#संविधान #मराठी #म
तुम्ही हिंदू असा,मुस्लीम असा,शिख असा बौद्ध असा ख्रिस्ती असा लिंगायत जैन पारशी आदिवासी असा.या सर्वच जाती धर्मातील स्त्री पुरुषांना नोकरी देणे त्यांचे हक्क अधिकार देणे सुट्या देणे बोनस देणे शिक्षण स्त्रियांना मताचा 👇

#संविधान #मराठी #म
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I insist that what you watched yesterday was pure #PollywoodScript (1st heard Pollywood from @Mr_JAGs POLLYTICS+NOLLYWOOD=Pollywood).
#TheScript was written by @bukolasaraki
Specially featuring his main man, Daura head of DSS..
Directed by Ben Bruce..
#PollywoodScript thread👇
I tuned in to @channelstv @sunrisedailynow yesterday morning, I noticed that @MaupeO was already grilling both APC & PDP guests in the studio. I was very curious as to why she was really pushing deeper on her logical questions to the guys...
Then a call from Linda from NASS came:
Will continue later, busy for now....
It's all #PollywoodScript 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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It will be fair to get a response from Nigerians in the UK. Here you go...#SaveOurDemocracy
Not sure of the date though but certainly not 1983. If you have an update in counter where people lay down to be run over in praise please share.
Okay to make everyone happy...the ice cream way, let’s call this a Flashback. Alright? 🤔
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Populist ensnaring you with mental slavery will tell you opposition stole, thus the cause your poverty. Please scratch that. Poverty is not a function of money in the bank. It is the circumvention of the law & truncation of productivity through the proliferation of chaos.
To measure the level of fruitfulness (productivity) of any nation, we look at the GDP. Shall take a peep at where we’re coming from and where are are now? 👉🏽 #SaveOurDemocracy
Recent review by Business insider describes Nigeria's GDP as heading into full blown crisis 3yrs after prosperity.… these resources are not new to those conscious. #SaveOurDemocracy
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