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BREAKING: Mueller Is In Serious Trouble After Top FBI Attorney Provides ‘Troubling’ Testimony Regarding Trump-Russia Probe… via @en_volve
@en_volve 💣💥 #ClearFlynnNow❗❗
@en_volve Timings Everything😉

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Here are my talking points I was going to use on Fox and Friends this morning:

I’m perplexed by the continued request for an FBI investigation. They have already done a few background investigations on him.

The longer this drags on, in this political climate, allows for more false allegations to come forward and eat up the FBI’s resources and time, there by placing real investigations in jeopardy. #ReinstateRobynGritz
The only witness has already testified. The investigation/testimony is summarized & turned over to the “client” agency, in this case the senate judiciary committee. They decide if the investigation warrants confronting the candidate.

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RealClear Investigations’ reporter Paul Sperry recently reported that “only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails [found on the Weiner laptop] were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information.
Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges.” Let’s get back to enforcing the law instead of breaking it! #ReinstateRobynGritz #ClearFlynnNow #IndictMcCabeNow
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Who is systematically arranging the leaks to select individuals?
Why is this important [to drop] prior to BO testimony?

Think for yourself.
Research for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Clickbait opinions are designed to attract reader to subscribe and/or follow and/or shape a pre-designed narrative.

no deals

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#ISTANDWITHFLYNN #ClearFlynnNow #AmericanHero #DismissFlynnCase It is upsetting to see Gen Flynn going through this. As a former FBI agent who worked with him & have known him since 2005, he has always been bluntly honest, which is rare in DC. The swamp doesn’t want the truth out
When I needed help when I was fighting for my life against the discrimination & retaliation by the @FBI Flynn didn’t hesitate coming forward & taking a stand. Of course, the main corrupt criminal back then & now is McCabe, in both our cases. Why is McCabe enjoying peace & quiet?
Why is Imran Awan able to walk freely & be given a cushy plea deal? Why is Seth Rich’s murderers still walking around? Why is Ferrick, Retired SAC & who retaliated against whistleblowers, being hired back by the @FBI as a consultant to mentor SACs?
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In 2013 terrorist “Cheibani” was indicted with the murder of a U.S Diplomat and attempted murder of a Marine. @GenFlynn thanked the FBI and @TheJusticeDept for brining Justice, the case was tried by Zainab Ahmad🙄
In fact one could argue that Ahmad’s entire career that everyone raves about is built off the intelligence @GenFlynn provided while at @DefenseIntel
Let’s see DIA specializes in gathering intel of foreign actors amd Ahamad tries cases of terrorists🧐
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@CNN⁩ I think you are getting something key wrong. None of the charges have to do with collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign. ⁦@Comey⁩ and the agents who interviewed ⁦@GenFlynn⁩ said he didn’t lie, but 302s were falsified.…
It appears Judge Sullivan had his doubts as well when he ordered Mueller to turn over all exculpatory evidence. I do hope Mueller complies by turning ALL of it over. Ask the Bundy family about this. We have two OIG investigations on the circumstances surrounding the election &
the predication etc leading up to the Insurance Plan. Take a look at your ABC compadre & see what happens when you report ONLY PART of a story & not all the facts. In the FBI, we considered that deception. @TGowdySC gets it as do we! #ReinstateRobynGritz #ClearFlynnNow #TruthWins
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General Flynn testified re: dangers of the #IranDeal as usual his insights were spot on and guess what, he was highly critical of RUSHAAAA.
@GenFlynn is BRILLIANT there’s a reason they all worked so hard to shut him up. #CLEARFLYNNNOW
Read what he said👇…
Congressional record honoring @GenFlynn because he’s a damn LEGEND #ClearFlynnNow…
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@NRATV @darkom56 @dbongino After six years of fighting my case with @FBI I’m still getting to bask in the cabal finally being held accountable. @TheJusticeDept I’d still like to think you are going to eventually do the right thing & realize everything I have been saying for years is now apparent w/McCabe
@NRATV @darkom56 @dbongino @FBI @TheJusticeDept The complaint @JusticeOIG threw in a zero file, the case they refuse to look at because it’s an EEO. You probably wonder why I haven’t taken the case to district court 🤔. It’s because I never wanted to drag my beloved agency through the mud. Looks like you both let others do it
@NRATV @darkom56 @dbongino @FBI @TheJusticeDept @JusticeOIG DOJ OPR, same goes to you. Believing everything an SES says as opposed to me. Oh and let’s not forget the numerous entities within the @FBI who either actively participated in or ignored the facts I sent to you. Documented facts & witnesses who were never spoken with.
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So that's FOUR people unceremoniously stripped off of Mueller's team. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Moyer, and one other person as yet unidentified.

Remember when I told you people were INVESTIGATING THE INVESTIGATORS the entire time Mueller was forming his team? 🤔
Mueller has not only found nothing he can use to hurt Trump with, he's had 4 people pulled off his team in the last year. And we now have a report that altered 302 interview forms are being investigated by the OIG.


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I'm just gonna skip straight to this part
They were using their FBI phones and able to be tracked that way because they were trying to hide their affair lol. Dummies.
These are all my instant reactions while I'm in the process of reading, but Lisa Page saying "he simply cannot be President" about Trump is freaking unreal.
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🔥(1) New batch of @ChuckGrassley letters give insight into exactly what McCabe and his Gofundme lawyer are requesting. On 5/31 Grassley writes to Bromwich requesting the emails that they claim to have between McCabe and Comey, as neither the IG or OPR report mentioned them.
(2) 4/4 Esq. Gofundme responds claims McCabe was not a key decision maker, says FBI prohibits sharing emails but says they were sent 10/21/16 and 10/23/16, then he plagiarizes Gen Flynn’s atty and says it’s well known OIG has made a criminal referral. #NODEALS
(3) After saying @TheJusticeDept is leaking non-stop McCabe’s lawyer says he’s willing to testify in exchange for immunity. He goes on to blab about how terrible and unconstitutional the firing was and wraps up by saying if there’s no immunity McCabe will claim the 5th.
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Spot on! Those of us who are casualties of this corruption are now getting some justice watching McCabe et al., grasping for air. The OPR process is a tool used by the higher ranks to screw over the real leaders.
The FBI does their own EEO investigations then issues a highly redacted report of investigation, classifying anything that they would think would show discrimination and retaliation.
Usually, those ROIs remain redacted to keep the victims from having a fair chance at providing a logical case, not full of holes because the FBI over classified the information. Effectively hiding bad behavior being found and individuals being held accountable.
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My thought's on the current state of #qanon #greatawakening.

I've followed #qanon from the start and believe that it's legit.

1) We're entering a period of high stress. Good things are happening but mostly going unreported.

#Fakenews MSM is being distracted by shiny objects like stormy and the mueller probe. #qanon
2) Generally i've agreed with @jeromecorsi The money side doesn't bother me as income allows more opportunity to further the message. #qanon #WWG1WGA
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1) The cast of characters necessitating the #ClearFlynnNow movement is too large to keep track of. Just a few are pictured here. The great defense our opponents employ is the question of "vast conspiracy." When so pressed, I always say YES. Precisely.
2) But the logic of the attack is far easier to delineate. Contemplate a newly appointed - and freshly employed! - National Security Adviser to the President Elect of the USA, being challenged AS IF HE WERE NOT A FEDERAL EMPLOYEE. If we weren't crying, we'd be laughing.
3) Let's pretend the Logan Act applied. Then @GenFlynn was 100% compliant within it. But, as a tool to attack one's enemies, its use has been futile for 219 years, ever since its inception. So, it could not possibly have applied to a duly appointed National Security Adviser.
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No one can claim that Andy isn’t smart & sharp. I think it’s brilliant he did a Go Fund Me account. If people want to donate, he is going to need the money. Legal fees are astronomical. He needs to raise the goal amount if he’s really serious. Get it before your forgotten.
Flynn probably incurred $1mil in legal fees easy. I have incurred quite a bit & anticipate more. He was smart to get the account up so soon. Took me years to do it, because I’m not good at asking for help etc. @csthetruth @JudicialWatch @Thomas1774Paine #ReinstateRobynGritz
I’m not going to donate, obviously. I still live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes not even. So much comes with being fired/resigning from a federal job. Healthcare, living without that second paycheck. Each time you call your attorney, you get a bill. #ReinstateRobynGritz
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(1) I'm a history buff, especially on WWII and the Cold War. I've been reading about the Channel Islands (UK territory near France) and the 5-year German occupation there. Very interesting example of how tyranny takes over.…
(2) The UK failed to properly plan and carry out protection of the Islands or to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Many ended up killed one way or another, including Jews deported to extermination camps. Other Islanders refused to leave when they had the chance.
(3) Granted, hindsight is 20/20 and in 1939-40 the UK government was fighting for the survival of the whole country, and trying to help continental allies. It's still disturbing though, to realize that people weren't enabled to make an informed choice.
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1) Good Morning, #ClearFlynnNow supporters, what a day for our cause yesterday was. America is winning its identity back. For clarity, let's never forget that McCabe sent Strozk to interrogate @GenFlynn. If you forget everything else, remember that. @JosephJFlynn1 do you agree?
2) As to @vabelle2010, I dare say she'll never forget where she was when she heard the news. Robyn shared on Facebook that she was in a restaurant and screamed out loud! All of America shares the joy of that moment with you as our hero. We must...

3) The simplest thing I see is that @vabelle2010's work got in the way of the Iran deal, and that's why an honored agent was targeted and her career destroyed. Has this been proven? I don't know. I do know that McCabe destroyed Robyn's career.
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(1)#ReinstateRobynGritz were at Circa. Because of McCabe’s vicious retaliation against me for filing an EEO discrimination complaint, I lost everything, my career of 16 years fighting terrorism and protecting the American people, my role in bringing Americans out of captivity,
(2) I recently touched base with one of those individuals, Roxana Saberi, who now has a flourishing career. I was the Supervisor over putting Chuckie Taylor away for torture & war crimes, Wesame Deleame for killing American soldiers, Robert Levinson who I believe remains in Iran
(3) I believe Bob should have been home at least a decade ago and will not rest until I expose the reason why he was not a priority to McCabe’s best friend, NSB Chief Carl Ghattas. I have worked on the Holyland Foundation aka Hamas case as a case agent over the NJ office head
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Let’s talk Trump & Drugs.

1) On Wed Jan 10, 2018, Trump signed the Interdict act. It is an acronym for “International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response by Detecting Incoming Contraband with Technology”

During the signing he made some interesting ....
2) comments about how to solve the issue:
"There is an answer. I think I actually know the answer, but I'm not sure the country is ready for it yet," he said, before looking around at some of the lawmakers. "Does anybody know what I mean? I think so."…
3) In that article, CNN can’t seem to figure out what he is talking about.

Then in the Rick Saccone PA18 rally, he clears it up.

Video starts 48:00 minutes in. End at 54:10
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1) We are NOT the news. We are the #ClearFlynnNow movement. We are not the political class. We are the citizens the political class serves. News is, however, important to us, as are such great souls as @marklevinshow and @DevinNunes.

2) So here's the problem. We should be shocked. We should be raging. I don't know if we should be marching or not - I don't go marching, personally - but we should be enraged with a burning fire in the depths of our souls.
3) Why should we burn within our souls? Seven words that seem so bland, so merely intellectual to the ear:

Deprivation of rights under color of law.

This @seanhannity segment was the first time I ever heard the term:

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1) We are NOT the news. We are the #ClearFlynnNow movement. We are not the political class. We are the citizens the political class serves. News is, however, important to us, as are such great souls as @marklevinshow and @DevinNunes.

2) So here's the problem. We should be shocked. We should be raging. I don't know if we should be marching or not - I don't go marching, personally - but we should be enraged with a raging fire in the depths of our souls.
3) Why should we burn within our souls? Seven words that seem so bland, so merely intellectual to the ear:

Deprivation of rights under color of law.

This @seanhannity segment was the first time I ever heard the term:

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