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I hear sons of perdition are mobilizing an attack on Pastor Paul Adefarasin for speaking his mind after parishioners in the church’s Jos branch were killed in droves. How inhumane can these urchins maintained by crumbs get despite the failure of this admin? 🤔
Even though I personally won’t allude to a Fulani Agenda based I know from the events in that region, I can’t also rule out the fact that there’re criminal elements in every tribe and the Fulanis are no different. It’ll be a fallacy to make this about religion or clannish agenda.
It is time the administration fire the idiots within the Presidency and engage their weaknesses to curb the divisive narratives and reveal the true situation in that conundrum. It is also factual that most Christian communities were affected but we must trace the root cause.
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A few of us who may have chronicled the genesis of this crisis will argue it is not Religious but Political in nature. The truth though is that we can’t separate Religion from Politics. How do you explain the decimation of communities & occupation of same by strange Fulanis? 🤔
Some of us remember this post condemning the actions of Berom youths on Fulanis & it wasn’t news worthy of alarm to most then. If probed further it would have been defended as a reprisal attack. This is one of the cyclical mutually assured destruction in that conundrum.
It goes deeper than 2012 by the way. This is why we can’t afford to have a partisan or tribalist at he helms of affairs in any civilization. We can’t keep decimating ourselves like this and hope to progress. Responsible Govt unites the people & settle disputes for good.
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This is no longer a country. Murderers have now shown they own Nigeria and nothing will happen. Is the President Aware or still playing dead to this madness? Is this the Change promised?! 🤔 ⁦@YakubDogara⁩ ⁦@bukolasaraki#SecureNigeria…
Miyetti Allah like SARS will kill you and nothing will happen because they are above the law as empowered by the powers that be. I wonder how many people they asked who they support on Twitter before cutting their lives short. Let self genocidal defenders take note. #AmINext
Why are they condemning this like they don’t know who the murderers are even after they have claimed responsibility right on Nigerian Soil?! 🤔
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Keep people who tell you what you need to hear as against what you want to hear.
Here is something many will like to Lee buried from limelight. (Short thread) 👇🏾#RealCorruption
With heavy heart I reminisce over the fact that the current IGP, superintending over the daily killings and chaotic threat to our civilization and democracy, was the Kano State CP, where our pseudo corruption fighting President miraculously galvanized 2M Votes. #RealCorruption
The Kano INEC REC was summarily executed along with his wife and children in a mysterious arson attack. Not a single lead on that investigation till tomorrow. #RealCorruption
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The pity party for the aberrations within the aberration are highly acknowledged but we can no longer continue to suffer from their criminality. The madness stops now. Unfit demagogues can not remain in sensitive offices, harassing citizens while people die daily. #SecureNigeria
If there be any integrity in this administration as mendaciously marketed by fake vicars and amoral griots alike, the IGP will tender his resignation and seek medical help. I won’t mind funding that. Our Civilization cum democracy is threatened under the collectively sick.
We as citizens however must at this point show some understanding and not mock the ailing. We are all mortals and no one can lay claim to full wellness. Our body perish daily. This however shouldn’t hold back our National progress. Authorities should do the needful.
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Fellow Nigerians. I’m certain we have all expressed our disappointment in our leaders over several recent happenings but let me weigh in on the #DapchiGirls matter having consulted with reliable/objective sources with no reason to lie or give in to prevarication.
The administration have themselves to blame for the loss of the trust of the people. At times like this Govt and the people should be reasoning together and giving account of stewardship instead of trying to win people over after a successful milestone in peace talks.
The cessation of hostilities between Govt forces & those of the insurgents (BH) took a lot of commitment from a constellation of people and it was the success of these talks that led to the release of the #DapchiGirls & all sources corroborated the fact that No Payment was made.
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