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🤔Instead of them to address the issues raised, they will try to suppress The truth but this action will only make the song more popular. Anything you ban gets a BlackMarket appeal. Try this On YouTube too by the way. 🚶🏾‍♂️#ThisIsNigeria
There are many angles to this and if @falzthebahdguy wish to reveal them more we are willing to help out lawfully @zeal_a @AbdulMahmud01 @citizen_gavel they need a response that strikes like Thunder. 🌩
On @falzthebahdguy side, there is no need to be perturbed. A few minutes studio Edit of the song, removal the word “Criminal” will do the trick creating a new “RadioEdit” version that can be blasted all over again across the airwaves. @zeal_a corroborates this as well.
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Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America” is much more disturbing than the surface-level of officials saying “give children weapons.”

(Brief thread)

“Who is America” opens with Cohen’s Israeli character presenting his case for arming (literal) babies by invoking the paradigm of terrorism.

Interviewees understood the subtext (Palestinians) and reacted accordingly.
It’s not just the US.

This clip shows how American officials understand an entire group of people (Palestinians) as so implicitly threatening — that violence is immediately & uncritically accepted, even to arming literal infants.

The Israel-terrorism paradigm justifies all.
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4 officers just showed up on my doorstep.

they showed their badges and asked to speak to someone inside my house.

i instantly saw their guns.

when i asked if they had a warrant, an officer threatened to come back with a warrant and rip my door off its hinges.

when it was revealed that all they wanted was to see if someone inside had a phone contact that would help them with an investigation, I asked why the officer threatened a search warrant at all or to rip my door off its hinges.

the officer denied making either threat (2/?)
(and, yes—i have a video recording of him making both threats.)

when i tried to explain why four white men with badges and guns showing up on a black woman’s doorstep in 2018 was cause for extreme alarm, they said:

“this isn’t about race”

“I don’t see color”

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I have been digging around to try to better explain what the Flores Settlement is all about.

Yesterday I stumbled across something that stopped me in my tracks.

#FamiliesBelongTogether /1
Jenny Lisette Flores, 15, fled civil war in El Salvador In 1985. When she was apprehended at the US-Mexico border she was held for months in an #immigration detention facility together with unrelated adults. /2…
During litigation the government conceded that conditions were "deplorable." Kids were jailed together with unrelated adults in facilities ringed with barbed-wire. They had little to no education, recreation, or visitation. This lasted months or longer. /3…
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Trump administration now ripping nursing babies from their mothers…
Undocumented immigrants in the South denied access to water, electricity, and gas… via @thinkprogress #InternmentCamps #DeathPanels #Sociopathy
Four-star general warns Trump's family separation policy echoes Nazis… #AmericanSociopath
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was finally provided a tour of the kid jail.

Those are children in those cages. Ripped from their parents.

Many qualify to stay in the US. There is *no* reason to separate them from their parents.

Unless cruelty has become policy.

To clarify for those who might think, wrongly, that this is new.

Kids have been detained - incarcerated- for years. Family detention is a blight on our national consciousness.

What's new is separating children from parents.

But both are evil and we must do better.
I will not give Obama a pass for letting this happen even while he did DACA and provisional waivers.

He bought the xenophobic narrative of the parasitic immigrant.

They're refugees. He blew it. Hard.

Trump has added a new level of cruelty.
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What’s more shameful is the White American majority voted for Trump precisely so this would happen, and the more he justifies such heinous actions by calling the undocumented “animals” the more his approval rating rebounds. #ThisIsAmerica
Never forget that White Americans voted in majority for dictator Donald Trump and EVERY racist, inhumane atrocity his corrupt government commits. @HillaryClinton called them deplorable for a reason and they prove it daily.
Propane Jane discusses how the deplorables’ dehumanization of marginalized groups has paved the way for dismantling of every civil rights advancement of the 20th Century and the illegitimate ascendancy of #InstabilityInChief via @RickSmithShow…
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The people outraged about NFL players peacefully protesting racism also support this policy:
•A weeping mother is forced to wear a yellow bracelet
•Her 8 & 11 year old boys ripped away from her indefinitely
•ICE has *lost* 1400+ kids😳
It gets worse:
•Sexual abuse of kids in ICE custody is rampant.
•Knowing this—WH now permits ICE to destroy records relating to sexual assault & deaths in custody.😳
•All the while, parents are denied access to their own abused kids😓
It gets yet worse:
•Govt admits it has lost *1500 migrant children* who came here escaping drug cartels, gang violence, & domestic abuse
•Govt placed some kids with smugglers & human traffickers
•Knowing this—Govt continues to rip kids away from parents…
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Families with children and unaccompanied minors account for 40 percent of those detained by U.S. border agents, Sen Heitkamp says. Kids separated from their parents. Warehoused. On military bases.

With training in child dev. & psych, I give you:
2) Separating children from their parents is one of the most traumatic things you can do to a child, even when the child has had a safe and secure upbringing where there's been little violence or privation. Separating even for a short time has a cute name: Separation Anxiety.
3) SA is a normal stage in young childhood development, and usually ends by age 2. It's characterized by clinginess when the parent IS available, and fear of the parent leaving so much so that they refuse to sleep or let the parent leave the room without them.
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Shopping in Whole Foods today and saw an average looking white woman pick up an apple from the produce section and just start eating it. My wife was shocked but I said perhaps she’s gonna pay for it later. I assumed good intentions. A few minutes later... 1/4 #ThisIsAmerica
I saw her again in the baked goods section, brazenly eating cookies from a display case. ie: shoplifting. I know we were not the only people to see her. Nobody alerted anyone or did anything. I’m admitting this because... 2/4 #ThisIsAmerica
Everyday we see stories of perfectly innocent black people being treated as criminals for perfectly legal behavior. While white people have a presumption of innocence so strong, they can openly engage in illegal behavior without repercussion. But I realized... 3/4 #ThisIsAmerica
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#ThisisAmerica is "powerful and rewarding" for people who get off on violence against Black bodies. #PerpetualRewind
Look, #ThisisAmerica was....meh. It's what it is, no real subtlety. However, it's always great to watch white folx lose their shit when you point out their cultural pastimes. Still would much rather read and watch #janellemonae or #Bey's nuance.
Of course when you read about Glover's hating black women, fetishizing Asian women and his fondness for and defending of rape jokes, it's even less interesting. #ThisISAmerica #perpetualrewind
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Death riding the Pale white horse while he is followed by Hell (represented by police) going totally unnoticed because of dancing and pop culture in the foreground is the single greatest cinematic message I’ve seen in a music video to date. #ThisIsAmerica
“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” -Revelation 6:8
If you would like to expand your knowledge and gain some perspective then you should read “Behold A pale Horse” by Milton William Cooper

Here’s the pdf:…
Courtesy of @HouseOfTruDou
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I need someone to talk to about the genius behind Gambino’s “This is America” because I cannot handle this emotion on my own!

ALSO: he references Stephon Clark “This is a celly” meaning this was put together in

ALSO (continued): Could this be a Horseman of the Apocalypse running through the background? But also the fact that you could miss it because of the dancing in the foreground further emphasizes the distractions of pop culture/social media #ThisIsAmerica
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