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Please consider a small donation so I can change my wireless number. For the past 2 mos I've been inundated daily with harassment calls from non-verifiable 218 local numbers and several from @EssentiaHealth that once blocked, they just call from another #
@EssentiaHealth I went from 997.00 RSDI I received for the past 15 yrs to 203.00 a mo due to the honest service fraud & prohibited personel practices of #Hibbing #Minnesota @SocialSecurity Office @mndeed Disabilty Determination Services & can't & won't survive this extrajudicial death sentence!
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💥With nearly $50,000 in donations to #KeithEllison the embattled congressman running for #Minnesota AG💥
Susan Ellingstad is a partner at Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P law firm & was picked by the #MinnesotaDFL Party to investigate🤔#ConflictOfInterest…
What makes some counties & PD's more special than the others? I bet I know! This law firm benefits from the extracurricular illegal activity of the #MinnesotaDFL & these counties and le aren't delivering… Someone needs to investigate! @GenFlynn @parrish4mn
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My dad's #MedicalMurder 2 weeks after publishing this petition❗❗… @parrish4mn
@parrish4mn 🆘️💥My daughters murder 4 days after turning the #MinnesotaDFL Party Official Jeff Hayden, in to several Fed Agencies, FOR WHICH THEY WERE UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AT THE TIME BY THE FBI & IRS❗❗WILLIAM DAVIS & SON JORDAN WERE THEIR FALLGUYS❗❗#TRUTH #TRUTH2POWER #WALKAWAY
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This guy's scared... GOOD!… All his former places of employment have been proved by me as parties to human trafficking/child trafficking, unethical human experimentation, retaliation against me, etc. and he trolled my Linkedin today. @GenFlynn @parrish4mn
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking in Minnesota #FairviewHealthServices now partnered w/#HealthEast 2 create #HealthPartners. GERALD CLARK'S DAUGHTER WORKED AT BOTH, HIS ATTY ANDY BORLAND, VP 1997 MINNEAPOLIS #Fairview & Board member 2013 Fairview range…
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking in Minnesota #HealthEast now partnered w/#Fairview 2 create #HealthPartners GERALD CLARK'S DAUGHTER WORKED AT BOTH! SARAH JEAN WAS BORN @ ST JOHNS & BOTH ST PAUL & MAPLEWOOD WERE OUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS AS WAS FAIRVIEW!…
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💥Art in Embassies Program Gave Podestas, Jeff Koons, Rockefellers, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Rothschilds even James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong owner access to a private shipping channel that could bypass airport security; Sourced #Pedogate This is Big❗…
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@Hwt123 My neighbor and main predator of my family has the same connections to #NCMEC via his Hibbing #Minnesota #Masonic lodge. 👈 #MinnesotaDFL TIED BIGGLY & the entire states le depts trained by a master mason!
@Hwt123 I have a lot on those subjects. My daughter and granddaughter were their victims.… I am that bitch that payback is formerly known as momma and grandma!
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I demand immediate action/intervention in Minnesota
@realDonaldTrump & the only way to possibly address this public safety issue that permeates state, county, municiple, twsp govt & law enforcement is with Military Police!…👈#MinnesotaDFL #ChildTrafficking
@realDonaldTrump Prolonging the suffering & affording these predators further opportunity waiting until midterm elections is not due process or in keeping with the Crime Victims Rights Act, considering the very capital criminals are those running for political positions. How does that make sense?
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🤔Anybody have anything on Daughters of American Revolution? They appear teamed up with Freemasonry. This one has a Facebook page that looks newly created and is seeking my friendship🙄

👇Another #Freemasons #NCMEC connection😏
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I don't know if you remember @GovMarkDayton but I arranged 4 my dad 2 attend a luncheon in Virginia w/you, Al Franken,& James Oberstar. U shook his hand & sent a personal note with him 4 me. He was so proud when he returned home, big smile on his face when he handed the note 2 me
@GovMarkDayton How can you allow what they're doing to me? ...and you know who they are. I'll see if I can find the RSVP email or private note on a yellow sticky in your hand writing. Because of my dad being Democrat all his life, I had to #WalkAway after the 2012 election. In utter disgust
@GovMarkDayton upon discovering the truth.
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Sadder yet is that It's happening on @realDonaldTrump's watch, even w/mountains of proof, the fed agencies that oversee these resources do nothing! I hit the end of my rope last week in spite of crime reports to @TheJusticeDept & every OIG, I have been without food & medicine!
@realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept ...and I have asked for help with a Federal Agency @SocialSecurity Admin via the White House website twice and provided all proof of fraud! They're too absorbed with the #collusion against Trump to give a damn about what's being being undertaken against the lil guy #WhistleBlower
@realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept @SocialSecurity This is what the #MinnesotaDFL & their #Freemason (Good Men😏) counterparts do to disabled females who outed their trafficking in persons/children among other flesh peddling expenditures I PROVED they're involved in
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#Minnesota #Cps #ChildTrafficking in #collusion w/state & co offices under the guise of human service/public aid ties 2 the grander #Elite #Pedophile Intl terror ntwk aided by #MasonicCharities #Freemasons #MinnesotaDFL #MNDFL #DFL #MN2018 #WalkAway…
Those responsibe 4 my "extreme poverty" have ties 2 those I've exposed as #Minnesota #humantraffickers/#childtraffickers. Those I'm appealing this @SocialSecurity decline 2 continue benefits after 15 yrs (age 54) are 1 & the same! #DeepState #Retaliation
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U freakmasons in govt positions better get those 12 yr old debts removed from my credit report Rockefeller, Clark's! Fair Credit Reporting Act violation & more honest service fraud & prohibited personell practices by those in positions of power w/their brown noses up Jerry's ass!
.@FTC @TheJusticeDept @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump
@Equifax @Experian @TransUnion and no don't direct me to your fraud procedure. This is the enemy combatant bad actors in fed govt positions perpin' the #Fraud and the reporting bureau's allowing it to keep me impoverished!
#Minnesota faction ties to the grander International Terrorist Network #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking syndicate
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