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Jun 30, 2018, 5 tweets

We're here in Montgomery, Alabama rallying to say that #FamiliesBelongTogther & to call to #EndFamilyDetention

At the bus stop where Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Alabamians protest an injustice of our time - the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families all across America. #EndFamilyDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether

Separating families is wrong and today in Alabama, #TheMarchContinues for immigration reform. #EndFamilyDetention

"Family separation is just one tool in President Trump's xenophobic toolbox. Ending refugees' temporary protected status, implementing the #MuslimBan, ending #DACA, targeting & detaining immigrant activists who speak out; zero tolerance policy is just the latest." -@ACLUAlabama

"#FamilySeparation has a long history in this country. The fountain behind me used to be an auction separating black families. We ended the institution of slavery not through the courts but through protest by the people. We can do that again." -SPLC's Sam Brooke

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