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1) Hundreds of parents signed our open letter asking @Girlguiding to review their policy that allows boys who identify as girls to sleep in tents with other girls without telling patents. Two guide leaders have now been thrown out and their units closed.…
2) Girl Guiding refused to answer basic questions about safeguarding and parental informed consent. We cannot ignore the obvious that a trans child who identifies as a girl is still a male child with a body.…
3) This issue is not that a child might be trans. It is because they are MALE. We separate males & females for good reasons. When a male child IDs as a girl those reasons do not change. Parents must to be allowed to give their consent but they are denied.
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1/ Let’s set the record straight. @POGOBlog is a nonpartisan, independent government watchdog—unwaveringly. And we have not taken a position on Judge Kavanaugh. We take our reputation seriously. Here are a few facts that aren’t hard to find if you look...
2/ First: We receive foundation funding from across the political spectrum—including the Charles Koch Foundation, in addition to receiving funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundations.
3/ Second: Deb Katz, vice chair of our Board of Directors, is a long-time member of our Board, and has worked with us for years on #whistleblower issues.

If you look at our list of Board members, you’ll also see...
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.@SocialSecurity of America, what say you? Btw, keep in mind you charged me to pay for my #LegallyKidnapped child #CHILDSEXTRAFFICKING NOW murdered once adult survivor! ...and the incentive you pay for foster children and forced adoption, ...
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More than 100 Facebook employees have joined an internal message grp criticising the co. for having a "political monoculture", as the social network comes under fire from conservative politicians & President Donald Trump who claim it has a left-wing bias.…
As I have stated time & time again. My fundraisers are being censored & NOT just @Facebook. I suspect my #GoFundMe #Whistleblower Defense Fund also as I've received 0 donations & my #PayPal as you can see👇I am a Conservative Christian that has exposed #DeepState @FreedomWatchUSA
@facebook @FreedomWatchUSA These fundraisers are critical as the retaliation has made it impossible for me to get prescribed inhalers I've been forced to pay cash for & haven't been able to @realDonaldTrump @FCC @AjitPaiFCC @IngrahamAngle
@WETHEPEOPLETAR @parrish4mn @infowars @RealAlexJones #Censoreship
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1/#RealityWinner tried to warn us of RussianHacking.She was denied bail for over a yr before taking responsibility for telling us the truth & changing her plea. Since the day the group of all male, mostly armed FBI agents boxed in her car after a grocery trip, she's been ignored.
2/ Starting w asking those armed men if she was being arrested,she never received an answer, nor read her Miranda Rights & her admission was admissable in court .
While in jail #RealityWinner has been denied medical attention, denied proper nutrition...
3/ ...& even denied her 1/2 hr of sun she's supposed to get everyday. She's had her mail held back bc the gaurds feel overwhelmed when there are too many letters. (Ya know bc they have to open & read them all.) From the court side of things, she's been denied witnesses,
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7 days no food. Last night I had ketchup soup. No food for my animals. My situation by criminal design, artifice & honest service fraud 4 exposing Minnesota Child Trafficking & Its many county & state facilitators. My fundraisers are rigged to not be seen, & I'm disabled & SOL!
...and audio from yesterday's conversations in my pursuit to get simple answers so I could have taken a cab today are gonna help prove It! #Whistleblower #ExtrajudicialPunishment

I upload just completed. Few more to go.
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Sadder yet is that It's happening on @realDonaldTrump's watch, even w/mountains of proof, the fed agencies that oversee these resources do nothing! I hit the end of my rope last week in spite of crime reports to @TheJusticeDept & every OIG, I have been without food & medicine!
@realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept ...and I have asked for help with a Federal Agency @SocialSecurity Admin via the White House website twice and provided all proof of fraud! They're too absorbed with the #collusion against Trump to give a damn about what's being being undertaken against the lil guy #WhistleBlower
@realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept @SocialSecurity This is what the #MinnesotaDFL & their #Freemason (Good Men😏) counterparts do to disabled females who outed their trafficking in persons/children among other flesh peddling expenditures I PROVED they're involved in
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Brother, you’re feeding your porous readers their favorite meal. Between yesterday and now, you’ve authored so many threads and tweets just to sully @bukolasaraki. Since “corruption” is the most deceitful thing to package @MBuhari and deride Saraki, I’m taking you up on this.
First, the statement below is both fad and facade. You @AdeBanqie said:

“Buhari forwarded *some* Anti-Corruption bills to NASS. However, as I write, they have not been passed.”

Did you intentionally hide the number of those bills forwarded by @MBuhari to @bukolasaraki? Fine.
Since you decided to mislead your readers, I’ll help everyone out. Let’s unravel your shrouded accusation.

@MBuhari’s Govt Sent 12 bills to @bukolasaraki’s National Assembly in 3 Years.

Read here:…
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Speaks volume to @LinkedIn's #Censorship of both my fundraising links
Gofundme…👈Also speaks volume to they type of people who make up the populace in America. I've received 1 donation to my PayPal and 0 my Gofundme! #Strzok
@LinkedIn This is my 2nd GoFundMe acct. the 1st 1, same results so I deleted it. That was back when they had me stranded in 30 below zero temps, no propane, heat or food, & no way to get to town!...oh & SNOWED IN ALL WINTER BECAUSE THEY VANDALIZED MY BRAND NEW (USED 2 SEASONS) SNOW BLOWER!
@LinkedIn And I'm talking brand new, delivered by Lowe's November of 2014! 2 used vehicles vandalized since 2015, & now schemes & artifices to steal my Social Security after 15 years age 54, 1 yr shy of their own cutoff, per their own policy states 55 as advanced age! #ThesePeopleAreSick
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More proof of nefarious criminal acts commissioned against me aka Conspiracy Against Rights 18 USc § 241 to defraud me through scheme & artifice my @SocialSecurity at age 54 after receiving it for 15 yrs 1 yr shy of what SSA considers advanced aged! #Whistleblower #Retaliation
@SocialSecurity What are they afraid of that they had to delete these messages!? #Minnesota faction of the #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking grander criminal network and their exposure for what they did to my family!
@SocialSecurity ..and right now I'm stranded because of it, and can't get to town to pay my bills or buy food! @realDonaldTrump
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💥The St. Paul-based firm NeuVest will interview city employees 2 determine the extent of the breach. Next comes #Whistleblower #Retaliation💥
@Rewards4Justice @SecAzar @HHSGov @OIGatHHS @TheJusticeDept @JusticeOIG @SocialSecurity @MedicaidGov @MedicareGov
☣Most of these experimental guinea pigs are low income recipients! #UselessEaters cattle and sheep❗
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Incredible stories here at the #whistleblower luncheon. What is the median length of whistleblowing litigation that Agency’s subject whistleblowers to? @ChuckGrassley @POTUS @US_OSC @USMSPB @SecNielsen @ICEgov
For Context: I blew the whistle to @US_OSC on August 4, 2015 at around 6:45PM. I’m still in litigation @USMSPB with my former agency.
Over 6!!
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ME: Obama era #whistleblower; suspect questions on my bona fides; 18+ yr fed from BP to USCS/ICE & DOD Special Agent, ERO supervisor, ICE HQ staff/acting Unit Chief, & member of the DHS Human Smuggling Cell. 90’s enlisted US Army & a tour as an Infantry Captain to Iraq (05/06)
Thanks to a single tweet by @thereaIrosanne my story was brought to light. I’ve been a guest on several outlets talking about securing our Nation such as @foxandfriends @NRATV @DLoesch @OANN @opslens @CRTV @BFT_Podcast and interviewed by @KatiePavlich @townhallcom @NeilWMcCabe
I earned a B.S. in Law Enforcement, Master of Forensic Science, and a Doctorate of Strategic Security; all accredited. Thesis on Criminal Aliens & my dissertation is preventing Lone Wolf Jihad Attacks.
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1/ MY VIEWPOINT as a former @DHSgov @ICEgov employee assigned to the Human Smuggling Cell in 2015 under Obama…
2/ The process is inherently broken BUT there is a reason that most unaccompanied & accompanied kids are being sent to @HHSGov ORR contracted facilities. The kids can and were paired with adults to be smuggled...
3/ in Early FEB 2016 @ChuckGrassley states this in his opening statement (using my #whistleblower information) that "unaccompanied minors were being smuggled into the United States with adults".
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Short Thread:
The effort would be massive; prob. started LONG before the timeline that the media has pushed!

** Liberals have been howling about Cambridge A. & saying it ties Trump to Russia

** I looked into their claims & you have to see this!
2/ Some housecleaning:

- C.A. is definitely ‘complicated’
- Liberals believe it’s a slam dunk ‘Russia Collusion’ connection
- There are some journalists who have dug in and found good/relevant data, though I disagree with their conclusions — here is one

3/ @NafeezAhmed did an exhaustive piece on facebook that includes a lot of relevant info.

** Its long & detailed
** I commend him (too) for the amount of research involved
** His stance on C.A. is different than most others - I suggest ppl read it too…
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1) Before I post this thread I would like to say: I’m not suicidal and I only fly on commercial planes. No trips currently booked! 😂 I want to take a different angle on the #AwanScandal. Let’s look at it from the Pakistan side.
2) First some quick background. Who are the #AwanBrothers? Pakistani Nationals, not US citizens. With access to top secret data?!:…
3) Check out @LukeRosiak ‘s reporting on the Awan brothers. Including the quirky name of their auto dealership: “CIA”…
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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