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#Russia's UN envoy Nebenzya starts speaking at UNSC meeting on #Syria, alleged #ChemicalAttacks in #Douma, promises "he'd have to say a lot and the delegates'd have to listen"
1."#UK, #France follow #US in destructive policies in SYR, use blackmail, threaten RUS,
2.Even during #ColdWar Western diplomats didn't afford such tone vis-a-vis #Russia, "You understand what you did [in #MIddleEast]?No, you don't!Will you ever stop your geopolitical experiments?Do you understand what dangerous line you are driving the world to?
3.What's next for us?The most dangerous line of the confrontation is in #Syria.
In #EasternGhouta radicals have been terorrizing population for many years. Now people are being freed..But external sponsors prevent this progress.Terrorists wanted to continue blackmailing civilians
4. How come medicine was found in Aleppo, other opposition-held areas when they are #US sanctioned? ..Some of our #UNSC colleagues leak sensetive info to the so called opposition forces,they communicate w/ one another.White Helmets long been staging such provocations..
5. ..still no one seriously questions credibility of White Helmets. How come no one asks why Assad would need this attacks now? US, UK, FRA quickly move to blame the attacks on RUS, IRN, Assad instead of investigations.
6.Interestingly enough, the so called chemical attack in #Douma happened shortly after #US called for a UNSC meeting on its resolution on chemical attacks. This is all very murky and needs a fair investigation. Meanwhile our people went to alleged place of attack in #Douma..
7. our specialists found no proof of attack in #Douma, we tested soil, visited hospitals. Even SYR Red Crescent denied reports their doctores helped the so called damaged in the attack.
8. #Russia intercepts the initiative of #Sweden's resolution, Nebenzya says let the international investigators go to #Douma tomorrow, RUS, SYR will fully cooperate w/ inspectors to ensure there was no attack, asks "That's what you wanted, right? We ready to deliver"
9. Nebenzya goes to list places and amount of explosives discolsed in formerly opposition-held area, urges OPCW to go to these places, record and report it.
"Talking heads got off leash on TV screens egging on strikes on SYR, similar to that of @US a year ago."
10. Nebenzya says #US prepared strikes on #Syria long before the Khan Sheykhoun attacks,explains where American destroyers were based&how they moved before. The fake in #Douma also seeks to turrn attention from #SkripalCase where #UK got stumbled..
11. - We long argued #SkripalCase is connected w/ #Syria's chemical dossier. What is happening now proves this point.
12. Nebenzya goes after @nikkihaley: Haley recently said RUS cannot be US friend. Well, we not begging for friendship,it's a mutual thing.But you wrong to think you have friends. Your "friends" only those who can't say "NO" to you.
13. Nebenzya to #US: Nobody appointed you a world sheriff. I ask the UNSC to hold an open briefing on the situation in #Raqqa. No fake attacks in #Douma can diverge attention from what US did in Raqqa.
Netherlands' UN envoy speaks, says it's important to "Condemn.Defend.Investigate" for #Douma attacks, says #Russia shielding #Assad, argues UN is bigger than SC permanent members, calls to repeal veto on issues of such importance.
.@nikkihaley speaks,starts w/ emotional sentiments on dead children,women&kids hiding in basements from #Assad,argues access to #Douma cut by Assad.Says she coulda held pics of those suffered,survived,rescurers,hospitals attacked
"Who does this?Only a monster targets civilians"
.@nikkihaley says #Russia/n regime's hands are covered in blood of #Syria/ns"No civilized gov would deal w/ SYR regime"
No point in shaming RUS regime.RUS stands in the way tp act upon the SYR regime.RUS weakened credebility of UNSC
.@nikkihaley says UNSC negotiated ceasefire, political settlement on SYR and #Rusisa busted it., calls on council to introduce an impartial mechanism to control use of chemical weapons, hopes"parners on the UNSC will join US", says US demands to see the monster who used chemicals
.@nikkihaley says US reached the point where it couldn't tolerate such actions, concludes "either way the US will respond"
#France's UN envoy speaks, eloquently describing sufferings of victims of alleged #ChemicalAttacks in #Douma,says there is no doubt #Assad and his allies are behind these attacks, argues they are only ones profiting from these attacks since chemical weapons more effective
#France envoy:RUS,IRN cannot be supported in their drive to back up Assad in these killings,says the situation tresspassed all acceptable limits,alludes to RUS not complying w/ UNSC resolution..
#France demands #Moscow (1) stop mil activity(!!!) in #Syria,restore ceasefire (2) new mechanism to investigsate #Douma (was there an old one?!), French envoy says FRA supports #US initiatives.
Interesting how #France demands #Russia's accountability in #Syria. Has anyone asked to be accountable for the virtual destruction of #Libya? Oh, well, never mind..
#UK envoy to #UN speaks, says #Russia, #Iran spread regional instability.
- SYR regime responsible for #Douma attacks,but a way out possible by having an investigation by a fact-finding mission.
-UK supports RUS proposal on allowing OCPW to investigate but support US resolution
#UK envoy: #Russia seeks to diverge attention from chemical weapons' use to a confclit between East and West. We,West,have nothing to hide,but we suspect RUS, IRN have a lot to hide.
#UK envoy: #Russia counterpart mentioned #SkripalCase, the difference is Britain is holding an investigation on that case whereas there's no investigation on #Douma. We don't want to corner RUS,but RUS cornered itself,we in majority where
#China envoy on #Syria,says use of chemical weapons in #Douma well-noted, but CHI supports investigation to reveal who did it, supports OPCW activity on the case, argues for political settlement in SYR as only way to solve conflict,denies use or threat of use of force on SYR
#China envoy: All parties shld deliver on their committments within OPCW,urge dialogue b/n all parties.
#Sweden envoy says there shld be condemnation of use of checmical weapons,OPCW invesstigation,establish fact-finding mission,join efforts within UNSC on these activities,once the guilty found, they should be punished.
#Poland envoy says the attack in #Douma is cynical, calls on #Russia, #Iran take responsibility to prevent further attacks, alludes those who previously used checmicals still not held accountable
Cote d'ivoire envoy calls for all parties in #Syria to cease hostilities, argues #Geneva talks are only way forward.
#Kazakhstan UN envoy speaking,says state of affairs within UNSC gettting worsse,urges greater flexibility,departure from prejudice from all parties. Laments situation in #Douma,urges immediate investigation,stresses following aspects:
1.Are there other sources but White Helmets?
Kazakh envoy on #Syria, #Douma:
2.SYR gov long called for attention to how opposition wanted to get chemical weapons,we all ignored it..
3.Fair,impartial investigation mechanism
#Astana supports idea for OPCW investigation, #Damascus sholuld be fully cooperative,transparent
#Kuwait envoy speaking: condemns attack in #Douma,says it violates international law and UNSC resolutions; urges UNSC be above spats of individual members,calls for negotiations on a possible investigation mechanism.
#Bolivia #UN envoy calls for a just de-politicized investigation on #Syria, #Douma.
#Russia envoy counter-argues w/ 3 points:
1. To @nikkihaley, plz refrain from calling legitimate governments "regimes" specifically in case of Russia,otherwise i"ll invoke "point of order" next time
2. To #UK colleague - we'd want to know how #SkripalCase investigation going.. far we only know #UK cooperates w/ #CIA to transfer Skripals to #US,well,that's very telling.
3.We are moving to dangerous line.What investigation are you alll talking about, you don't need this. You already appointed those guilty.We demand OCPW immediately visit place of..
..alleged attack in #Douma, test soil, visit hospitals. We stress RUS, SYR will fully cooperate on this investigation.
#UK counter-argues RUS on #SkripalCase:We'll be updating Moscow on it as investigation continues.
#Syria's envoy speaks: @nikkihaley said #Russia spends resources on supporting SYR regime.Let me ask what #US spends its resources on? On milk for SYR children?Or for supporting terrorists, jets and choppers that fly in our country?
#Syria envoy: @nikkihaley repeatedly threatens SYR in violation of intertl law. #US shld publicize its results on weapons in #Iraq.Has anything been found?Instead UNSC ordered closure of findings,why?What's interesting there we can open them only in 60 years?
#Syria envoy points to #Israel aggression, asks how come no one spoke of this attack today?The thing is ISR wouldnt do it if it were not emboldened by #US,so why no one is naming things as they are,incl my friend De Mistura?"It was an Israeli aggression!"
#Syria envoy quotes Martin Luther King on lie being a snowball: "the more you lie the bigger it becomes".Well, some permanent UNSC members became professional liars. based on these lies destruction of #Libya,#Iraq, and other states happened.
#Syria envoy: Two days ago #US Def Sec #Mattis told @Newsweek there was no evidence #Assad used chemicals, so I'm asking Amb Haley how coherent this administration is in its standing?
#Syria envoy: #US, #UK, #France calling for one UNSC meeting after another to drag more states into their fabricated campaign, to support terrorist groups,Terrorists would want to have this meeting before SYR gov fully takes control of Ghouta they were late.
#Syrai envoy: #US,#UK,#France lie when they say there's no medical support for beseiged areas,we found tonns of medical aid kits in areas freed from terrorists and they were taking this aid away from civilians and selling it to them.
#Syria envoy: #US,#UK,#France called for this meeting only to have pretext for mil attack on SYR.But ask yourself how come we always see only women&children struck by chemicals and never radicals?How come they alwasy wash these chemicals away w/ water?This is obviously staged
#Syria envoy: Let me take this opportunity to say loud and clear Damascus will be cooperating on investigation.But we wish to have it fair,not like it was last time when it took comission 4 months and still no investigation results published.
#Syria envoy: Today we directly blame #Doha, #Ankara, #Washington, #Paris, #Riyadh and others who helped Jaish al-Islam, Ahrar al-Sham and other terrorists groups to obtain chemical weapons. We tell #KSA,#Qatar,#Turkey we cut off their tentacles in Ghouta.
#Syria envoy:To those who are exporting these terrorist opposition to SYR - if you like them so much, you can adopt them in your own countries, may be take them as refugees, you'll like having them
UNSC session is now closed. Very intense. Sorry for not being able to capture all of it and for potential inaccuracies in translation since I was translating & typing simultaneously. Thanks for bearing with me all this time.

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This mistake (or, again, was it intentional #fakenews frill?) set a line of reports that "#Russia reveals..." which is not the case. The info was allegedly LEAKED by two Rus diplomats to @business…
The proposal on #Donbass appears to have indeed been made by #Putin,the info was not supposed to be disclosed until #Trump discussed it with his team. One may not like the proposal itself, but that it's now disclosed is bad for solution of the issue,courtesy of presidential talks
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Antonov: Politicians in #Washington are very far from the people. What they are doing doesn't meet interests of American people.
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This is my THREAD on #HelsinkiSummit where I'll report/analyze all coming & subsequent developements from #Russia's POV:
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2. This is what #Putin heads into #HelsinkiSummit with in terms of #Syria, #Iran:
3. #Putin & #Trump will be meet face-to-face around noon (1pm #Moscow time). The leaders have at least 3 hours scheduled for themselves after which they will proceed to another room for working lunch in a broader format with ministers and advisers.
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