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🔥Internal @GOP poll shows Democrats up by 9 points on a generic ballot (7 pts = #FlipTheHouse). “Soft" GOP voters care more about Medicare/SS, veterans mental health services + reforming student loans than Trump agenda of tax cuts, border walls, ICE.😉…
🤣LOL. @realDonaldTrump’s GASLIGHTING worked a bit too well.

Complacency among #GOP voters is tied directly to their trust in Trump. “They don’t believe Democrats will win the House. (Why should they believe the same pollsters who told them Hillary was going to be elected?)”🤣
This #poll shouldn’t make *any* of us complacent, but instead, should MOTIVATE us, b/c we now *know* that We the People *can* flip seats in DEEPLY red states (@DougJones in #AL) and districts (@ConorLambPA).

VOTE, so that we do this NATIONWIDE‼️🇺🇸

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Good evening, #entrepreneurs! Let us discuss this week's #GEMChats on #startups and #disruptors to the #tourism industry.

Feel free to #RT, reply and engage with us as we go on with this thread.
The answers to the #poll indicates that most of you feel the biggest gamechanger to the #tourism industry in this #Industry40 is the rise of low cost airlines followed closely by travel accommodations #startups like @Airbnb and @agoda.

Well, you aren't wrong there!
Low cost airlines #democratise travel for everyone. As @tonyfernandes puts it in @AirAsia's tagline: "Now Everyone Can Fly".

Flying had been considered a luxury accessible only to the middle class and well-heeled (sic) - Jack Yu writes at…
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Let me check the pulse of socialism because y’all say y’all want it but are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

Would you be ok paying up to *an additional* $8,000 a year in taxes if it meant universal healthcare and no-tuition college for everyone? #poll
I wish someone would run this as a scientific, national poll. I’d love to see how this would fare among a representative voter population. Maybe a disconnect. Bcuz then the question would be where are the elected officials to back this up and develop legislation/implement policy?
Also, I’ve seen several proposals for universal healthcare (think Medicare For All) or a universal basic income. But I’ve seen it where the UBI would include a portion earmarked for purchasing health insurance.

My question is why not both? Why not socialized healthcare AND UBI?
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#dnd #cyoa
Result: Tendons
You spring out at the creature, your teeth sinking through thick into it's tendons, you rear back with your teeth firmly clamped on the tendons, you feel something give.
"Now run cub!" the other wolf warns.
The creature howls in rage whipping round with
it's claws, it scratches your hindquarters as you run to the bushes.
The wound is not enough to slow you down but it does hurt.
The creature makes to run after you but it's wounded leg collapses beneath it. It screams with pain and frustration, it starts crawling after you, fast!
"I'd get downwind of it again cub" advises the wolf "All wounded creatures are dangerous"
You work your way around the dead stag to the bushes behind the creature.
It's brought it's good leg up under it to a kneeling position, one claw guards it the other its throat
#Trump #poll
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(taekook au ft. yoonmin)
Taehyung and Jungkook are Korea’s hottest solo artists. One day, they are spotted together at the airport and rumors start to spread.

They share no similar schedules though. Then why? Who set this up? Jimin and Yoongi, their CEOs.

#btsau #kookv #vkook
Taehyung is signed under Jimin’s label. Jungkook is signed under Yoongi’s label.
min ceo don’t play
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😱😱#poll #thread😱😱

🔥Thread of poll for🔥

1. Cheated in relationships 🙊
2. Caught red-handed😂
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