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Wow. The trolls are out in force today. They target the truth with plain old ugliness. They are toxic beings; physically, mentally and spiritually. Do not let their diseased consciousness infect your mind/body. Rise above, recognize they are just dying animals crying out in pain.
It has never been more important to maintain your inner zen than right now. This is not a game. The stakes have never been higher. They win when they get us to vibrate at their low frequency (aka when they succeed at agitating us). Be vigilant about protecting YOUR SELF. #QAnon
Q doesn't call it coordinated attacks for nothing. Military level psyops is what we are facing. Professional con artists, mind controllers, & Hannibal Lector types (literally). Soldiers of EVIL. Minions of darkness. ZERO respect for life or truth because theyre in a DEATH CULT.
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Let's talk about programming triggers. 🚨SRA/ULTRA WARNING: I WILL BE LISTING ACTUAL TRIGGERS HERE!🚨#SayBraveThings #SurvivorsUnite #Discernment #TruthResonates #ByePhoenicia
* First, I want to make something clear. Seeing/ reading/hearing one or two of these does not automatically mean you're dealing with a bad actor. Use logic, and look at the bigger picture before judging.
* Triggers for mind control protocol can be words, phrases, visual stimuli, sounds, music, touch...they are all employed. Everyone is programmed uniquely, but there are a lot of common triggers out there.
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Twitter is unhealthy for me today. I will no longer be offering my opinion on PEOPLE, it's irrelevant. I may comment on information & evidence using logic, but I'm not here to make friends or call people out. I'm here to share the truth as I experienced it. #SayBraveThings #QAnon
Remember: Attack the source is a logical fallacy.

Discrediting the source of the information does nothing to refute or support the veracity of the claim itself. It wouldn't necessarily mean the claim is false simply because a known liar said it. This is how formal #LOGIC works.
At the end of the day, we each have to trust our own assessments & learn to use discernment to arrive at truth. Getting familiar w/ logical fallacies (how to identify, confront & avoid them) will help you form more compelling arguments/rebuttals & avoid falling into Hivite traps.
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Hey hivites hiding as Christians, you immediately give yourselves away by fearing the truth. God said many times not to be afraid. I see you and I see through you. You have no power here. #ByePhoenicia
The BODY Never lies. God speaks to you through your body. When your body tells you that you're dealing with an agent of darkness, BELIEVE your body, #TrustYourself Satan parades around pretending to be Godly. You will know them by their fruits. #TruthResonates #ByePhoenicia
Because your hearts are not pure, your fruits are poisonous. It doesn't matter what you PURPORT to be, it doesn't matter what you SAY you are. It matters what you DO. How you BEHAVE. You cannot hide your pathology & deceit & manipulation tactics any longer. I SEE ALL OF YOU.
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In less than a week my followership gained more than 20,000 new eyes/minds, despite being #ShadowBanned by Twatter & completely IGNORED by the accused. #TruthResonates

"They know the real traffic this is generating (connecting people together)." #QAnon
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I am simply overwhelmed today. The support pouring out since yesterday is amazing. I love & appreciate y'all so much, especially long-time followers who help to answer questions. To all the new eyes/minds just learning these ugly truths, Thank You & Welcome. #SayBraveThings
I'm not even going to try to get through all the notifications. If you sent me something in the last 24 hours, chances are I haven't/won't see it, but know that I appreciate all that you are doing to help end this evil. Keep shining the light so the darkness disappears forever.
And just like that, after 3 weeks of radio silence, we are blessed with #NewQ!!! #Qanon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
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