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In Ethiopia, there is nothing like GRA. The rich lives with the poor and crime rate is very close to zero. The society is all inclusive and the country thrives with one of the best airlines in the world. It wasn’t even about oil which I doubt they even have. #UnshackleLagos
It’s time we make LAGOS all inclusive & open up new opportunities. Welders must return to their jobs & power must be fixed through affordable alternative energy sources for the common man. Our graduates need not be okada riders when opportunities are abound. #UnshackleLagos
There is a means through which we can drive down the cost of living instead of fighting for minimum wage. No matter how high your salary is you still will find it difficult to make ends meet at the rate at which things are spiraling out of control. #UnshackleLagos
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We have over 80million youth population which positions the country for progress if properly engaged and harnessed but instead we continue to run an over 40year old policy for the NYSC program, which is already outdated and expired for today’s engagement age. #ScrapNYSC
That one year can be deployed to usher our graduates into a world of posibilities, showing them how to apply themselves across discipline towards Nation Building. This is where true leadership can be communicated in practical terms. #ScrapNYSC
But instead what do we have? We have an anachronistic National Racket that creates a morbid sense of entitlement in an age where nothing is guaranteed. How else can a wasted one year in a camp that earned you only a cardboard justify gainful employment in 2018? #ScrapNYSC
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Been following the debates on Wikipedia and can’t help but note some of the misinformation on #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG advocacy. The success wasn’t mainly due to random persons sharing their experiences of police harassment and brutality on Twitter. @Wikipedia #NotesToWiki
We grew up talking about our problems & this didn’t change with the advent of Socialmedia. When a Bull is found at the bank of a River, most often it always assumed by opportunists that it must have drowned there. But sadly this is not the case with the Advocacy. #NotesToWiki
A Blockchain model was built with extensive study of the situation running before the actual campaign started. Twitter shares were mainly to improve the argument & encourage Nigerians to share their stories, while engagement of authorities went on behind the scenes. #NotesToWiki
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Here are a few signs that you might be brainwashed by corporate media: (if 3 or more applies to you, seek help & emancipate yourself from mental slavery)

1. You support candidates based solely on Party affiliation despite the fact that there is clearly no ideology (APC/PDP).
2. You think Nigeria is still a Democracy

3. You believe in the contrived National Unity and the Messiah Hoax.

4. You take mainstream News as Facts and never question them.

5. You don’t know why we are in so much debt yet celebrate purported income generated via TSA.
6. You actually believe Herdsmen Wars are solely about Climate Change.

7. You think your President is a Reform Democrat and man of Integrity.

8. You think #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG was Political or funded by Politicians.

9. You think APC is a political party
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This is not about tribal argument. The indictment is on the administration with a penchant for ethnic bigotry, illegal backdoor hires of political families and folks with close ties to the president. How do we trust such appointments under one Nigeria?! Do we simply pretend?🤔
Will you ask what the person has to offer if 90% of the cabinet is from one particular region based on the sentiment of the President if not Northern? I’m asking for the future of Nigeria. Nigeria is my Tribe. I won’t be claimed anywhere. Answer sincerely for my sake. 🤔
I have nothing against the beneficiary of obvious nepotism but what does the future hold for Nigeria under the identity politics of hate and division? Will you enjoy the result at the end of the trajectory when the ilk of the current ruling class are gone?! 🤔
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If you ask Distinguished @feladurotoye (consensus candidate PACT) he will share with you a few things we discussed in 2006 (my first prophecy by the way) it was in various parts but significantly bordering on AfricanUnity. Julius Makema is confirming this.…
Nigerians MUST not pick their leaders based on some isolated and myopic sentiments. Africa needs leadership and Nigeria is the trigger if Africa were to be a Gun. It goes beyond the foolish self centered identity politics of hate some laud now. Think people. We need a Visionary.
#JuliusMalema is reading from my script of 2006 as shared with just one man. There is nothing Malema is saying now that is not practicable. It has been demonstrated for you all with #EndSARS even without a political office. We all must apply ourselves and stop being tools of hate
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There’s a dangerous trend that is symptomatic of how hopeless the assembly line literacy program we call education has been. People would rather want to sound “Woke” than demonstrating their ability to think independently. I wake up daily to read torrential requests for money/Job
You come on Twitter hoping to see quality and superior arguments but all you see littering the space is a “wokish” culture of emotive people indoctrinated by Neo-liberalism. I’m always glad when once in a while folks like @cchukudebelu @zeal_a @KingDouyeAlfred & @TunjiAndrews ...
...grace the space with quality debates on socio-Economic issues and superior argument that educates readers void of sentiments, emotions and blackmail as defence for lack of point or counter. These folks are a breath of fresh air. Now to the issues that should concern us all...
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There is a village of difference between fighting for constitutional rights of a generality (all humans in a state) based on overwhelming common ground as against the campaign on rights based on personal preferences of a minority group.
From experience in my years of research that birthed the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Campaign, the review of laws is not a one man job. It takes a lot of collective effort & engagement bordering on political will of the generality. I don’t represent folks who look like me but All.
I’m familiar with the worn out strategy of targeting string voices and guilting them into the support of LGBTQ under the veil of Human Rights. Kindly note that in as much as I don’t use titles, I’m extensively learned in psychology and anthropology. These tricks won’t work.
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I’m sure most are aware that I can’t be bullied or cowed into submission. I respond only to superior arguments & if you don’t have that please shun ad hominem. We work on the streets & know the confidence with which innocent citizens are attacked by authorities running amok.
Unguided pronouncement by authority figures make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants. We are trying to curb homicides, law enforcers are mostly ignorant of the law but are quick to latch into vague pronouncement that gives them leverage to commit crimes.
To top that selfish individuals will exploit every opportunity to want to prove that the rights or minority groups trumps the rights of generality even when there is no comparison or profiling in the intervention process. We are indeed our own enemy as a people. Let’s be guided.
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The DIG Joshak Habila led #OverhaulSARS Committee task by #IGPIdris to carry out @NGRPresident directives met with all FSARS Commanders in Nigeria at @PoliceNG FHQ Abuja.
The full details of the Presidential directives on #OverhaulSARS as issued by AgP @ProfOsinbajo & content of the new FSARS Organizational Policy Framework & Operational Guidelines & Procedures designed by #OverhaulSARS Committee was shared with the officers for strict compliance.
Only competent officers will remain as Commanders in new FSARS, those not measuring up to acceptable standard will be redeployed and new courageous officers will be posted as replacements. Many of the personnel inherited will be posted out of FSARS. – CP Haliru Gwandu, CP FSARS.
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I’m sure we have all heard about the #AfricanIconAwards. This year they’re honoring Africa’s greatest like ⁦@GeorgeWeahOff⁩ ⁦⁦@TonyOElumelu⁩ ⁦@official2baba⁩ etc...because of what we all did, yours truly got included on that list. 🙏🏽…
This is for the team and for all Nigerians standing up for their rights. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG @julietkego @DrJoeAbah
There are many unsung heroes working tirelessly on this as well. These are the real African Icons and true Heroes. @yemusan1 @ChubaEzeks @Iykepfs @DrArowoloAyoola @ikehiemma @EmekaMakata @RuggedyBaba @beegeaglesblog @IOmuta @Opetodolapo @koredebello @fodewunmi and of course you!
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What stage has been won, the same day @SamuelOgundipe was arrested by SARS and is still in detention? No, we haven't won any stage. It's just PR and you're getting caught in it.#FreeSamuelOgundipe
I don't know if it's divide and conquer at this stage, what exactly is the difference between this announcement by the VP and the previous ones? Why are we lapping it up this time, nothing happened the last time the President (Via the Same VP) announced an "Overhaul"...
Nothing happened when the IG ordered the "reorganization" of SARS. When did the demand change from #EndSARS. Why are we accepting a sheet of paper as some sort of victory?
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@segalink @julietkego @Tutsy22 @DrJoeAbah @PoliceNG @AbdulMahmud01 @citizen_gavel @RuggedyBaba @NwangumaOkey @Intergrity56 @zeal_a @CACCOT1 @ArthurObiOkafor @bunmola2010 @NelsonJide Bravo SEGA, the immovable behemoth has finally moved. We celebrate this move away from intransigence, even as it does not go far enough. The goal #ENDSARS remains. I shall tell you why I think so
@segalink @julietkego @Tutsy22 @DrJoeAbah @PoliceNG @AbdulMahmud01 @citizen_gavel @RuggedyBaba @NwangumaOkey @Intergrity56 @zeal_a @CACCOT1 @ArthurObiOkafor @bunmola2010 @NelsonJide 1. Drawing from the lessons the protracted obduracy over this matter which the IGP has demonstrated thus far, I refuse to be taken in by this seeming volte face. It is simply not in the man's nature to blink
@segalink @julietkego @Tutsy22 @DrJoeAbah @PoliceNG @AbdulMahmud01 @citizen_gavel @RuggedyBaba @NwangumaOkey @Intergrity56 @zeal_a @CACCOT1 @ArthurObiOkafor @bunmola2010 @NelsonJide 2. The fact that Daura got sacked so ignominiously probably jolted the Police helmsman into not trifling with the AgP's orders. Reason why he acted with such immediacy on the matter. Tis primarily about self-preservation
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We WON Guys! #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG @julietkego @Tutsy22 @DrJoeAbah Time to build a new. The #NewNigeria is real. Congrats to @PoliceNG as we begin to reform. Out with the Old and welcome the New. 👏🏼👏🏼 #OsinbajoDelivers
Thanks @yemusan1 @koredebello @RuggedyBaba @fodewunmi @ChubaEzeks @Iykepfs @DrArowoloAyoola @ikehiemma and all the great people out there that have been contributing daily in the past one year. Now to focus on monitoring sustainably #ReformPoliceNG
The Devil is in the details. The implementation of the order is key. We will remain vigilant as we press on to ensure effective monitoring. Humans are weakest at the point of success but we must understand that success by itself is a journey & never a destination.
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The @UN #InternationalYouthDay Was made memorable by credible ranking officers of the @PoliceNG from the AIG, SARS Commissioner, Technical Adviser to the IG, Force PRO, PPRO Zone2, SARS Commanders & our host @koredebello, Speakers @zeal_a @yemusan1 #SafeSpaces4Youth #WhyEndSARS
Thanking @knowyourright99 also for his delightful opening speech and @citizen_gavel @NelsonJide for making there despite the heavy schedule and travel time. What could we have done without the backing of @MAVINRECORDS and the great talents at #Caspertainment? Appreciate U Casper!
The AIG said in his speech that not everyone is 100% healthy & we can not say that based on that, we should End everyone’s life. In as much as this is true, we MUST appreciate that we can not treat the dead, neither can the sick approach a hospital renowned for killing patients.
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Yesterday's Concatenate conference showed what's possible when we give young people an opportunity to flourish and express themselves. I am so glad @codebeast @unicodeveloper and other conceived and executed this. Well done, ladies and gentlemen. Well done.
A group of Nigerian young men and women with so much help, gathered some of the finest engineers all around the world to speak in a Nigerian technology conference. This is AMAZING!!!! Like AMAZING!!!
To every organisation that sponsored the event, I am saying thank you on behalf of all the amazing attendants from yesterday. You made the last 2 days possible. Thank you.
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My worst encounter with SARS Officer today @segalink
Exactly 12.30 today i entered Ibadan from Abeokuta. My bus stopped at iwo road so i could get another bus going to my destination which is Osogbo.
Getting down i was approached by a SARS officer he asked for my name and a valid means of identification i told him my name and showed him my business card. He asked what i do for a living i said am a student and also into Crypto- currency.
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While those who sneak to seek help in the corner, openly join a few misguided urchins to blackmail us for pecuniary based on partisanship and camaraderie, we are not deterred from helping anyone regardless of craze, creed, class, clan or clout. Just this morning...
A young man was dropped a friend on Ojodu Berger route at a bus stop only to be pounced on by a policeman without being told his crime. His car keys were wrestled out of his hands and he was manhandled & driven to a near by holding at FRSC compound in the area.
His abduction was a strategically scripted collaboration between LATSMA official, especially one who claims to be an Area Commander Olabisi Olumuyiwa and the chief molester Alao- the Police. After subduing him, they asked him to settle them.
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You may choose your Title: “The Cluelessness of the Buhari Government ?” or “The Omnipotence of Bukola Saraki ?”

Fresh facts have emerged about the Tuesday, August 7th failed coup at the National Assembly and the clandestine attempts by the Buhari administration to cover up a story that played out in the full view of the nation, both online and on social media.
Before i begin, it is important to note that the angle being peddled by aides of President Buhari, led by his PA on Social Media, @Laurestar, is that Bukola Saraki, planned the siege on the National Assembly with the former Director of DSS, Lawal Daura, to avert his removal.
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@Viqforlan @Oluwakomiyo_ @Kelvin_Odanz Power resides where men believe it resides. Power is not tied to a chair or building but in the hearts and beliefs of the people. This is why most politicians and tyrants are always shackled by public opinion. Narcissists can’t survive without accolades and praise.
@Viqforlan @Oluwakomiyo_ @Kelvin_Odanz The pillars of power as I have often admonished is not in a building. It lies in the control of the group mind, beliefs and public opinion. This is why your politicians seized all media licenses and owned Print and digital media. That has shifted now with Twitter’s disrupt.
@Viqforlan @Oluwakomiyo_ @Kelvin_Odanz Now they are panicking. The generation that will make the needed change (18-45) are not Newspaper junkies but get their info from Twitter. You are a major threat if that space listens to you & you are accountable to the populace altruistically.
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We understand the toll the deliberate impoverishment of the masses may have taken on those who carry guns. The leadership of SARS/Police Are no enemies. The campaign never said everyone is evil. We are simply demanding that they become accountable. Do we celebrate their crimes?
If 8 of 10 encounters across Nigeria shows Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Extortion, Abuse Of Human Rights, intimidation and outright high handedness in your opinion we should focus on the 2 cases of the parade of innocent citizens as armed robbers? 🤔
People should understand that a lot of hard work is at play here beyond Socialmedia to help Police hierarchy get the true picture and spread the enlightenment to their men who really may have lost their ways. This is not benchmark and best practices. This is anarchy on steroids.
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Another Innocent Young Man Falls To SARS this time in Gombe, this just got to my ears from my brother #AhmedMagem as Stories of sorrows, tears and blood continues in Nigeria in this matter. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG
The excesses of some unscrupulous SARS operatives landed in Billiri town of Gombe State where report has it that a girl accused a young man, Emmanuel Luka popularly known as "Gatuso" of stealing her phone and so went ahead to call in her boyfriend who is a SARS operative.
Before you know it they'd taken the young man away and tortured him to death.
The same phone was later found with someone else, unfortunately an innocent young man got killed. Her own neighbor for that matter.

“Why kill someone over a phone? The phone that is less than 50k.”
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The entire country is a huge Crime Scene and the Police/SARS finger prints are all over the crime as major perpetrators. Our political class are complicit and mum because they are in between the devil and the deep blue sea. Their legalized thugs are now a threat to our democracy.
Families are burying their adolescents, who they hoped to someday deliver the future amidst tears and deep sorrow, while politicians focus on 2019, ignoring the imbroglio they made happen since their own wards are in safe havens...but this too will soon change.
The Nigerian Revolution will be historic, dynamic and will change the cause of history for generations to come. No gimmick, bribes, enticement of offering will change the inevitable. Our dead will not die in vain. Justice for all will finally mean what it ought.
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Very soon CitizenArrest will be possible to checkmate erring Police Officers running their own racket at our expense. Adenola Taiwo & Ochuko Christopher attached to Adekunle Police Station (Panti) have been robbing citizens at gun point for a while now. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG
I call on the Area commander, Commissioner of Police and other well meaning officers to take them off the street and investigate them thoroughly. @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_lagos @TunjiDisu1 @Opetodolapo @IOmuta They accuse citizens indiscriminately for fraud and robs them at gun point.
We won’t let this go. This is not the first time UNILAG students will be harassed in that axis. Whatever happened to Section 37 of the Nigerian Constitution as amended? Why are officers of @PoliceNG divorced from the law? #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG
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