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Is this your official comment, @Google? Do you have a comment on the content/questions (in thread) below?
Q's for @Google @GoogleDevExpert
Can you confirm that Mikey Dickerson and Todd Y. Park routed election data through the White House during the Obama administration?
Is this system still functional?
Who operates and/or operated this US Digital Service? VJarrett?
Wikileaks release: June 29th, 2014 - 'Urgent Call' from Robby Mook to John #Podesta
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If this message goes around 1M times, this man is the next Governor of Florida. Get up and do your part! #RT and #Vote #FLoridaPrimaries
Let’s make this the best and free political ad ever! Just click the button! #FloridaGovernor
.@AndrewGillum is a rising star! #VotingStyleNov6
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Mucho se está hablando estos días de la crisis dentro de la #IglesiaCatólica y la división que se ha creado en ella. Sean o no sean verdad las acusaciones hechas contra el Papa, muchos católicos empiezan a cansarse y a preguntarse qué pueden hacer. Aquí mi propuesta (Abro hilo)
La historia de nuestra Iglesia ha estado siempre plagada de crisis. Sus mismos inicios estuvieron manchados con la traición de Judas, la negación de Pedro y tantos otros pecados que llevaron a Cristo a la Cruz.
En el siglo X se vivió el así llamado "Siglo oscuro", en el que los Papas estaban al servicio de las familias romanas, que los usaban a su antojo para sus intereses políticos y familiares.
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Something a Little "Mature" for the Evening.

Sex could improve memory in women.(Aerobics can too, but Sex is way more fun)

Sperm is Fast (For its size, Imagine a Fish, swimming 5000mph)

Apples are Aphrodisiacs (Healthy and Sexy)

Size doesn't really matter! (Yup, She really doesnt care)

Women are more likely to Orgasm when they wear Socks (Keep the feet warm)

Drinking Water will make you "Wetter" (3L!!!)

Sex can help with Headaches and Migraines (Not everytime Paracetamol)
A Buddhist master, named his Penis 'ThunderBolt of Flaming Wisdom'.

Studies have shown that Arts and Social Science Students have most Sex, while Science and Engineering Students had least Sex.

By Department however,Medical Students were said to be having the most Sex
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Good evening, #entrepreneurs! Let us discuss this week's #GEMChats on #startups and #disruptors to the #tourism industry.

Feel free to #RT, reply and engage with us as we go on with this thread.
The answers to the #poll indicates that most of you feel the biggest gamechanger to the #tourism industry in this #Industry40 is the rise of low cost airlines followed closely by travel accommodations #startups like @Airbnb and @agoda.

Well, you aren't wrong there!
Low cost airlines #democratise travel for everyone. As @tonyfernandes puts it in @AirAsia's tagline: "Now Everyone Can Fly".

Flying had been considered a luxury accessible only to the middle class and well-heeled (sic) - Jack Yu writes at…
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**Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation for Paramedics**

You asked for it so here it is!
Started off last week with a request from my #Paramedic mates wanting to know more..

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Well, well, well, the #CatholicChurch & its friends in high places! The Weekend Australian reveals that University of Melbourne chancellor Allan Myers QC, Cardinal Pell’s counsel during the Royal Commission into ­Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, privately savaged
Melbourne University Publishing's decision to publish 'Cardinal; The Rise and Fall of George Pell' by ABC journalist Louise Milligan @Milliganreports @PCKJ3627 Mr McPhee and Louise Adler, the MUP publisher and chief executive who commissioned 'Cardinal' were called before the
University Council and questioned about the finances and editorial priorities of the century-old publishing house. News of Mr Myers’s response to the publication of 'Cardinal' and dispute with Ms Adler has reached the highest levels of the Liberal Party, the #CatholicChurch in
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Hier je communiquais sur les relations entre les #isekais, les #nekketsu – parangons des mangas – et les #JeuxVidéo ! Voilà donc le moment opportun pour vous faire un rapide retour (avant la publication des actes ! wouhou !)

N'hésitez pas à #RT !
Pour poser une première base économique et sociale, il convient de rappeler que la France est régulièrement considérée comme le deuxième pays consommateur au monde.
Le nekketsu se réfère plutôt à une structure narrative tandis que l’isekai se réfère à un topos, une géographie. Peu de comparaisons possibles au premier abord, cependant, les deux mobilisent des marqueurs pragmatiques du #JV. Question : peut-on parler de ludicisation ?
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5 Reasons Why Every Man Must Find His Life’s Purpose.

Every man needs a life purpose.

Without it, you’re drifting, hazy in your goals, worthless, useless and lost.

You may feel that life’s not worth living:

What am I here for anyway?
Without purpose, you may well be thinking, “What’s the point?”

Life is empty and meaningless without purpose.

Here are 5 reasons why you really must figure out your life’s purpose.
1. Life Is Short
You’re given a precious gift of life, which is finite and goes by like the blink of an eye.

If you live a life without purpose, you will reach the end of your life and have regrets.

You don’t want to have regrets, right?
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For the past few months I have been studying the trends that have come to be a standard for our government, and believe me it is quite hilarious.
As the world gears up for #WorldCup, our political athletes, develop new strategies to stupefy the masses.
Every four years it's the same old #gala with a new wrapper, but sadly we keep falling for it, the proverbial vampires sitting in their lairs hatching schemes of self enrichment while the masses foot the bill. I wonder if we have had enough?
It's a #Democracy they said, power to the people they sang but our homes are darkened by their greed. Our children go to school, but they are dulled by the knowledge tauted to sharpen minds, yet they urge us to cut the lines dividing the ignorant and the ignored. #TakeBackNigeria
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<< NEW MEGA THREAD THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME SO PLEASE BE PATIENT>> In November 2016 when it became apparent that @realdonaldtrump had won the US Presidential Election the famous quote by Sir Edward Grey came to mind… "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see...
...them lit again in our life-time.” That was my feeling about the United States. That is still my feeling almost 18 months later. I believe every person though deserves a chance to prove themselves. On their actions, on their decisions that has an impact not just within the...
the United States but on the wider world. That is why I am deeply involved in the #resistance and why I will continue to do so. So review @realdonaldtrump and his flawed, kakocracy, mendacious, self serving disastrous Presidency so far… I would need to write a book to........
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Le sujet est tellement important qu'on va faire un thread avec des screenshots (images) des idées les plus poignantes pour une lecture facile. #RT appréciés. 1/13 #beninenchantier #tourisme #Bénin #agriculture
Le #tourisme est d'abord local #Bénin #cedeao avant d'être international. Le cas de #NewYork 2/13
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After 70 years of imperial/neoliberal indoctrination the web of lies is so obviously absurde (9/11, Skripal, WH = ISIS, etc.), that it is dissoluting. The empathetic humanity connects, closes ranks and sends their eternal psychopathic rulers and their lackeys into nowhere land.
The "evil empire" is a lifelong three year old child. I certainly loved my children at that age too, however only because they created not only a surreal mess, but also made steady progress.

A great documentary about psychopathy and society:
The elite invented "democracy" to protect them from the empathetic people. The media are their means for misleading the people sedated by "democracy". This is definitely a bad thing since the people have become educated and the elite almost totally insane.
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Thread photo de la Ligurie, l'une des plus belles régions côtière d'Italie 🇮🇹☀️

(📸 ig : jln_zoe) #RT
Gênes, capitale de la Ligurie 📍
Manarola, village des Cinque Terre ⛰
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7 Ways To Magnetically Attract Women:

1. Make strong eye contact.
2. Flirt, don’t be logical.
3. Focus on your life’s purpose.
4. Be a decision maker.
5. Give her space.
6. Dress like you care.
7. Learn to say No to her advances.

#3 most important. Put yourself first, not her
1. Make Strong Eye Contact.

Rock solid eye contact instantly reveals your masculinity. By looking her dead in the eyes, she feels you.

Don’t stare like a creeper and make her uncomfortable.

Make strong and narrow, but not overdramatic eye contact with her, she will enjoy it.
2. Flirt, Don’t Be Logical.

Most guys think they need to carry out a proper business chat with women. Almost as if they’re interviewing for a promotion.

To much logic makes a woman cold as ice.

Be numerous, flirt and be a great story letter to turn up her heat.
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10 Core Values Every Man Needs To Possess To Create A Legacy Of Greatness.
Great men share many core values.

Focus on developing these core values and become the man every man envies and every woman wants.

Your Legacy Of Greatness awaits...

1. Self-Motivated

Every man needs to be a leader.

It’s important to be able to motivate yourself to take action to move forward toward your goals – whether they’re personal, family, of career.

Leaders are driven to get things done and they lead others to do the same.
2. The Ability To Delegate.

You can’t do it all yourself.

The most effective men surround themselves with skilled people, define their responsibilities, and then get out of the way.

Rid yourself of the complainers, wannabes and the hangers on. They’re holding you back.
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The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment. Read what the @splcenter & @MaxBlumenthal don't want you to read here:…
And download it here:
"​During his recent tour of Europe, disgraced former Trump strategist Steve Bannon declared “Italy is in the lead.” /1 #antifa #Fascism
Amid the historic resurgence of the Italian far right that returned right-wing populist Silvio Berlusconi to prominence, Bannon fantasized about “the ultimate dream” of unifying the anti-establishment Five Star Movement with the far-right League (formerly the Northern League)- /2
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10 Life Secrets They Will Never Teach You In School

The most important ideas and skills for successful living aren’t taught in school.

Unless you have an appropriate mentor, this critical part of your education is your responsibility.

Consider these secrets:
1. Persistence Is Your Ultimate Power.

There’s plenty of highly intelligent and talented people living on the street.

Even if you feel you were born with the short end of the stick, you can be incredibly successful.

The ability to persevere can overcome almost any obstacle.
2. You Can’t Control People.

With practice, you can learn to control yourself.

When you appreciate how challenging it is to control yourself, you’ll realize how futile it is to attempt to control others.

Only allow people into your life that you don’t have to change.
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1. I was a HS teacher for a short time (grant position). Why would I never want teachers w/ guns? Besides the obvious, teachers represent the country as a whole. Which means there are good & bad teachers. I've heard teachers call POC teens terrible words in the teacher's lounge.
2. I've seen POC students treated worse than white students for same offense. Plus, no matter the race, I've seen teachers get frustrated and throw things (not at students). Teachers are human. I've been around some of the most outstanding teachers ever, but there are bad too.
3. I loved my job, but it was the bad teachers which finally drove me away. As a state granted teacher, it was hard to change an entire environment when I was only one of a few who would speak up. I finally resigned.
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If you Vote to Infringe 2nd Amendment Rights WE will Vote to Make sure you do NOT get elected in November
@SenDonnelly @SenBillNelson @SenatorHeitkamp @SenatorBaldwin @SenatorTester @clairecmc @SenStabenow @SenSherrodBrown @Sen_JoeManchin @SenBobCasey

NO #GunControl
(2) Guns haven't suddenly become more easily accessible.

What has happened that is causing the murder rate to go up? #RT & Share to see all of thread & WHY we don't need #GunControl 📲
(3) In the case of mass shootings, the answer is that the US refuses to do anything about the dangerously mentally ill, Bullying, brainwashing and #GunfreeZones
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#ULTIMAHORA. El emperador @CesarAgstoSPQR acaba de publicar un edicto ordenando que se empadrone todo el mundo. #Empadronamiento #HiloDeNavidad
#AMPLIACIÓN Según ha informado Cirino, gobernador de #Siria, cada ciudadano debe inscribirse en su ciudad de origen #Empadronamiento
La orden del gobernador va a provocar gran número de desplazamientos. La @DGTes pone en marcha la #OperaciónSalida y controlará el exceso de carga de los pollinos y camellos y sus tiempos de descanso
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