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Speaking of paying for things...

Who's paying for the Delaware beach house Mark Judge is hiding out in right now?

Also, possibly related ... why have you deleted all the tweets between you and Mark Judge, Adam?

When you get a chance, can you ask Mark why he refuses to testify?
Why did you delete this tweet, @AdamBaldwin?
Why did you delete this tweet, @AdamBaldwin?
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QDrops For September 11, 2018

9/11 Edition

Today we remember those taken away from us on that

crisp September morning on 9/11/01. 17 years later & the

real terrorist are still at large. When will we see justice?






Where Is The Plane?
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419 HRC Emails Released… (First 21 pages)

HRC is Alice?

"Hillary Clinton in Wonderland" Includes Quotes from the Campaign Trail

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For Sergeant Alexander John Priest
2/18th Battalion
Lest We Forget




#WatchTheCongo 🇨🇬✨💎✨💎




Today’s Insignia Project Drop includes a look at

#5StarTrust, Marion Horn, Bank Accounts; look at the

Names & Amounts; excerpt from “Crime of The Century”

Black Eagle 🦅 FBI doc and much more.

Let’s look at the 5Star Trust
Participants Name and ID BIC
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QDrops August 26, 2018

We Don’t Say His Name Edition






Suicide weekend?

Hands up?





We are in control.

BIG week ahead.

Now Comes The Pain!
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There is an interesting book pdf in the Drop Box that is very interesting, yet graphic, of the Japanese War Crimes Against Humanity.

The Japanese sold and hide the gold bullion and jewelry at the end of the war using US POWs to dig tunnels then blowing them up. The Japanese also fill ships with gold and then sunk them.
Look at the Peace Treaties between the countries involved in World War II. Dig on Richard Armitage and his connections to South East Asia after his re assignment and the Far East Company. I think the connections will be found in this research.
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Here are a few thing I found on the Internet on.....





#WatchTheCongo 🇨🇬

Five Star Trust

Page 1 and 2
Confidential Letter Given To Mr. Ernest Bay To President Obama.

25th day September 2009…
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@RobynElyse @WholeFoods @ATT @McDonalds @VictoriasSecret @BP_plc @Aramark @Walmart Here are 4 things 2 know about the nationwide strike:

1. The movement was created in response to a riot in a South Carolina prison that left at least 7 inmates dead in April 2018.

2. The strike began on a symbolic date that marks the 47th anniversary of death of Black Panther..
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Second Drop

Introducing #ContactZero

Dropping an interview of with Contact Zero with brief

introduction to the history of the information in the earlier

drop. Traffic was high and crashed the site so here is a

new link to the Drop Box.

Many thanks to L9 Production for helping out the team?









Contact Zero on Remembrance Day 2017.

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CNN OpEd - Appx 350 newspapers in US had editorials decrying President Trump's description of media as "enemy of the people."…

Why these media sources cry #FreePress where are their articles about crimes against humanity, mfgd wars & so much more.

In 2012 Business Insider Published: 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America…

HiveMind of Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World… (2012 map)

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@emptywheel @maggieNYT “They do so even while describing a lawyer who represents three high-placed witnesses in the case (along w/#McGahn, #WilliamBurck represents #ReincePriebus and #SteveBannon) opining that the President’s legal exposure makes cooperation “insane.”…
@emptywheel @maggieNYT “Along the way, the story engages in other kinds of spin, all of which happens to make #DonMcGahn look far better than he should...” 👀See #Koch #FollowTheMoney #JonesDay 👉
@emptywheel @maggieNYT 🔥“#StephenBrogan, Managing Partner, #JonesDay
W/at least 13 of its lawyers positioned strategically throughout Trump administration, including #DonMcGahn, the firm has not been coy about its ties to Trump & exercises immense, unprecedented power in” D.C.…
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Another VERY IMPT POINT from this late Friday #followthemoney scoop by @a_cormier_ & me about GOP operative Peter Smith and his attempts to buy HRC's deleted emails…

The subpoena Northern Trust bank rec'd last Dec specifically sought info abt the $9K withdrawal from KLS Research’s acct on Sept 8 2016. That withdrawal took place 1 day after Smith finished his paper that laid bare his plans for obtaining HRC emails…

It was also 1 wk after Smith & John Szobocsan incorporated their LLC, KLS Research, in Delaware, which was set up to avoid campaign reporting.

This $9500 withdrawal FBI specifically asked Northern Trust about in subpoena is what bureau is chasing…

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After having been in and around U.S. politics now for 25+ years and attended 100s of rallies, what we are seeing now is faked. Fake outrage against media. Faked attendance # + always the same level of anger towards media no matter what city. #Followthemoney to craigslist ads.
Search "crowd fillers needed' on Craigslist and google. Tie those ad dates to a week or so ahead of rallies... bang. There it is. Probably in plain sight. Djt rallies being propped up by paid actors being told to scream at media. Not all actors and actresses are beautiful ppl.
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It's been 20 days since Q last spoke to us & there's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not we were being left to stand on our own. Last night, Q showed in full form & on fire. Settle, there's a story to be told.

From Sea to Shining Sea, Q is letting us know we're about to learn what Sessions has been doing quietly behind the scenes from the beginning. Something BIG is about to happen and as Q often says, #TrustSessions

In order to understand the story, first we need to understand 38 US Code Section 519 - Supervision of Litigation. Here, we find Sessions, and ONLY Sessions shall supervise ALL litigation unless otherwise authorized by law.
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Always wondered what this seemingly random document in the Glenn Simpson exhibits meant. Is this the $400 million? 133 million shares in what? Tied into Cheney? #BillBrowder…
Plot twist! Those are Manaforts notes from the Trump Tower meeting...
This is fascinating. Apparently this isn’t breaking news at all, Bill Browder has been working with the Ziff brothers three billionaires that bank the Democrats? Move over Soros. This is what Russian layer chick was obsessed with.
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Trump: Day 541
-128th Day at Trump Golf Club
-171st Day at Trump Property
-Congratulates Putin Ahead of Mtg
-Thinks European Union is a "Foe"
-Calls Media "Enemy of the People"
-Snubbed by Prince Charles & William
-Ran From Protesting Paraglider
-Trolled w/Billboards by Newspaper
Day 646 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 498 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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Nancy signed off for gift trip to send Chief of Staff to Cuba RE LBGT rights in Cuba sponsored by Center for Democracies in the Americas (off shoot of Regime Change Deluxe) #Priorities…
ALWAYS #FollowTheMoney…
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Here's what we all should be looking at, who's profiting from these detention facilities? Did you know @ICEgov owned detention centers hold lowest number of illegal aliens? Time to #FollowTheMoney must be Dems and GOP otherwise we'd have #immigrationLAW…
Something stinks.
CCA and Geo Group Inc. think about it, WHY haven't we been able to solve this problem for years? If elected officials are profiting while making America look bad we've got a problem. #FollowTheMoney
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Over the past few months I have collected 500+ Trump, Pence and RNC tracking URLs dating back to June 2016. I've shared bits & pieces of this (⏬) as I've been looking under the hood, in search of the truth behind Project Alamo/Trump marketing ops.

THREAD will be ongoing...
The 500+ links are tracking links. They contain custom variables team Trump/Pence/RNC attached to links so they could measure & analyze performance via Google Analytics.

These are UTM parameters:…

I'll share full URL list once I'm done cleaning it up!
You can learn a lot about a marketing program by examining their tracking links. So here's the 1st nugget:

#1: Trump campaign used Facebook Messenger bots to communicate w/voters 1-on-1.

I haven't seen this reported anywhere. If you have, pls send a link!
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A few years ago, I taught in a different school where I had many kids from El Salvador. One student in particular was quite troubled. I mean. He was a real pain in the butt. But I never sent him out of class because I'm not that kind of teacher.
But other teachers were having problems with him and he ended up on the assistant principal's almost every day. He was very disruptive in their classes. Finally, the guidance counselor got permission to share his story.
It turns out that this boy hid under the bed while his mother was repeatedly raped when he was 4 years old.
He witnessed his mother being raped.
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