So @theresa_may thinks the EU should respect the UK? Why? Why should they respect a country that is implementing a non-binding referendum won through Russian meddling, breaking the law and lies?
Why should they respect a country that triggered A50 without a plan?
Why should they respect a country whose government are being held hostage by the ERG?
Why should they respect a country that has treated 3m EU27 citizens appallingly - keeping them in limbo for over 800 days?
Should they really respect a country who helped shape all major EU policies but pretends they had nothing to do with it? Yeah, like the ultimate running away saying "a big boy made me do it". You know they read English perfectly well & can see all your lies in the tabloids
Do you think a country with politicians who blurts out "We've had enough of experts" deserves respect? Pity and disgust perhaps but not respect.
Why should the EU or ANYONE for that matter respect a country that allowed #Windrush to happen and has abandoned its own citizens in EU27?
Why should they respect a country that has vilified 48% of those who voted #remain, calling them citizens of nowhere and saboteurs?
Why should they respect the UK who've been told no "cherry picking" for nigh on 2 years yet Chequers is chock full of the stuff?
Why should EU respect a country who's #Brexit minister barely turned up for any meetings?
Why should they respect a country who said they could "go whistle" for something owed fair and square?
Why should they respect the UK who allows Boris "fuck business" Johnson anywhere near parliament?
Why should they respect the UK who made a thinly veiled threat about not cooperating with Europol?
Why on earth should they respect a country that doesn't even know what EU treaties are included in membership or how the EU works? At all?
What level of respect should they afford a country who agreed to a backstop in December and then renege on it 6 months later like the biggest drama queen on the planet?
Should they respect your MEPs for voting to protect a fascist regime?…
Should they respect you calling a GE and losing a shit-load of seats?
Or how about you having 2 members of your #brexit team resign and slag you off?
Or - and here's the kicker... perhaps they don't respect a country adopting nazi-esque tactics and pushing the "will of the people" line despite the fact that... #Brexit is no longer the will or the people?
The Great British Empire is dead. In the past something resembling respect was commanded through fear and threats. If you want respect now Treeza, you have to earn it...
...and you most certainly have not. Not with the EU27 and certainly not at home in the UK. So just fuck off. Seriously.
Bonus: I now have Aretha in my head
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Sep 8, 2018
Ahead of the #SwedenElection it looks as if Sverigedemokraterna may be climbing up from the 3rd to the 2nd biggest party. First of all the good news: cirka 75-80% of Swedes do NOT support them. This fact seems to be getting lost in the hype.
First of all let's not beat around the bush. They have neo-nazi roots and their policies support a nationalistic, racist agenda. They dress it up in fancy words and they wear fancy suits but do not be fooled.
The party have branded themselves as a one that listens to people's concerns - who look after the little people. So let's take a look at that, shall we?
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Jun 22, 2018
When #ProjectFear becomes #ProjectFact... Has the penny started to drop?

This isn't just a remainer thing BTW. If I was a leaver and I read that tweet I'd be PRETTY worried and pissed off TBH
These are our so-called "betters" who are in charge. They were told. They were told THREE YEARS ago that this could happen. The sheer arrogance as they dismissed this with a flick of the hand as one might a fly: "#ProjectFear", they sneered
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May 19, 2018
Morning all! Time for my daily #brexit realisation:

"#Brexit only makes sense when you realise that these people really, REALLY just don't care."
They don't care if the NHS fails. They have private healthcare
They don't care about EU citizens - bargaining chips - they'll just get cheaper labour in to clean their privvies, build houses and work in the NHS. (Don't forget #Windrush)
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May 1, 2018
It's #MayDay everyone... also known As #InternationalWorkersDay and as we edge closer to #Brexit day this has got me thinking about workers rights and how they may fare in the coming #NoJobsBrexit scenario

cc: @FinalSayForAll @GuitarMoog @spaceangel1964 @acgrayling
In particular I'm thinking of women and their rights. Women tend to be the group who suffer most in times of tribulation and #Brexit will be no different.

#MayDay #NoJobsBrexit
I'm thinking about the brave women who fought so hard for equal pay and conditions and what they must think of the fact that we are heading towards a situation where these hard won rights will be sacrificed on the altar of trade deals and #Brexit

#MayDay #NoJobsBrexit
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Apr 27, 2018
Hearing a lot of angry retorts saying "#Windrush has NOTHING to do with #Brexit" and "Its the EU that's racist prioritising other EU citizens over others"
Well... #Windrush was happening before #Brexit, that IS true. However, it is part of the same xenophobic rhetoric that our heartless Tory government has been pursuing...
So they are absolutely linked, on a macro level as to the type of policies shaping our country today. The hostile environment is thriving because of the enablers of #Windrush and #Brexit
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Apr 16, 2018
To those who believe we should roll over and "accept" the ref/vote... Do you know how democracy works? #ABTV #FBPE #BrexitIsPersonal
It's a PROCESS. Not an end product. You don't do it just the once. Remainers/leavers who insist we should respect the vote are either not aware of the threat democracy is currently under or they don't understand the concept of democracy.
"You don't get to keep voting until you get what you want". Well actually that IS kinda the point. You want your vote to count. And you want your values and policies to be realised.
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