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After 70 years of imperial/neoliberal indoctrination the web of lies is so obviously absurde (9/11, Skripal, WH = ISIS, etc.), that it is dissoluting. The empathetic humanity connects, closes ranks and sends their eternal psychopathic rulers and their lackeys into nowhere land.
The "evil empire" is a lifelong three year old child. I certainly loved my children at that age too, however only because they created not only a surreal mess, but also made steady progress.

A great documentary about psychopathy and society:
The elite invented "democracy" to protect them from the empathetic people. The media are their means for misleading the people sedated by "democracy". This is definitely a bad thing since the people have become educated and the elite almost totally insane.
If governments / MSM were interested in human rights / democracy, they would confront us with images of suffering people, foremost children / women, 24/7. Such photos / videos, I call them spinphotos / -videos, appear only 24/7 when a PR agency is to spin public opinion swiftly.
After 70 years of imperial/neoliberal indoctrination we live in the psychopaths' anti universe where lie is truth, satire is reality, injustice is justice and, since 9/11, laws of nature are upside-down.
It is high time for the #upriseofhumanityforsanity!
In our inverted totalitarian system (Sheldon Wolin) we can say whatever we want as long as we are invisible. If we become visible in the not (yet) totally controlled internet, the commissars (Noam Chomsky) defame and destroy us. When we connect and close ranks we are invincible!
The west's leading psychopaths and their narcissistic lackeys in politics and media cannot imagine to be wrong, do not realise their self-destruction, and project their own evil onto every (im)possible other being who allegedly wants to destruct them.
During times of universal deceit, do not trust anybody including me. Trust in your own eyes and in your "lumen naturale" only!
Do not listen to any of the "experts" who desperately try to unsell your basic human instincts and basic common sense, and check everything out yourself!
As soon as we become visible in the (still) quite democratic internet PENG all the "experts" are here who want to delude us at best, defame us at worst.
Sorry, my dear "experts", I am a decent, broadly educated man with enough self-esteem to trust in me and in my lumen naturale.
If you are uncertain, ask yourself if the alleged free press in alleged democracies should not, at least, always tell both narratives and leave the decision, which one is closer to reality to the mature responsible people, and carefully listen to the tone of both side's music.
Only when our opinions are floating agitatedly in the vacuum instead of resting serenely on a solid basis of defragmented contextualized facts, some of us feel the urge to defame other people.
PENG the visual diagnosis severe malignant narcissism is made.
Why are outstanding documentaries like this, who explain almost all of our seemingly incredibly complicated and allegedly unresolvable big problems, never ever broadcasted by the MSM? ;)
Psychopaths mainly propagate through repeated physical and / or psychological abuse of children. There is a strong correlation between psychopathy and pedophilia.
Not only the economic and war criminals must finally be detained for life, but also the propagandists and the mock journalists, who allow their economic and war crimes to happen in the first place instead of writing against them and for peace.
Corporate psychopaths appear charming, but are low performers. They can only survive in chaos. So they do everything (im)possible to maximaze it, and to hide its very simple cause: Them. They like charades and desperately seek permanent reoorganization / mergers of corporations.
If something seems incredibly complicated, it is almost always created by psychopaths and easy. The chaos (17 secret services ;) ) is their El Dorado. They do everything to maximize this veil to explain their successes as failures and plausibly deny responsibility, if necessary.
It is always informative to take a closer look at the "founders of religion" of the mujaheddin labeled Taliban aka Al-Qaeda aka Al-Nusra aka ISIS aka Boko Haram aka Al-XY aka white helmeted aka white washed White Helmets. His name is not Mohammed...

The problem is not the few psychopaths. It ist the narcissistic many of us, who serve them as their intellectual, political, economic and journalistic lackeys, the "Hanswurste" (Hannah Arendt) or "commissars" (Noam Chomsky). We must try to gain them, if impossible unveil them.
The MSM and, even more, the SM are masters of fragmentation and decontextualisation. Almost everything lies in front of us as fragmented decontextualised pieces of the puzzle. We must only bother to collect and then to defragment and to contextualise them PENG the mist has gone.
If I was smart I would have lied. As I cannot lie my subconsiousness made a minor (picture is staged anyway) mistake. I admit I use the opportunity of the higher impact now. If we want to overcome them we must learn to be a bit nasty too, when necessary.

I want to clarify that I think that psychopaths in fact are not pedophils. There are pedophils who do not want to hurt children but got their dire sexual attraction by children ouf of nowhere. The (also) children abusing psychopaths should rather be called child molesters.
By the way, one of the smartest 😜 inventions of 'psychopaths' is the lie detector. Because they have no sense of guilt, they show no vegetative reactions when they lie. They work only with empathetic people... 😜

If you like my tiny defragmented contextualised overview that I have written today:

Sharing is caring - thank you! 😍
I wrote this overview (thread!) not only as information for the less informed.
I wrote it also as an argumentarium when you are bullied by a psychopath or by one of his lackeys. Just copypaste him the appropriate item of the tread and PENG he is sidelined.
Will be complemented...
Empathetic people never want war. They wish a decent peaceful life in physical and economic safety. The psychopathic rulers and their lackeys can only manipulate them into their wars with lies like the heinous incubator lie 2.0.
This is a visual diagnosis in physics.

It is evident and needs no further proof.

It is called oblique throw and requires an acceleration in another direction than gravitation. The science of thrown objects is ballistics. The science of uncovering the throwers is criminalistics.
This is a visual diagnosis in physics.
It is evident and needs no further proof.

All videos of the alleged plane allegedly crashing into WTC 2 are part of an insane anti universe without any mass. Let's finally ignore the crazy 9/11-conspiracy theorists!

Psychopaths for full-spectrum dominance on land, on sea, in air, in space, in cyberspace and in our minds.

'Rebuilding America's Defenses" – A Summary
Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony'

Summary: informationclearinghouse.info/article3249.htm

Full text: informationclearinghouse.info/pdf/Rebuilding…
This is a visual diagnosis in forensics / ballistics.
It is evident and needs no further proof.
This video of the alleged shooting of a police officer by the 'Charlie Hebdo' terrorists is staged by dilettante actors with blank ammunition and a smoke flare.
At the Boston bombing I especially like this absurd image of a happy amputee actor and his life-saving cowboy hero, while in reality the badly injured would be either dead or lying on the floor in (pre)shock prepared for transport (tourniquet and mass infusions) by professionals.
The governments of Syria, Russia and Iran dared to destroy the lifelong toddlers', ruling over USA / NATO / ISR / SAU, favourite evil attack-toy against international law and against their seemingly own people WH-ISIS et al.
Their narcissistic revenge is cruel but self-revealing.
It is not about #MeToo abused by Men, Women, Whites, Blacks, Americans, Russians, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Leftists, Rightists, and so on and so forth.

It is (almost) all about #Metooabusedbypsychopaths, about responsible versus irresponsible, empathetic versus insane people.
The system we westerners live in today, the asocial neoliberalism, is the result of a conspiracy of the Mont Pèlerin Society, founded in 1947, with super rich psychopaths who funded thousands of think tanks / NGOs to impose their psychopathy on society as collective psychopathy.
Responsible powerful like Putin, Xi Jinping or Assad, who oppose their irresponsible yearning for global expansion of their (collective) psychopathy power aka 'New Psychopathic World Order', self-evidently are the 'bad guys' who must be destroyed by all (im)possible wicked means.
(1) Does anyone seriously believe what Edward Bernays, the most powerful PRopagandist for PRopaganda, who misused the insights in the weaknesses of the empathetic people he had gotten from his uncle, Sigmund Freud, to abuse us, had openly declared in 'Propaganda' 90 years ago,...
(2) ...would not be much more pronounced while much more subtle today, when billions of dollars are spent for thousands of PRopaganda agencies, think tanks and (N)GOs with millions of communication consultants aka PRopagandists aka journalists?
Does anyone seriously believe what obviously has happend, that a few ogresses have the same wealth / more power as / than the poorer half of the whole humanity, could have happened by accident and not only by a well-orchestrated conspiracy?

More and more small but important empathetic gear wheels in the wheelwork of the wonderful good become brave, interlock and eventually sweep away the banality of evil, that works in the same manner but in the opposite direction, like a tsunami.
For the first time in history we 97% empathetic people sedated by democracy and mislead by their Media of Smoke and Mirrors (MSM) connect, close ranks instead of fighting each other (divide and conquer) and overcome the eternal rule of the 3% psychopaths.
As a cardiologist I can say that instead of debating how to treat each and every umpteen symptom we should isolate the psychopathic germ and cure the disease, (US-)imperialism / neoliberalism, before it will have killed us all.
Behind powerful shields and with huge clubs as 'Holocaust,' 'anti-Semitism,' and 'crazy Jewish world conspiracy theory' criminal psychopaths live most blatantly. Yet psychopaths have no gender, no ethnicity, no nationality, no ideology and no religion. They have only themselves.
The revolutionary enlightenment was faked! We witness the real evolutionary enlightenment, the transition from the narcissistic mythical to the empathic authentic age conceding democracy and human rights not only to the western elite but to everybody - it will come out all right!
Should you like my 'Booklet of real Enlightenment', you might also like the latest version of my 'Theory Of Almost Everything' ;) (TOAE):

"The hearts of the free world are with you!"
(Margaret Thatcher)

None of these 43 videos shows the collision of a real plane with WTC 2:

It was probably done this way. That the plane had come into WTC 2 like the dinosaurs had come into the Jurassic Parc, by CGI, is logical, simple and cheap.

In 1978 the special effects guys from CIAwood had to complete a basic education in physics, the CGI guys in 2001 apparently no longer ...

P.S. There is a conspiracy of their owners (nowadays psychopaths) and whose lackeys, the shepherds, the sheepdogs and the butchers, against the empathetic sheep, of course.
Otherwise as empathetic sheep we could talk about it openly and unmolestedly.
We obviously cannot!
"Do not judge your neighbour until you walk two moons in his moccasins."
(Cheyenne proverb)
I hope everybody has realised by now that if XY allegedly attacked the USA / NATO / ISR / SAU it is another (war) lie of the evil empire until proven otherwise.
We may no longer tolerate that only psychopathic fourfolf murderers are detained for life, as had happened here in Switzerland recently, while psychopathic fourmillionfold murderers are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and praised as heroes for life!
The current top five on the evil empire's list for regime changes done by funding fascist terrorists, sanctions against the legitimate governments and / or bombardments after false flag attacks:

1) Russia
2) Iran
3) Syria
4) Lebanon
5) Venezuela
The good about (ro)bots aka severe malignant narcissists who believe wrongly that empathetic people function the way they do and project their own flaccidities into them: At some point they overstate too much so that they unmask all their unbelievable embarrassment on their own.
Yesterday 'we' watched apathetically how psychopaths and their "Hanswursts" (Hannah Arend) or "Commissars" (Noam Chomsky) destroyed the brave Sophie Scholl. Today 'we' watch apathetically how they destroy brave enlighteners like @JulianAssange.
If we lived in democracies governed by responsible empathetic people controlled by responsible media we would not have to tune in RT to find a sane journalist criticising the ruling 'elite' in our imperialism/neoliberalism which is collective psychopathy.

Pharmacologically doped Russian athletes debunked afterwards give back their gold medals.
Financially doped USA / NATO / ISR / SAU terrorists debunked previously are awarded a golden Oscar.

Deplorable Clowny:
The total dead loss of the free press in our alleged western democracies, in fact the total success of the corporate media in our electoral oligarchies, is blatantly obvious when not caring about the killed journalists Charlie Hebdo and the confined journalist @JulianAssange.
I always said that if I wasn't studying psychopaths in prison,
I'd do it at the stock exchange.
(Robert D. Hare)

A great documentary about psychopathy and society:
We need to replace the psychopathic NWO with the empathetic NWO!

Because the psychopathic NWO obviously is in free fall, I would not be surprised if they staged an attack by aliens as the 'catalytic event like a new Pearl Harbor / new 9/11'. 😜
As an empathic cardiologist I say for years the governments, legislators and propagand..er..journalists of USA/NATO/ISR/SAU will be detained for life once their people will have realised they are in fact WH-ISIS et al. I guess this time has come.

He that will not hear must feel.
Thanks to the quite free internet for the first time in history we 97% empathetic people sedated by democracy and mislead by their MSM can wake up, connect, close ranks instead of fighting each other ('divide and conquer') and overcome the eternal rule of the 3% psychopaths.
Their ever same fascistic agenda (1):
Problem - reaction - solution - create a problem, get the reaction from the public "finally do something!" and offer the solution for the problem you created, patsies included.
Their ever same fascistic agenda (2):
The psychopaths always choose or even create an (almost) non existing problem, multimedially inflate it to a seemingly immense threat and offer their panicking people their allegedly only solution to cope: Trust and submissively obey them.
The simple in psychopaths: When they think they talk and write about others, they are actually talking and writing about themselves. The fact that they are the last ones who realise that they have self-destruct already is an integral part of their problem.
We must learn to talk again about good and bad, not on the childish basis "we are the good, they are the bad" or on Immanuel Kant's knowledge but on todays knowledge provided to us mainly by the wonderful Robert D. Hare. Have you ever seen this in MSM? ;)
The 'psychopathic elite' was always afraid of the empathetic masses of their seemingly own nations, nowadays of the whole world. These lifelong three-year-olds can only win if they seperate and then outnumber us by 10:1.

Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick:
As an empathetic responsible not brain-dead human and a cardiologist I can say that the Zionist colonialist settler project Israel has to be replaced immediately by an Israel-Palestine where Israelis and Palestinians live together peacefully and equitably.
The psychopath to his psychiatrist:
"You do not have to tell me anything, you psychopath!" 😀 

A great documentary about psychopathy and society:
The (alleged) believer in this craziest of all conspiracy theories - compared to him 'flat earthlers' are geniuses in logics and in physics - to his enlightener:
"You do not have to tell me anything, you crazy conspiracy theorist!" 😀

9/11official BS:
How does a severe narcissist commit suicide?

He climbs on his ego then flings himself down. 😀
How Britain Created Israel & ‘The Nakba’ (2013)

Do not judge your neighbour until you walk two moons in his moccasins.
(Cheyenne proverb)
In 1947 fascist terrorists captured the Zionist movement and therefore Israel.
In 1963 fascist terrorists captured the liberal movement and therefore the USA.

Today the western world lives in the totally insane terror of their psychopathic anti universe where wrong is right.
Genuine #Zionism at its best before it was captured by fascist terrorists most legitimately and clearly explained by the wonderful #Humanist and #Zionist Henry Siegman, a typical #Hamas activist 😜 , who thinks and says exactly what I think and say... 😍

In the psychopaths' anti universe where lie is truth, satire is reality, injustice is justice and, since 9/11, laws of nature are upside-down the churches are the universities - great talk by Richard Gage, @AE911Truth, with @DanieleGanser and @MarcChesney.
Everybody must have realised that the world's leading terrorists are the regimes / deep states of USA / NATO / ISR / SAU. It is high time that the empathetic humanity is no longer deluded by them and sends them where they belong, into nowhere land.
Gassing psychopaths in Jewish sheep's clothing hurts.
Dear wonderful Israelis! You are deluded by psychopaths aka fascists today like the Germans were deluded by them. Wake up and do the self-evident: Send your regime where it belongs, into nowhere land!
Before we, members of the occidental master race, self-aggrandly take the right to protect (R2P) others, we should protect everybody including ourselves from the psychopaths in our seemingly own ranks.

Unlike in the former South Africa, when two people meet for the first time in the malignant narcissistic aka fascistic colonialist settler project Israel-Palestine they must ask for their ID cards so that they know whether they have to fear / hate or to trust / like each other.
If an opponent of the 'evil empire' USA / NATO / ISR / SAU would have perpetrated Israel's heinous massacre we would see fotos / videos of hurt and killed children and women 24/7. In the ruling elite's Media of Smoke and Mirrors (MSM) we see almost none.

Hamas was created by the Mossad / Shin Bet to weaken Fatah. Do not tell me that they do no longer control them. The Israelis and the Palestinians must finally be liberated from their worst enemies, the fascist terrorists in the Zionist sheep's clothing.

Do men, women, whites, blacks, leftists, rightists, Christians, Muslims, atheists or agnostics need a land of their own? Why should the Jews nowadays(sic!) still need a land of their own?

Come on, we live in the 21st century where humanity is one great family!
Imagine millions enter your region, are not grateful that you grant them asylum but kick you out of your home, imprison all natives in two tiny parts of your region and kill everybody who dares to struggle. Then think about whether Palestinians are terrorists or freedom fighters.
Those who remain silent about the genocide by extreme Zionists for 71 years, would also have remained silent about the Shoa by fascists.
The wall of Israel, built on nothing but myths, will fall suddenly like the wall of the GDR, built on nothing but myths, had fallen suddenly.

The empathetic humanity is with you, brave Israelis and brave Palestinians, who send your fascist regimes into nowhere land!
We are only responsible for our own mistakes. This time nobody will be allowed to tell his grandchildren: "I did not know!" What the colonialist project Israel is on a small scale is (US-)imperialism/neoliberalism on a large scale. We have to demolish controlledly both of them.
They will fight brutally against net neutrality. We must become brave and close ranks to win!
As a physician I could never understand why we can detain preventively a psychopath who abuses / threatens to kill his family but not a psychopath who abuses / threatens to kill the whole humanity. The most dangerous of them must be unmasked and detained.

"Tony Blair is a psychopath says Arundhati Roy - and Obama's no better"

"Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's"

"Hillary Clinton: A Psychopath, Proof of insanity??"

"Our Leaders Are Psychopaths"

In one important aspect I disagree with him. The cruel predators are the psychopaths while the empathetic Israelis, totally deluded by them, do behave like cruel predators exactly as, for example, the Germans did once deluded by the cruel predators on their seemingly own side.
The Jewish State In Levant (JSIL) provides the best medical care to the Islamic State In Levant (ISIL) and tries to whithold Palestinian female doctors and male paramedics from providing medical care to injured peaceful protesters.


1) There are about 3% psychopaths.
2) In the Age of Narcissism they occupy almost all centres of power.
3) Psychopaths are conspirators.
4) The Media of Smoke and Mirrors (MSM) are complicit, hide this and defame enlighteners as 'conspiracy theorists'.
IMAGINE a world that is ruled by lifelong three year old billionaires and their narcissistic "Hanswursts" (Hannah Arendt)...
Welcome to REALITY!


On 09/10/2001, the day before alleged Islamist terrorists had flown an alleged hijacked plane exactly into the Pentagon's budget analyst office, 2.3 trillions were missing. In 12/2017 it were 21 trillions.

9/11 - a conspiray theory
Neoliberalism is neither new nor liberal. It is the age-old redistribution project from bottom to top, from south to north & from state to private. Because anybody can win but not everybody, we have to change its antisocial rules before it will have destroyed everybody but one.
The seemingly incredibly complicated created by psychopaths and their "Hanswursts" (Hannah Arendt) is in reality quite simple. There are enough resources for everybody. (Almost) everything is a problem of unjust allocation because they want to have ever more for themselves.
We up to 97% empathetic people may no longer self-interestedly offer them our services as their narcissistic lackeys, no longer let divide and incite us against each other ('divide et impera') and no longer let us hoodwink by them into their insane inhuman conflicts and wars.
We up to 97% empathetic people must commit ourselves to the common good, close ranks bravely, put them on a leash, muzzle them if necessary and detain the most dangerous of them lifelong PENG (Almost) all of our allegedly incredibly complicated problems will be solved.
The wheelwork of the banality of evil began to slow down in the Ukraine, got stuck in Syria and will work in the opposite direction soon. The wheelwork of the wonderful good will eventually sweep away the banality of evil like a tsunami - venceremos!
We must realise that in any profession, even in philosophy, the most grandiose of the grandiose 'experts' not seldom are 'psychopaths' who are not interested in the common good but only in themselves.

Gideon @levy_haaretz (19:00-40:00) explains the mechanisms of nationalnarcissism who are the same in any chosen people, and why Israel's society cannot free itself but needs international pressure to recover from living in denial disconnected from reality.
The allegations of the USA / NATO / ISR / SAU empire against their enemies mean that the latter would always do what harms them most. For doing this they would have to be either suicidal or crazy while in reality the most insane are the puppets and their puppeteers of the empire.
During times of universal deceit, do not trust anybody including me. Trust in your own eyes and in your "lumen naturale" only!

Narrative one by @RVAwonk:

Narrative two (thread) by me:
Who among us would accept 71 years of expulsion from our homes, humiliation, suppression, occupation, living in an open air prison where you are shot and bombed at the invader's discretion and on top of that being blamed as the perpetrator by the abuser?

While in Russia under Putin the oligarchs no longer control the government but vice versa, in the west the oligar...er...philanthropists control the governments. This is why the western puppet governments and the western puppet media vilify Putin for getting their regime change.
Til 2011 Assad was the west's friend. His wife (fan of above) was Vogue's 'Rose in the Desert'. Then he chose the 'wrong' pipeline, from Iran not Qatar, and over night he was depicted 'new Hitler' (by the fans of below):
Always the same absurd story from 1953 (Iran) to nowadays.
(US-)imperialism is neither new nor liberal. Since 1492 it is the occidental malignant narcissistic colonialist redistribution project from south to north, from bottom to top & from state to private, nowadays the violent arm of (US-)neoliberalism: MacDonalds & McDonnell Douglas.
Visual diagnosis aka visual identification is an important part of every physician's / scientists work and of everyone's daily life. They often are 100% accurate. A nice example how many 'experts' desperately want you to take an apple for a banana...

Everybody knows that Milgram et al. demonstrated how easily deluded people follow an evil authority to do evil. Almost nobody knows that they also demonstrated the role model's incredible power who bravely opposes the evil autority as the first one and reinstituting the good.
About 3% of humanity are psychopaths who permanently want conflicts and wars. About 97% of humanity are decent empathic people who permanently want peace and economic stability. Let us 97% no longer delude / divide by the 3% but show them who are the ones who give the orders: Us!
Combat terms (1)
'Conspiracy theorist', reanimated by the CIA (Memo 1035-960) to defame and silence critics of the official narrative about JFK's assassination (Warren Report), nowadays is widely propagated by 'Hanswursts' to defame and silence critics of any official narrative.
(US-)imperialism / neoliberalism is violent surreal socialism exclusively for the global corporations and the super rich. If we want real socialism then it must be the socialism for everyone. If we want real capitalism then it must be the capitalism of the social market economy.
Most people consume and pay Media of Smoke and Mirrors (MSM) in the hand of the obviously ever more insane western 'elite' who do not tell the defragmented contextualised facts but the elite's 'psychopathic' view and resell them as products for PRopaganda.
Should you be deranged by the frightening anti universe psychopaths have imposed on our societies, turn off their MSM, first of all the TV, who project their myths into your Plato's cave, leave it and enjoy the wonderful life in the bright reality where most people are peaceful.
The disease at the origin of almost all our big problems, (US-)imperialism/neoliberalism, is not mentioned by the MSM. Therefore we have to do the job we would expect of journalists if we lived in democracies: Investigate all that really matters ourselves.
It is almost always about the individual or collective delusion of empathetic people by a few psychopaths and by many narcissists who serve them as their obedient lackeys.

Every apologist of the morally not defensible severe malignant narcissistic USA / NATO / ISR / SAU empire is either a severe malignant narcissist, a 'Commissar'(Noam Chomsky) / 'Hanswurst' (Hannah Arendt) or totally deluded by them.
Another narrative about Barack Obama...

“There is only a perspective seeing, only a perspective knowing; and the more affects we allow to speak about one thing, the more eyes, different eyes, we can use to observe one thing, the more complete will our concept of this thing, our objectivity, be.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)
If we observe ourselves in our own mirrors and our system in our own system's media, we have no idea who we really are and can not even recognise our system. Therefore we must dare to look also into mirrors held up to us by foreign people and foreign media, also when it hurts.
The neoliberals tell us that socialism and communism do not work although this is absurd because they were never ever realised anywhere i.e. were perverted in the USSR/GDR. We could argue in the same way that democracy does not work because it always perverted into plutocracies.
Self-interested neoliberals allegedly committed to democracy call self-interested rightists rightists. Self-interested rightists allegedly commited to the people call self-interested neoliberals leftists. In fact they are both rightists aka antisocials commited to themselves.
Instead of arguing 24/7 how the responsible empathetic people can regulate and control the irresponsible psychopaths and their irresponsible narcissistic lackeys who hijack every system sooner or later we argue 24/7 about which system is the best - facepalm!
It is preposterous to be up in arms against the lies of politicians and media 24/7. It has always been the purpose of politicians and media to delude and abuse the people by lies. We must cure the institutions, first by electing no more psychopaths and no longer supporting MSM.
After the fall of the USSR / dissolution of the Warsaw Pact NATO had no more enemy providing its right to exist. Therefore it created ISIS et al. Nowadays the people realise that, so NATO depicts Russia as enemy which is ridiculous considering the armaments expenditures are 15:1.
"Government, ruling parties and media are making a great effort to tarnish and to distort our view of social realities."
(Prof. Rainer Mausfeld, Kiel, perception and cognitive psychologist)

If we do not realise that the powerful are mainly psychopaths who spend a lot of time veiling their self-interested immoral often criminal actions & conspiracies behind myths of morals, human rights and democracy echoed by their narcissistic lackeys MSM nothing will ever change.
Currently we see a global epidemic of scandals about the abuse of power by psychopaths in the broader sense. This is only the tip of the huge iceberg for in the age of (US)imperialism / neoliberalism the scandal is (US-)imperialism / neoliberalism, collective psychopathy, itself.
#MSM & #SM like #Twitter and #Facebook cut our #outrage about the ever increasing #immorality, #injustice and #insanity into pieces and fizzle it out. Totally exhausted we can not fight the cause of our big problems: (US-)#imperialism / #neoliberalism.

We must not fight aganinst but for somebody or something. The empathetic humanity needs a constructive narrative about morals, justice, human rights & democracy it can oppose the destructive narrative of the ruling psychopaths & their lackeys: The narrative of love & freedom!
The total perversion in intellectual, psychological, social and political terms (US-)#imperialism / #neoliberalism can only survive if it stays invisible. Therefore its #MSM fragment and decontextualise every information about it and desperately try to smash every foreign mirror.
During times of universal deceit with insanity and irresponsibility of most political leaders and imperial MSM it is imperative that empathetic respected members of the civil society take responsibility and dare the unthinkable: Publicly tell the truth.

It's not about left versus right. It's almost all about sane responsible poor and rich versus insane irresponsible super rich.

"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the (super) rich class, that's making war, and we're winning."
(warrenBuffet, NYT 2006)
In most western countries the major parties have fused into the united neoliberal party already, as in the USA the 'Demoblicans'. Therefore 'divide and conquer' and 'bread and circuses' by partisan politics must increasingly be replaced by identity politics.
While most politicians/Propagand...er...journalists still give the fairy-tale 'We live in democracies compliant with human rights and a free press' in their publicly funded bubble theatres 24/7, the public wants real democracies compliant with human rights and a truthful press.
As a physician who read true intellectuals like Fromm, Arendt and Chomsky too, I sometimes wonder if most lackeys of the ruling psychopaths, the intellectitutes, polititutes, economitutes and presstitutes, are psychopaths as well or only narcissists.

"If you inflate my boots, I'll beat you money."

(Picture metaphor by Pieter Brueghel the Younger about the cooptation, the banality of the opportunism of the (alleged intellectual) bootlickers of the powerful, ca. 1592)
As an empathetic responsible not brain-dead human I sometimes wonder why anybody is still listening to journalists who do not even care about the truth when the victims of a heinous mass murder are journalists, all of the MSM, and how those can still take a look in the mirror.
Those who reveal the incredibly simple conspiracies of the incredibly simply functioning psychopaths undisturbed by empathy, notorious conspirators, & their narcissistic lackeys are defamed as 'crazy conspiracy theorists who wish to explain the incredibly complicated too simply'.
I am a scientist/physician/cardiologist and self-evidently a professional investigator aka a conspiracy theorist. After many years of enlightenment luckily most people feeling chest pain believe in the causal conspiracy of some evil thrombocytes of their own trying to kill them.
The Israelis are indoctrinated by their worst enemies, the extreme(sic!) Zionists, from an early age on. They learn the whole world being anti-semitic by sending their children to Auschwitz not for handling the past. @yoavshamirfilms explains it well...

It is almost all about the individual or collective delusion of empathetic people by a few psychopaths and by many narcissists who serve them as their obedient lackeys.
Who is the best friend of the drug addict or the totally deluded by psychopaths?
Is it the one who provides him with ever more drugs and is therefore loved by him, or is it the one who sends him into rehab or enlightens him as gently as possible and is therefore hated by him?
Who is the best friend of the drug addict or the totally deluded by psychopaths?
Is it the one who provides him with ever more drugs and is therefore loved by him, or is it the one who sends him into rehab or enlightens him as gently as possible and is therefore hated by him?
The totally deluded by psychopaths projects his frustration about himself into his enlightener and defames him as

#ConspiracyTheorist, #XYDenier, #XYUnderstander, #XYTroll, #AntiXY, and so on and so forth.
“For in the final analysis our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”

If all MSM sell you crazy conspiracy theories like 'On 9/11/01 20 Muslims armed with boxcutters overcame the USA & the laws of nature', 'Putin let kill a pardoned Russian with Russian nerve gas' & 'Assad killed his people with poison gas' you know that you life in the free west.
"If you are a power hungry manipulative narcissistic psychopath where are you going to go? You are going to go to the places where you can get the most power. Where is that in our modern day age? Washington D.C."
(James Corbett)

Should you seriously believe this utter bullshit, put an empty aluminum can on a massive steel grill, hit it forcefully with a hammer and see what happens. Btw: You need not even add thin aluminium wings at the sides of the aluminium can.

The disease at the origin of almost all our big problems, (US-)imperialism/neoliberalism, self-evidently is not mentioned in 'our' MSM. Therefore we have to do the job we would expect of journalists if we lived in democracies: Investigate all that really matters ourselves.
The soul mates and brothers in arms, the #psychopaths ruling the #USA (#neoliberals / #fascists), #Israel (neoliberals / #Zionists) and #SaudiArabia (neoliberals / #Islamists), rape humanity including their seemingly own people, and depict those opposing them as the pure evil.
We criticize in others the most vehemently what we are most afraid of in ourselves, and the masters of projection, manipulation and delusion are the 'psychopaths' who know empathy from hearsay only.
A rare specimen of the almost extinct subspecies journalist, @SeymourHersh interviewed by @afshinrattansi in #RT, unlike the western MSM a PRopaganda channel, of course, who does not need to do more PR than opposing the facts to the western myths...

Every journalist who sees such a heinous PRopaganda incubator (war) lie, a simple visual diagnosis, and does not expose it or even spreads it is a PRopaganda war criminal, dear @ARD, @BBC, @Channel4, @CNN, @FOX, @MSNBC, @ORF, @RAI, @SRF, @TF1, @ZDF et al.

Lumen naturale (1)

Many profit from organised #terrorism except the alleged terrorists. Therefore organised terrorism is run under a #falseflag until proven otherwise.

This best hidden for many because too obvious is never explained to us by '#experts for (counter)terrorism'.
On 9/11 #WTC's asbestos problem, #Pentagon's problem of the missing 2.1 trillions, #PNAC's problem of the lacking catalytic event for full-spectrum dominance and the #government's problem of control by legislators were solved. Nowadays it is 21 trillions.

20 Muslims attack the USA to inflame the world against Islam. An Islamic State does everything to have the whole world as enemy. Putin kills a pardoned double agent with Russian nerve gas. And Assad begs Trump with gas to bomb Syria again. 007's ghostwriters must have gone nuts.
As a not brain-dead human and a cardiologist I can say that the cullusion aka conspiracy of the psychopaths who rule the #USA, #NATO, #Israel and #SaudiArabia and make them rogue states must finally end and that the most dangerous among the psychopaths must be detained lifelong.
The empathetic humanity has always been ruled and abused by psychopaths. Psychopaths are always immoral, often criminal until having been allowed to turn their crimes into law, and notorious conspirators. Those who explain this obvious are 'crazy conspiracy theorists', of course.
With all due respect, the only #trolls and #bots I have met in the #internet so far are malignant narcissistic #fakejournalists who notoriously devaluate people who dare to confront their #PRopaganda myths with the defragmented contextualised #facts as #trolls, #bots and so on.
Once we westerners have realised we live in #kakistocracies governed by the worst least qualified and most unscrupulous citizens and their evil puppeteers, we understand the bulls*** they produce and spread 24/7 by their multimedial Hanswursts. S*** does not happen. We elect it!
The intellectual simplicity of the bad actors, worse directors and evil puppeteers of the absurd false flag terror pieces already debunked by visual diagnosis is amazing. I guess 'intelligence services' employ only people who dream of intelligence with IQ<75, EQ 0 anyway.
Most intellectuals and politicians are affiliated with the powerful psychopaths. If we want to change the world we must not serve them as their lackeys but unveil them.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
Yesterday I was clever, so I was an utopian who wanted to change the world.
Today I am wiser, so I am a realist, change myself and let only love and freedom indoctrinate me.
The western ruling psychopaths and their narcissistic lackeys ever more obvious web of absurd lies:
...and so on and so forth PENG self-destruction!
This statistic does not say anything about an individual but much about a collective's bubble and knowing this helps you to understand the ever more insane world and to navigate through your life more peacefully and more serenely.

#NIST, #IPCC, #ISIL, etc. pp are criminal organisations for the justification of (US-)imperial / neoliberal projects for global exploitation and power expansion.

At present, responsible rightists and responsible leftists globally unite to oppose the irresponsible fascist aka psychopathic center, the neoliberal establishment and its lackeys. Unfortunately, many responsible still get in the clutches of fake-right & fake-left neoliberals.
The crazy coincidence theorist who believes millions of people working for #SecretServices, #ThinkTanks, #NGOs and #GOs provided with trillions of dollars are sitting on their hands 24/7 to his enlightener:

"You do not have to explain me anything, you crazy conspiracy theorist!"
On 09/11/2001 the fascist #Zionists in #Jew's clothing, the fascist #Islamists in #Muslim's clothing and the #neoliberal #fascists aka #psychopaths for a new American Century (#PNAC) in #Christian's clothing hijacked the #USA and therefore the world.

And I want to clarify that I used this picture as an illustration for this tweet in the whole thread. From far away I can neither diagnose psychopathy nor pedophilia here although I may state there are many pictures and videos of strange behaviour of this man vis-à-vis children.
If we suddenly unsolicitedly are confronted 24/7 with #spinfotos / #spinvideos of suffering or dead #children we must always ask ourselves:

What narcissistic lackeys, contractors of which #psychopaths, run this very #PRopaganda exactly now, precisely there, and why?

Since 1953 the #USA's template for ca. 100 #regimechanges: Organise demonstrations/snipers who shoot demonstrators & law enforcement, make #NGOs say dictator massacres own people & send troops/mercenaries to reinstitute democracy. The 101st time it is all different, of course. 😜
Full-spectrum dominance includes the control of our minds. It also requires total control of the crime scene. To be sure that there are no uninvited journalists around you choose them as your primary target of threat like in this picture taken on the planet with the two suns.
Since 2001 'President Obama's war' (CIA Operation Timber Sycamore) against Syria has killed 600 000, injured millions and displaced even more millions, also to Europe. It is high time for Obama's ICC-prosecution.
"We must get out!"
(Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs)

• • •

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