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Can someone tell @falzthebahdguy to make a radio edit of @ThisIsNigeria and change the word Criminal to Minimal (we get it) then relaunch it for radio & media blast. We need to teach the system that Nigeria has changed since the 80s. AMVA will be in breach if they let you perform
You should have done this. The NBC censors DSTV as well and if that song had gone on air, they will be victimized/penalized heavily. Who knows how many events will have to follow suit on that Critical track we need so much? Please do the needful. @zeal_a #ThisIsNigeria
We said as much earlier...Just in case you missed it. 👉🏽
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Male and Female He made them...until insanity crept in. ⛱
The truth remains the truth regardless of your meltdown. Seek help. #ThisIsNigeria
Now they claim God is Homophobic.
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A Study On Self Worth #ASOSW : #YxngDxnzl @MI_Abaga. I will do a reaction thread. 🤓🤓
Downloaded both on phone and laptop...gonna do this tomorrow morning..
1. Do you know who you are?
This song tells three different problems...
Black inferiority complex and racism, Hate and some bad ideology amongst blacks, high expectations from males,...
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You may choose your Title: “The Cluelessness of the Buhari Government ?” or “The Omnipotence of Bukola Saraki ?”

Fresh facts have emerged about the Tuesday, August 7th failed coup at the National Assembly and the clandestine attempts by the Buhari administration to cover up a story that played out in the full view of the nation, both online and on social media.
Before i begin, it is important to note that the angle being peddled by aides of President Buhari, led by his PA on Social Media, @Laurestar, is that Bukola Saraki, planned the siege on the National Assembly with the former Director of DSS, Lawal Daura, to avert his removal.
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🤔Instead of them to address the issues raised, they will try to suppress The truth but this action will only make the song more popular. Anything you ban gets a BlackMarket appeal. Try this On YouTube too by the way. 🚶🏾‍♂️#ThisIsNigeria
There are many angles to this and if @falzthebahdguy wish to reveal them more we are willing to help out lawfully @zeal_a @AbdulMahmud01 @citizen_gavel they need a response that strikes like Thunder. 🌩
On @falzthebahdguy side, there is no need to be perturbed. A few minutes studio Edit of the song, removal the word “Criminal” will do the trick creating a new “RadioEdit” version that can be blasted all over again across the airwaves. @zeal_a corroborates this as well.
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The last time I received a slap that sound, I was in SS2. It was mum.

This time my Slapper was 3. She was my patient. I was trying to examine her 'area'.

I looked up in shock, then I met her eyes. I shivered. One act of abuse had scarred yet another.😢

A typical clinic day.
In walked She, mum and aunt.
Her Shiny black skin and full natural hair caught my eye.
She was 3.
Didn't look sick at all.

"Hey there happy Girl,Welcome, What brings you to the clinic today?", I started with a smile. One that soon turned sour👇
What she said hit me and suddenly made me reach for my Zobo bottle.
All that Glucose would come in handy.

"Come again please", I said

"E rapeuru ya yesterday" (She was raped yesterday)

I looked at the Barbie.

"Who did that Ma'am?"

"My neighbour's son"
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Who you vote for is your personal decision. The choice to either be self genocidal or embrace freedom will always be yours. You already have an unpleasant memory and you know the elements that constantly remind you of this. The harbinger of chaos & blood. #AmINext
People who remind you to be more cautious of the people you invest your time in & ruin relationships for. People who remind you to see people for who they are and not for who you want or hope for them to be. We must have learnt to love how people treat us, not what they promise.
We MUST not get it wrong again in 2019 while counting our dead in just 3 years of the unconscionable, unrepentant and impertinent aberration, who are still denying culpability & responsibility in an opposition fashion, even while at the helm of control of state apparatus.
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.@bukolasaraki had thugs in Kwara called 'Good Boys'
KWSG confimed they empowered 'Good Boys'
5 of #OffaRobbery gang confirmed they received funds and Lexux Jeep from KWSG
4 Robbers accompanied @bukolasaraki to Offa after killing 33
@MBuhari is the problem right? #ThisisNigeria
Rather than @bukolasaraki own up and acknowledge mistake regarding the involvement of his thugs in #OffaBankArmedRobberyGate he made it an Executive Vs Legislature war, mobilised @NGRSenate @HouseNGR to cover his shame. We are now have a perfect diversion from #OffaRobbery
In saner climes political across parties would be meeting to learn from the mistaje of @bukolasaraki KWSG on #OffaBankArmedRobberyGate and jointly resolve to stop using and empowering thugs, disband all private political militias, but NO! @NGRSenate @HouseNGR became Saraki's tool
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Dear Kings and Queens,
Youth activism and engagement can bring about important social changes that are sometimes left behind. You don’t have to be a politician to be an active member of your community, local government, state, Country. THREAD!!!
Your opinion matters and it should be heard. Here’s a list of ideas of how you can participate locally and globally:
1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: You might not be able to contest for elective positions yet, you don't even have to be interested in politics, but all citizens hold national rights. These rights are only of use to you if you are informed about them, so read up!
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